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If you are interesting to be our supplier or subcontractor, please refer to CTCI Vendor Code of Conduct to adopt the same policies on labor and human rights, health and safety, environmental protection, and ethical conduct. “New Vendor Questionnaire” should be filled and submitted for review. As we confirm your products or service could be required, an invitation e-mail for registration will be sent by system.

After the vendor registration is completed, CTCI Vendor ID will be advised. Some information can be accessed after login by using CTCI Vendor ID and pre-applied password.

If you notice any actions violate CTCI Vendor Code of Conduct may adversely and any misconducts that affect the group’s interests, please report without hesitation. This Whistleblowing mechanism is utterly safe and confidential; this website is constructed and management by an independent third-party (Deloitte & Touche).

Important Information Security Notice!

If you have any query, please contact supply chain management team at
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