• 2021/12
    CTCI co-organizes the first “Taiwan Sustainability Engineering Symposium" with CTCI Education Foundation. The symposium focuses discussion on how smart sustainable engineering technologies could benefit to foster global sustainable development, where CTCI shared efforts in intelligent EPC and green engineering with engineering professionals and supplier chain partners. CTCI aims to promote "Net Zero EPC Projects," driving the industry towards development in sustainability and net zero emissions.
  • 2021/10
    CTCI launched an online engineering education platform, "CTCI Learning” offering free online courses covering seven major engineering disciplines. The platform is accessible for industries, academia, government entities, and the general public.
  • 2021/10
    CTCI secured Molie Quantum Kaohsiung Li-Battery Project, Taiwan’s first high-end EV battery factory project from Molie Quantum Energy Corporation, part of Taiwan Cement Corporation (TCC) Group. This will augment Taiwan's market share for high-end EV battery manufacturing to tap into the global EV supply chain, and will facilitate national development of green energy.
  • 2021/08
    CTCI’s 2nd headquarters building officially completed with staff moved in. The 2nd HQ is entirely delivered by the CTCI team which combines green engineering technologies and smart innovations in engineering design and construction. In 2022, the project is recognized with top honors in both "Planning and Design" and "Construction Quality" categories of National Golden Award for Architecture.
  • 2021/07
    ECOVE Solvent Recycling Corporation, a company of CTCI, has been certified to PAS 2060 for achieving carbon neutrality of the whole plant, making ECOVE SRC Taiwan's first chemical material manufacturer to declare carbon neutrality. ECOVE SRC is also the first company in Taiwan that obtains international circular economy and carbon neutrality dual certifications.
  • 2021/07
    The 1.1 million tons Gulf Coast Growth Ventures (GCGV) mono-ethylene glycol (MEG) plant project in the USA, contracted by CTCI, reached mechanical completion. This is the largest MEG plant in the world and the world’s largest onshore modularization project.
  • 2021/07
    Secured a semiconductor fabrication plant EPC project in Arizona, USA, marking a major milestone since CTCI’s entry into the high-tech plant market. Contract amount reached record-high among all projects in the USA.
  • 2021/03
    CTCI set up new office in Arizona, USA, to seek huge opportunities in the semiconductors supply chain.
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