Project Management

CTCI runs successful projects around the world by bringing responsible engineers and project managers together with the latest cloud-based project management tools.

In keeping with our commitment to offering clients the world’s most reliable global engineering services, CTCI’s project teams and task forces meticulously plan every phase of a project, enabling us to deliver results on-schedule with targeted performance and good quality. Our engineers and project managers are experienced professionals with a track record of working with international partners and licensors in the world’s most difficult conditions and climates. They will go the extra mile to make sure CTCI never lets its partners down.

Project management process

At CTCI, each project begins with the careful of a project team, organized and led by a project manager experienced in the field and region of operation. This team is then responsible for leading the entire project through — from initial planning and execution under excellent team building through to final completion. 

Our teams communicate independently and directly with counterparts on the project owner’s side, enabling clients to get the reassurance and answers they need as swiftly as possible. 

We also conduct regular meetings with the owner and the heads of different teams, both within CTCI and among the contractors, sub-contractors and licensors we work with. This ensures the smooth communication of information between the different phases of an EPCC project toward the right way to success.

Innovation R&D Center

CTCI Innovation R&D Center is dedicated to develop e-management tools and implement process innovations that improve project workflow, covering the application and implementation of big data insights, mobile monitoring and reporting, and advanced engineering design technologies. The major tasks of Innovation R&D center involve the following fields.

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