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Taiwan CTCI Joins the "TALENT, in Taiwan —Taiwan Sustainable Action for Talent Alliance" Again

The cultivation and development of talent has always been an important business development goal for CTCI. In order to strengthen the competitiveness of Taiwan's talent, and in response to the ESG & DEI trend and the importance global companies place on the social responsibility of talent, CTCI has joined the "TALENT, in Taiwan - Taiwan Sustainable Action for Talent Alliance" again at this critical moment.

We are committed to promoting the major indicators for sustainable labor actions, including "meaning and value," "diversity and inclusion," "organizational communication," "rewards and incentives," "physical and mental health," and "talent development." We have implemented practical actions, such as inclusive workplace and the sustainable cultivation of engineering talents, to maintain sustainable competitiveness in the face of ever-changing industry in Taiwan.
Next, we will continue to promote and advocate these beliefs with "Common Wealth Learning,” "Cheers" and more than 200 alliance partners in Taiwan, deepen talent cultivation, and create a better future for every worker.

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