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  • 2022/09
    Taiwan: CTCI Helps Top Chipmaker TSMC Save Water With the Industry’s First Industrial Wastewater Reclamation Plant for Chip Use
    TAIPEI, September 19, 2022- Leading engineering, procurement, and construction group CTCI announced today the operation start-up of the TSMC Southern Taiwan Science Park Water Reclamation Plant, an industrial wastewater reclamation plant dedicated to supplying reclaimed water to the chip-making process through bio-treatment, ultra-filter, and reverse osmosis technologies. TSMC Southern Taiwan Science Park Water Reclamation Plant is the industry’s first reclaimed water plant that uses innovative green technology to successfully regenerate industrial wastewater and reuse it in the semiconductor process, effectively alleviating stress on the local water supply and setting a precedent in the recycling of water resources.

    A ceremony marking the commencement of operations was held today, presided over by John T. Yu, CTCI Group Chairman. Notable attendees included Wei-che Huang, Mayor of Tainan City, and Arthur Chuang, Vice President of TSMC.

    “Utilizing reclaimed water as a water resource is becoming increasingly important in achieving global sustainable development,” said CTCI Group Chairman Yu during the operation start-up ceremony. “We are pleased to have the opportunity to join forces with TSMC, which shares our commitment and vision in terms of sustainability, to bring that dream to reality. I believe this water reclamation plant has set a brand new milestone in terms of water reuse and waste reduction.”

    “TSMC practices green manufacturing, is deeply engaged in water resource risk management and is committed to expanding diversified water resources,” said TSMC Operations / Facility Vice President, Dr. Arthur Chang. “The TSMC Southern Taiwan Science Park Water Reclamation Plant is an important milestone in global green technology innovation. Together with CTCI, we have developed technology to successfully regenerate industrial wastewater to meet the process cleanliness standard in order for it to be reused in semiconductor production. TSMC looks forward to attracting other industries to jointly support the use of reclaimed water in order to accelerate the development of related industries and technologies and realize a more sustainable future.”

    CTCI was commissioned by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) to design, build, own and operate the plant for the next 20 years, providing clean water for TSMC’s chip-making business. The plant sources its influent from the wastewater generated from the chip-making process, as well as from the discharge of the science park’s wastewater treatment plant. Currently, the plant can supply 5,000 tons of reclaimed water per day and will be able to supply up to 20,000 tons per day a year from now. Two other municipal wastewater reclamation plants, Yong-Kang and An-Ping, are being constructed and will join the initial plant, in stages, to supply additional reclaimed water.

    This is a major milestone for the water-intensive chip industry, as TSMC’s fabs inside STSP will now begin to receive at least 5,000 tons of reclaimed water per day and will receive 67,000 tons of reclaimed water per day by 2024, equivalent to 68% of the city water used by TSMC’s fabs inside STSP in 2021.

    CTCI, which has extensive experience in industrial wastewater treatment, adopts advanced bio-treatment technology to significantly cut down the amount of energy required for and the sludge produced from traditional aeration bio-treatment. As a result, the plant has less pollution, less energy consumption, and better water quality. For the future expansion of the plant, CTCI aims to utilize the residual heat from a nearby energy-from-waste plant to heat up the wastewater generated from the plant itself, and to condense and collect the vaporized steam to produce another 16,000 tons of reclaimed water per day.

  • 2022/06
    Taiwan: CTCI and Radium Life Tech Jointly Secure BTO Tender to Build Northern Taiwan’s First Water Reclamation Plant
    TAIPEI, June 14, 2022- Taiwan’s leading engineering, procurement, and construction group CTCI announced today it has secured the tender of Reclaimed Water Build-Transfer-Operate (BTO) Project of North District Water Resources Recycling Center in Taoyuan, jointly with subsidiary ECOVE Environment Services Corp., as well as Radium Life Tech with its 100% subsidiary Rih Ding Circular Economy Investment Holdings Co., Ltd.. The contract, which was signed on June 14, will see the alliance invest in, build, and operate northern Taiwan’s first water reclamation plant for industrial use, slated to begin operations in 2025. With capacity of 40,000 tons per day, the plant will supply reclaimed water to Guanyin Industrial Park and refinery plant in Taoyuan.

    The scope of work includes building a new water reclamation plant on existing municipal wastewater treatment plant. In addition, a 30 km-long external water pipeline system will be built. The alliance will set up a concession company called Bao Ding Reclaimed Water Co., Ltd. to be in charge of investment, construction, and operation. The concession will last for 18 years, including 3 years of construction and 15 years of operation. If needed, the plant can be expanded in the future to produce 112,000 tons reclaimed water per day to meet reclaimed water demand and boost economic growth.

    The new water reclamation plant comes with educational and green features, including a water technology education pavilion, high proportion of green landscape, and is nominated for silver-grade smart building label. These make the Water Resource Center a place for leisure as well as for environmental education.

    This is yet another water reclamation project carried out by CTCI, following Kaohsiung Fengshan River Wastewater Reclamation Unit BTO project, Linhai Wastewater Reclamation Unit BTO project, Chungli Sewerage System BOT project, and STSP Wastewater Reclamation Plant BOT Project. CTCI has over two decades of expertise in wastewater plant engineering, specializing in recycling and reusing municipal sewage and industrial wastewater. The group is committed to delivering the most reliable engineering services globally, and has been the top pick among clients worldwide in business collaboration. CTCI will continue to serve in the interest of global construction, economies, and environmental protection.

  • 2022/06
    Taiwan: CTCI Promises to Fulfil Net-Zero Target, Leading the Engineering Sector Towards Sustainable Growth
    TAIPEI, June 9, 2022- CTCI is pleased to announced that it co-organizes with CTCI Education Foundation (CTCI EF) the “Forum on Sustainability and Net-Zero Leaders.” The forum sees CTCI Group Chairman John T. Yu leading top managers in swearing an oath to fulfill net-zero emission target and a vision of delivering “Net-Zero EPC Projects” by joining hands with global clients and supply chain partners.

    CTCI has long been a practitioner of sustainability-oriented engineering, aligning its core competencies with efforts in the environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) dimensions.

    Taking this occasion, John T. Yu, Group Chairman of CTCI, expects to communicate externally the company’s determination to realize net-zero emission targets.

    He said at the forum, “Faced with a global challenge to transition towards a low-carbon economy, CTCI, as a leader in Taiwan’s engineering sector, is duty-bound to be committed to the sustainability and net-zero emission objectives. In 2021, we have joined the “Taiwan Alliance for Net Zero Emission” and “Association of Taiwan Net Zero Emissions,” committed to achieving net zero emission goal at office premises by 2030 and all projects sites by 2050. This year, we officially partake in the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) and pledge to take actions to minimize carbon emissions and limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels.”

    The event aims to consolidate consensus on realizing net-zero EPC projects target for all group colleagues, hence exerting larger influence with the company’s strength in engineering.

    The forum also invites Eugene Chien, ambassador-at-large and Chairman of CTCI EF; Yi-Lin Wu, Planning Section Chief of Climate Change Office, Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan; and Jane Huang, Assistant Director at BSI Taiwan, as keynote speakers. These are experts in the field who share on topics of “Road to Net Zero Emissions”, “Taiwan’s Actions to Combat Climate Change and the Net-Zero Challenge,” and “A Sustainable Future: Introduction to International Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Guidelines for a Circular Economy,” respectively.

    CTCI has been regarded as a model enterprise for sustainable development, surpassing many other competitors to ranks among the best, and won various domestic and international sustainability awards, including being selected as a constituent stock of DJSI (Dow Jones Sustainability Index) in Emerging Markets category for 7 consecutive years, winning award as among the Top 10 Domestic Companies Sustainability Model Award of Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA), ranked among top 5% of the Corporate Governance Evaluation by the Financial Supervisory Commission, and obtained the Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award by the CommonWealth Magazine and CSR & ESG Award by Global Views Monthly.


Awards & Certifications

  • 2022/09
    Taiwan: Group Chairman John T. Yu Receives the HBR Digital Transformation Leadership Award for CTCI’s Achievement in Green Engineering Projects
    TAIPEI, September 29, 2022- The results of the 2022 “Digital Transformation Award” survey of the world renowned Harvard Business Review (HBR) global traditional Chinese edition were announced. John T. Yu, Group Chairman of CTCI, led the Group to successful digital transformations and was awarded the “Digital Transformation Leadership” award. He attended the award ceremony on September 29 to receive the recognition.

    The award is co-sponsored by HBR and the leading enterprise management company, SAP. A team of academic and industrial experts is invited to fully evaluate the digital transformation performance of companies and leaders. John T. Yu, Group Chairman of CTCI, successfully led CTCI through digital transformations with the vision, strategies, and ideals of the core corporate values. The results received wide recognition. Group Chairman Yu stated that as the leading company in Taiwan’s engineering sector, CTCI has continuously refined and used new digital technologies for more than 40 years. The company has successfully completed countless “green engineering projects” around the world. In terms of the business model, the company went from traditional oil refining and petrochemical industries to the high-tech industry. “Digital transformations” can be said to be the key of CTCI’s growth into a turnkey engineering company that is “number 1 in Taiwan and one of the top 100 in the world".

    The achievements of CTCI’s digital transformations include using iEPC (intelligent engineering, procurement, and construction) platform to automate and digitize the changes and updates to each individual stage of the EPC processes, and expanding the excellent results to the development of digital twin technology. Virtual plants are also established during the construction of physical plants, achieving the digitalization goals for full project lifecycles and leading the engineering industry in digital transformations. In terms of logistics management and global talent cultivation, the development of the iManagement platform can reduce repetitive labor and effectively improve the quality and efficiency of logistics services. The establishment of the “CTCI University” has created a “borderless and real-time” training program for the 7,000 employees of the Group, in order to cultivate international perspectives and diverse developments among the globalized talent, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of national engineering competence.

    CTCI is committed to becoming “A Guardian of Sustainable Earth.” The company continues to refine digital technologies and establish “green engineering projects” to strengthen competitiveness and accelerate global business expansion. In recent years, it has successfully entered the new fields of offshore wind power, solar power, and high-tech businesses, which have bright development potential. CTCI promises to continue being “the most reliable global engineering services provider” in the future and contribute to the sustainability of the Earth.

  • 2022/09
    Taiwan: CTCI Corp. Remains ENR’s Top 100 International Engineering Companies for 7 Straight Years, Rankings Soared Up in 2022
    Engineering News-Record (ENR), a prestigious magazine covering on the construction industry, has released its 2022 global engineering company rankings. For seven years straight, CTCI is among both the top 100 “international contractors,” “global contractors,” and top 100 “international design firms” from over 200 companies selected in each category.
    This year, these three rankings have significantly improved (as shown in table below). In addition, CTCI Corp. has also attained its best record as “international contractor.” These demonstrate CTCI Corp.’s continued success in global markets.
    Each year, ENR surveys and ranks engineering companies worldwide, which is credible and serves as important indicator for the industry. Judged by a company’s annual sales revenue in the previous year, the rankings for design firms and contractors are each divided into two categories: "international," which judges a company according to its overseas revenues, and "global," which judges a company according to its revenue from domestic and overseas projects combined.
    In recent years, CTCI Corp. has made constant efforts to grow its businesses and enhanced its presence in global markets. This is the reason why it is able to stand among the top 100 international engineering companies to this day.

  • 2022/08
    Taiwan: A Guardian of Sustainable Earth: CTCI Group Chairman John T. Yu Selected as Taiwan Top 100 Best-Performing CEOs for the Fourth Time
    TAIPEI, August 31, 2020- For the fourth time in a row, CTCI Group Chairman John T. Yu has been selected as 2022's Taiwan Top 100 Best-Performing CEOs by Harvard Business Review (traditional Chinese version), a prominent business magazine. This marks Mr. Yu's superior leadership and ESG (environmental, social, and governance) performance.

    The Taiwan Top 100 Best-Performing CEOs were selected from top 300 public companies in Taiwan and were further evaluated according to impartial and objective metrics. In addition to the previous metrics “total shareholder returns” and “market value growth,” two more metrics were added this year: “average earnings per share (EPS) per quarter” and “ESG performance.” This means that the companies led by the Top 100 Best-Performing CEOs generate profits for shareholders and enjoy long-term stable corporate operations. These companies also take seriously their ESG performance apart from EPS performance.

    Group Chairman Yu thanked the panel of judges and the clients worldwide who placed their trust in CTCI. He also appreciated the effort of more than 7,000 CTCI staff, who collectively raised the company to its current status and showed the world what CTCI is capable of. To excel at all of the metrics that were used in the ranking has long been a priority for CTCI. CTCI sees itself as “a guardian of sustainable Earth” and is committed to ensuring its engineering businesses are aligned to ESG requirements. The group is also committed to bringing the most advanced “green engineering” to customers worldwide to help reach net-zero emissions targets. In the days to come, CTCI will continue to provide “the most reliable” turnkey services based on a corporate culture that stresses on “professionalism, integrity, teamwork, and innovation.”

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