A Guardian of Sustainable Earth

CTCI helps ensure the planet’s sustainability through Green Engineering expertise
and by engaging its partners worldwide to deliver responsible business operations.

At CTCI, our role is to become a Guardian of Sustainable Earth by contributing to global sustainability through our core competencies. To tackle the challenges of climate change, we continue to draw expertise from the three major business groups in engineering, intelligent solutions, and resource cycling to create “Green Engineering” solutions beneficial to the planet’s long-term wellbeing. As the leader of the engineering sector in Taiwan, we strive to wield our influence in the industry to create a low-carbon supply chain. We also engage our partners worldwide to deliver responsible business operations, jointly contributing to the planet’s sustainable development.

Throughout the world, we have completed many projects that are beneficial to both the economy and the environment. This is achieved through means of Green Technology, Green Contracting, or Green Investment— the three pillars of Green Engineering. Blended in with innovation, research, and development in smart platforms such as the iEPC and Digital Twin, the project execution becomes less energy- and emissions-intensive. These comprehensive “Value Services in Net Zero EPC” for our customers help ensure that the planet remains sustainable and becomes a better place to live in.
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