Intelligent Structure Jacking & Movement

Asia’s most assured and experienced provider of intelligent structure jacking and movement services. 

CTCI is Asia’s most experienced provider of structure jacking and movement services with more than 20 years at the forefront of the field. 

CTCI’s team leverages our exclusive synchronous computer-controlled jacking system—a patented technology that employs synchronous computer control of more than 128 hydraulic jacks, with a jacking precision of up to 1mm.
CTCI has experience applying jacking and movement services in the following areas: 
Structure moving and jacking saves customers time and money by minimizing disruption to their business operations. CTCI’s experience and knowledge ensures the consistent delivery of a safe and effective service that protects clients’ assets and extends the service life of their facilities.
For more information about Intelligent Structure Jacking & Movement, please contact: 
CTCI Resources Engineering Inc.
Senior General Manager, Albert Lee 
Tel: 886-7-612-0286 ext 55701   
Email: /
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