Intelligent Solutions

Cutting-edge solutions integrated with deep-rooted understanding of the plants and processes they optimize and improve.

CTCI has more than three decades experience in process simulation and IT systems integration for the process industry, during which time we’ve developed an understanding of exactly how intelligent solutions can help factories and plants run more efficiently and sustainably. 

Our intelligent solutions are not the average one-size-fits-all systems or interfaces. Our Production, Environment, Maintenance and Safety (PEMS) systems are tailor-made for each owner’s requirements, integrating international vendor systems with our own proprietary solutions and knowhow. This combination of knowhow and service allows owners to operate their plants at optimal levels of process and energy efficiency, while conforming to the highest standards of worker and environmental safety and sustainability. 

CTCI’s intelligent solutions products and services are divided into four distinct areas:
Our intelligent solutions teams are staffed by versatile engineers and system integrator specialists. We partner with many of the industry’s leading solution providers, such as AspenTech, IDEC and ABB, and have created many of our own proprietary tools including our Mr. Energy energy management solution and Mr. PSM HSE process optimization solution. Depending on the scope and requirements of the project, we are also capable of integrating a wide range of complementary vendor or client systems.

Most intelligent solutions are applied during brownfield operations. However, the earlier intelligent solutions are considered and implemented, the greater the benefits. CTCI’s greenfield operations service assists with early planning of intelligent solutions alongside automation planning and implementation, providing a fully integrated solution that can provide superior benefits over the entire lifecycle of a plant or facility.

Process optimization

CTCI’s process optimization solutions are based on AspenTech’s smart solutions, and include but are not limited to:
  • Process simulation and optimization service
  • Package equipment optimization design
  • Process and utility operation guidance system


CTCI’s environmental solutions are based on our proprietary energy management solution (Mr. Energy), and include but are not limited to:
  • Energy efficiency index management
  • Compressor parallel energy saving
  • Outdoor air conditioner (MAU) energy saving operations


CTCI’s maintenance solutions include but are not limited to:
  • Information management solutions for:
    • SmartPlant Piping and instrumentation diagram/drawing (P&ID)
    • Plant EPC projects engineering information management
    • Visualized plant engineering information management
  • Asset reliability – MI-based PHI
  • Predictive maintenance – Asset performance management
  • MoC version control – Digital asset management
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