A digital procurement network that works closely with project teams to deliver equipment and materials on schedule and in compliance with specifications from all over the world. 

CTCI operates a global procurement network that leverages long-term vendor partnerships and liaises with strategic regional offices in locations including the Middle East, Thailand, China and India.

All procurement information is stored and updated in a cloud-based database that ensures our agents operate on real-time information in terms of sourcing, markets, prices, tariffs or import/export regulations.

Our procurement division is adept in managing global supply chains and dealing with qualified suppliers worldwide. CTCI is committed to taking the value of these partnerships further under the CTCI Alliance Partner (CAP) scheme, which aims to streamline procurement activities with long-term vendor partners. 

Our quality control staff and supply coordination specialists work hand-in-hand with project engineers to ensure that all procured items meet each project’s specific total cost, quality and schedule requirements. What’s more, as CTCI owns and operates our own fabrication division in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, our inspectors are professionally familiar with the equipment. Many of them are involved in designing and fabricating it themselves. 

CTCI operates an excellent inspection system for equipment and materials supplied by vendors that are as the following stages:

Service coverage

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