Working Culture


Don’t just join CTCI, become a part of it.

CTCI is constantly looking for ways to improve your working environment and foster a culture that genuinely supports our values of professionalism, integrity, teamwork, and innovation. 

I am professional in everything I do

You can constantly enhance your engineering and EPC project knowledge, as well as general knowhow, when working at CTCI, improving your professionalism in the process. 

I value integrity above all

The decisions you make at CTCI have real impact and will affect the whole organization, which is why you’ll discover the true value of integrity at CTCI.

I am a team player

Working on landmark projects mean a lot of people rely on you, which is why you’ll discover what it means to be a team player at CTCI. 

I innovate to inspire

Massive challenges require creative thinking and innovation from everyone, which is why you’ll discover genuine innovation at CTCI.
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