• 2022/12
    CTCI co-organized with CTCI Education Foundation the “2022 Taiwan Sustainable Engineering Symposium,” inviting nearly 200 industry professionals to explore the latest global trend in sustainability, driving the industry towards sustainability and co-prosperity.
  • 2022/12
    CTCI was selected for inclusion in the Dow Jones Sustainability Emerging Markets Index for eight consecutive years. For the second year in a row, it received the top score and is the leader of the construction & engineering category in the S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment. The stunning ESG performance set a new record in Taiwan’s engineering sector.
  • 2022/09
    "TSMC Southern Taiwan Science Park Water Reclamation Plant" contracted by CTCI officially commenced operations. This is the first reclaimed water plant that successfully regenerates industrial wastewater and reuses it in the semiconductor process, setting a precedent in the recycling of water resources globally.
  • 2022/07
    CTCI was certified with the ISO 19650-2 and ISO 19650-5 standards in Building Information Modeling (BIM), becoming the first EPC contractor in Taiwan certified with ISO 19650.
  • 2022/06
    CTCI co-organized with CTCI Education Foundation a "Forum on Sustainability and Net-Zero Leaders," where John T. Yu, Group Chairman of CTCI led top management in swearing an oath to fulfill net-zero emission target and a vision of delivering "Net-Zero EPC Projects" by joining hands with global clients and supply chain partners.
  • 2022/06
    CTCI and Radium Life Tech jointly secured a BTO tender to build North District Water Resources Recycling Center in Taoyuan, the first water reclamation plant in northern Taiwan. The plant, upon completion, will help enhance flexibility in water resource allocation, meet reclaimed water demand for industrial use, and provide employment opportunities to boost economic growth.
  • 2022/05
    CTCI is contracted to provide consultancy service on solid-state battery lifecycle assessment for ProLogium Technology, adding to CTCI's growing record of high tech and sustainability-related business. The ultimate goal is to help the client increase market share as an electric vehicle (EV) battery supplier, moving towards the carbon-neutral and net-zero emissions goals with green engineering.
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