Exemplary communication skills and comprehensive data sharing are the crux of CTCI’s commissioning and start-up expertise. 

At CTCI, we pride ourselves on our responsiveness and communication skills. At no point in an EPCC project are these elements more important than in the commissioning phase, when fast and flexible communication with the project owner can make or break budgets and schedules.

Our project managers ensure owners are kept fully informed of the status of the project up to the initiation of commissioning and beyond. CTCI’s comprehensive and integrated EPC project platform facilitates the seamless handover of testing data, and the maintenance of upstream and downstream information transparency, ensuring owners have absolute confidence before, during and after handover and start-up. 

CTCI’s commissioning service includes critical pre-commissioning work, follow-up testing, and start-up operation. Our start-up teams are composed of design engineers, project engineers, construction supervisors, and operational staff with knowledge of every stage of the project. This special task force works together to ensure that every item receives proper attention during the transfer to the project owner.

Commissioning coverage

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