CTCI has the construction management capability and partner relationships to handle multiple large EPC projects all over the world.

CTCI’s construction experience is forged in decades of delivering refinery, petrochemical, power, industrial and transport market projects, from the coastal plains of Taiwan, China, South Asia to the deserts of Saudi Arabia, and the steppes of Central Asia.

CTCI is unique in maintaining strong relationships with construction sub-contractors, particularly from China, with global reach and experience. This ensures CTCI has access to highly skilled, reliable construction labor wherever in the world we operate. Our engineers are experienced in handling complex construction projects with multiple stakeholders, each with their own cultural traits and linguistic differences.

Smart project management processes minimize delays because our teams have onsite access to project and procurement information that is updated in real-time. Cloud servers provide seamless data exchanges between construction site and engineering offices, improving the efficiency and reliability of verification work. Our engineers operate mobile or PDA devices, giving them immediate access not just to project information, but to the extensive CTCI support network of experts and knowledge, including the CTCI Knowledge Management System.

We keep costs to a minimum because we adopt 3D modeling as well as time and cost analysis in our constructability studies, which are conducted in the initial phase of an EPC project, and focus on streamlining construction schedules and maximizing the efficiency of onsite workflow. In addition, our engineering expertise allows us to adopt advanced construction techniques and assembly procedures that emphasize safety and efficiency.

At CTCI, worker safety and construction quality are paramount: we continually strive to raise safety standards in a bid to achieve zero accidents on every project we deliver. Our commitment to smart engineering extends to pioneering our proprietary HSE onsite safety and accident prevention mobile app, which significantly improves the process of identifying areas of improvement and hastens completion of daily safety systems.

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