Chemical Additives


A comprehensive chemical additives service for the hydrocarbon and environmental markets, providing everything from testing to monitoring and maintenance.

CTCI’s chemical additives team is comprised of professionals with extensive experience selecting, testing, monitoring, maintaining and adjusting a range of chemical additives for the owners of refinery, petrochemical and incineration plants. The strength of our service resides in the expertise and dedication of our consultants, all of whom have proved themselves time and again both in one-off commissions and during the testing and handover phase of large-scale EPC projects.

We offer a range of chemical additives for refinery, petrochemical and incineration plants.

For petrochemical plants:
  • Antifouling agents
  • Antipolymerization additives
  • Corrosion inhibitors
For refinery plants: 
  • Antifoam additives
  • Antifouling additives
  • Corrosion inhibitors
  • Emulsion breaking additives
For incineration plants: 
  • Heavy metal chelate agent
  • Heavy metal stabilizer
  • Boiler water treatment additives
  • Active carbon
For further information on our comprehensive additives services, or if the treatments or additives you require are not listed above, please inquire directly:
Tammy Hsu
Tel: (886)3-473 6999
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