Intelligent Energy Management System:Mr. Energy 50001


ISO 50001 integrated software that empowers business owners to save energy and money by monitoring, analyzing, adjusting and managing their energy consumption.

CTCI’s Mr. Energy solution enables business owners to easily establish energy baselines and compare these with flexible energy performance indicators (EnPIs) for plant-wide, area or equipment-specific applications. The solution comprises a four stage systematic energy management system: monitor, analyze, plan and review. 

CTCI provides Mr. Energy, power monitoring system and data collection system to form a complete energy management solution , we also provide installation, training, human services of system building and consultancy services. Mr. Energy has helped numerous large businesses and factory owners make significant energy and cost savings while complying or getting with the ISO 50001 energy management system certification.

Mr. Energy provides business and plant owners with numerous benefits, including the ability to:
CTCI energy management software allows business owners to employ various tools and data to improve energy efficiency and comply with ISO 50001, including:
For further information on CTCI’s Intelligent Energy Management System and services, please inquire directly:
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