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  • 2023/09
    Taiwan: CTCI: Guarding the Earth's Sustainable Future with One-Stop Services for the High-Tech Industry
    CTCI, a prominent name in the EPC turnkey engineering contracting industry ranked as "Top 1 in Taiwan, one of the Global Top 100," proudly embraces the role of "A Guardian of Sustainable Earth." Committed to forging a symbiotic relationship between the economy and the environment through "Green Engineering," CTCI provides global industrial clients with the most reliable plant construction services. From September 6th to 8th, at the SEMICON Taiwan International Semiconductor Exhibition held at Nangang Exhibition Hall 2 (Booth: Q5646), CTCI will unveil its multidisciplinary expertise and experience, delivering highly integrated one-stop services for the high-tech industry, in alignment with the swift evolution of technology and its efforts in global environmental preservation.

    Responding to the prevailing global trends of climate change and sustainability, CTCI has introduced the triad approach of "Green Engineering,” "Green Technology, Green Contracting, and Green Investment." With innovative offerings such as "Intelligent Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (iEPC)" and "Digital Twin," CTCI amalgamates its core competencies with green energy and intelligent technology. Right from the planning phase, green technology is seamlessly infused into plant construction and the entire project lifecycle, encompassing diverse fields like construction methodologies, energy management, resource circulation design, and even artificial intelligence. This ongoing effort transcends borders, creating eco-friendly advantages like energy conservation, energy reduction, water preservation, carbon mitigation, and waste reduction for global clients, expediting energy-saving and emission-reduction endeavors.

    Mr. William Pung, President of CTCI's Advanced Technology Facility Business Operations, stated, "CTCI not only leads the industry in the areas of engineering, intelligence, and resource cycling, but also offers end-to-end services for high-tech plant construction and supply chain waste management and recycling from a process-oriented perspective. Our services encompass carbon footprint assessment, green building, smart plants, as well as subsequent recycling and reuse of waste isopropanol (IPA) and wastewater treatment. We strive to maximize client value and be their most reliable partner."

    CTCI, a globally acclaimed partner of choice for prestigious clients, has achieved remarkable milestones in high-tech plant construction projects. It has successfully targeted industries such as semiconductors, telecommunications, optoelectronics, computers, and peripherals, garnering a commendable track record in domestic and international semiconductor plants, electric vehicle and battery plants, data centers, and high-tech production facilities. Through participating in SEMICON Taiwan, CTCI anticipates fostering increased collaboration and exploring boundless possibilities.

  • 2023/07
    Taiwan: "Zhishan Splendor - Shilin Cultural Festival" Kicks Off with Vibrant Music:
    CTCI Joins Forces with “Urban Explorers” to Safeguard Biodiversity

    Taipei, July 4, 2023 - The "Zhishan Splendor - Shilin Cultural Festival" commenced with a grand opening concert held at the lobby of CTCI on July 1st. The event marked the beginning of the two-month-long festival with the enchanting melodies performed by the "CTCI Philharmonic Guitar Club" and the "Bailing Elementary School Recorder Ensemble." Since its inaugural event in 2010, CTCI has continuously sponsored and participated in the festival as a prominent local enterprise, making it one of the most highly anticipated annual cultural celebrations.

    This year's festival showcases a diverse array of activities, including multiple music feasts. Moreover, the Zhishan Cultural and Ecological Garden is hosting a special exhibition showcasing common wildlife specimens found in Taipei, while sharing the results of ecological surveys conducted in various art and cultural venues in Taipei. The aim is to provide the public with a deeper understanding of Taipei's rich biodiversity while immersing themselves in the historical charm of Shilin.

    Following the captivating opening concert, Mr. Ming-Huang Li, Director of Zhishan Cultural and Ecological Garden, presented the research findings of the "Urban Explorers Biodiversity Collaboration Project," in which CTCI also participated and sponsored.

    Mr. Ting-Chuang Li, CEO at CTCI Group Shared Services, expressed that the company is committed to being a "Guardian of Sustainable Earth" and fulfilling its corporate social responsibility. He expressed great delight in collaborating on this project with Zhishan Cultural and Ecological Garden and the nine major cultural exhibition halls, collectively striving for ecological conservation. By actively involving the public— from participating in surveys to implementing conservation plans— they aim to safeguard Taipei City's biodiversity.
    CTCI is playing an active role to conserve biodiversity. In addition to the “Zhishan Splendor - Shilin Cultural Festival," CTCI proactively promotes the "CTCI Biodiversity Project - Green Water for Vitality," which integrates its core business, operating bases, and local cultural partners. Starting with a comprehensive understanding of water resources, rivers, wetlands, and the environmental conditions of each area, it takes action to protect natural resources and gradually expand its social influence.

    CTCI leverages "green engineering" to create a win-win situation for the economy and the environment. For example, the "Fengshan Water Resources Center" project produces 45,000 tons of reclaimed water daily for industrial use while also providing 20,000 tons of discharged water to the nearby Dadong Wetland Park's ecological pond, contributing to the preservation of biological habitats. Furthermore, the TSMC South Science Park Reclaimed Water Plant and the Fengshan and Linhai Water Resources Centers not only supply reclaimed water and related technical support but also develop environmental education programs, actively promoting biodiversity conservation in neighboring communities and schools, and collaborating with external organizations to implement conservation efforts throughout Taiwan.

    Looking ahead, as a pioneer of sustainability in the domestic engineering industry, CTCI will continue to fulfill its corporate social responsibility. Through the practice of "company-wide ESG," the company will utilize its core business to foster "green engineering" and act as an invisible force driving the public towards embracing a "green lifestyle," all for the purpose of working towards a better and sustainable future.

  • 2023/06
    China: CTCI Beijing Completes Propane Dehydrogenation and Polypropylene EPC Project for QuanZhou Grand Pacific Chemical
    CTCI Beijing has completed the 660 kilotons-per-annum propane dehydrogenation (PDH) and 450 kilotons-per-annum polypropylene (PP) plant EPC project in Quanzhou for QuanZhou Grand Pacific Chemical Company. Despite a tight schedule, covid-19 impact, labor shortage, and delay in equipment delivery since the start of construction in February 2021, the CTCI Beijing team overcame challenges and made steady progress by working closely with the client, subcontractors, and the authorities. Now that the project has been completed, it is on track for commissioning and commercial operations in Q4 this year.

    TS Zhang, Chairman of CTCI Beijing, said: “We appreciate the trust being placed upon CTCI Beijing by the client. As one of ‘the most reliable engineering services provider,’ CTCI Beijing will adhere to the spirit of ‘professionalism, integrity, teamwork, and innovation’ and help the client begin commercial operations for this project as early as possible.”


Awards & Certifications

  • 2023/09
    Taiwan: CTCI Honored with "Top 100 Company with Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility" and "Parenting- Friendly Workplace Award"
    In the 2023 "Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award” by CommonWealth Magazine, CTCI, a long-time practitioner of ESG with its core competencies, has once again been recognized for its outstanding sustainability performance. Several of its companies continue to rank in the "Top 100 Company with Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility" list, including CTCI Corp., which secured the 21st position in the "Large Enterprise" category, and CTCI ASI, which achieved the 15th position in the "Medium-sized Enterprise" category. Moreover, this year, CTCI Corp. made its debut in the inaugural "Parenting-friendly Workplace Awards," a collaboration between the magazine and CommonWealth Education Media and Publishing. Out of 209 companies, CTCI emerged as one of Taiwan's 11 exemplary large enterprises, highly commended for its family-friendly practices and employee care initiatives.

    CTCI identifies itself as the "Guardian of Sustainable Earth." Aligning its corporate operations with sustainability goals, the company's governance results have been impressive, with stable revenue growth. In 2022, the Group achieved a combined revenue of NT$95.1 billion with backlog of contracts valued at NT$328.9 billion, both reaching historical highs. On the environmental front, CTCI has been working on "Green Engineering" worldwide through three core pillars: "Green Technology, Green Contracting, and Green Investment." Furthermore, in collaboration with global partners, it promotes "Net Zero EPC Value Engineering Services," assisting clients in achieving carbon reduction targets. On the societal front, CTCI has long been committed to social care and talent development. It has established "CTCI University," a digital platform exclusively for its workforce, setting a benchmark for talent training in the industry. Additionally, it introduced the "CTCI Learning," a free and open platform for external users, with over 2,000 registrations and more than 8,000 course enrollments to date. Founded in 2016, the CTCI Education Foundation has been driving sustainable engineering and sustainable education development. Recently, it became the 11th NGO observer recognized by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Taiwan.

    While CTCI actively leverages its corporate influence externally, it spares no effort in caring for its employees. With approximately 8,100 colleagues from 20 different nationalities within the Group, CTCI not only actively nurtures and retains talent but also practices a diverse and inclusive workplace. It provides various welfare measures and systems, including flexible working hours, health lectures, and Employee Assistance Programs (EAP). Recently, it introduced welfare measures that exceed legal requirements, such as providing female employees with 10 weeks of maternity leave and granting male employees 10 days for prenatal check-ups accompaniment and paternity leave. These measures enable colleagues to work within the CTCI family with peace of mind.

    Looking ahead, CTCI continues to create a corporate environment that fosters employee happiness and calls upon all team members to exert greater social influence under the spirit of "Company-wide ESG." Together, they lead the world towards a better and sustainable future.

  • 2023/08
    Taiwan: CTCI Plays a Part in Global Energy Transition: CTCI Receives MOEA’s Public Construction Quality Award for LNG Storage Tank Project
    TAIPEI, August 23, 2023- CTCI Corporation is pleased to become one of the recipients of Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs’ (MOEA) 2023 Public Construction Quality Award for CPC Corporation’s Third LNG Terminal Storage Tank EPC Project which was jointly executed with consortium partner Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI). David Chung, President of the Hydrocarbon Business Operations, received the award on behalf of CTCI Corp. from the MOEA Vice Minister Chuan-Neng Lin at the awards ceremony on August 23.

    CPC’s Third LNG Terminal Storage Tank Project is part of Taiwan’s climate change mitigation strategy that seeks to shift power-generation source from coal to gas. CTCI, which sees itself as a “Guardian of Sustainable Earth” that strives for net zero emissions, has been actively supporting such strategy with green engineering expertise.

    The two 160,000 m3 LNG storage tanks located at Taoyuan’s Guanyin District are capable of supplying 3 million tons of LNG annually, and are by far the largest LNG tanks in Taiwan. With longstanding collaboration experience, CTCI and KHI used air-raising method to raise the tank roofs. Once the roofs were in place, the team was able to carry out further work unhindered by adverse weather conditions— including the well-known northeastern seasonal winds— for 388 days.

    To overcome the problem of limited work area, as well as out of work at height safety considerations, the roof structures were prefabricated elsewhere by modularization method. The modularization method also helps increase work efficiency, enabling hoisting and installation of roof structures to be completed within just 7 days. The project was praised by the owner CPC for excellent quality work, robust project management, and the 2.76 million safe man hour record, an evidence of the reliable services.

    CTCI is by far the only company in Taiwan capable of carrying out engineering, procurement, and construction for LNG terminals and gas-fired power plants, enjoying 75% market share in the local gas-fired power plant projects.

    Beyond Taiwan, CTCI continues to assist countries and companies worldwide develop clean energy solutions and reach net zero goals through our expertise and experience in gas-fired power plants, LNG terminals, energy-from-waste plants, solar power plants, and offshore wind farms. CTCI also aims to diversify its energy portfolio by developing hydrogen, CCUS (carbon, capture, utilization and storage)-related technologies, so as to keep contributing to global sustainability.

  • 2023/07
    Taiwan: CTCI Achieves Million Safe Work Hours Milestone in Two Projects at Talin Tank Farm for CPC Corporation
    Kaohsiung, July 6, 2023 –CTCI, along with its subsidiary CTCI MAC, has undertaken two comprehensive projects for CPC Corporation's Talin Tank Farm. These projects include the "Pigging Station and Metering Station and Zone One Utility System" and the construction of "41 Tanks." Demonstrating exceptional engineering integration, execution capabilities, and on-site safety and health management, both projects have collectively surpassed a million cumulative safe work hours.

    To celebrate this significant milestone, CTCI held a grand celebration ceremony on July 6th, attended by representatives from the Kaohsiung City Government's Department of Labor, CPC Corporation, and the project team members, witnessing this historic moment. During the ceremony, commendations and awards were presented to outstanding vendors and personnel in recognition of their collaborative efforts in achieving the million-hour milestone.

    To ensure safety management, the project team at CTCI conducted 3D model reviews during the design phase to identify and eliminate any potential safety hazards. During the construction phase, modular prefabrication methods were employed to reduce on-site construction risks, while high-risk operations received enhanced education and training. Additionally, semi-automatic welding machines were utilized during tank installation to minimize risks associated with elevated work. In response to potential heat hazards during summer construction, personnel were provided with dried salted plums and electrolyte tablets to counter the effects of dehydration, and a dynamic heat hazard broadcasting system was installed at the construction site.

    Up until June 30, 2023, the progress of both projects, "Pigging Station and Metering Station and Zone One Utility System" and "41 Tanks," is approximately 84% and 70%, respectively. CTCI remains committed to continuing cooperation with partners and subcontractors, jointly pursuing the "safety-first" goal of zero accidents.

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