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UAE CTCI, a Guardian of Sustainable Earth, Joins COP28

DUBAI, December 11, 2023- CTCI, a global engineering, procurement, and construction services provider that proactively deals with climate change challenges through sustainable engineering, has joined the 28th Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28), which took place in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates this year. Chief Sustainability Officer Joanne Ho was invited to speak at a forum called Taiwan’s Experience in Developing the Green Economy, held by Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs. In her speech, titled “CTCI’s Road to Sustainability and Net-Zero,” the CSO provided the audience insights on CTCI’s strategies that allow CTCI, the clients, and the suppliers to jointly move forward toward a sustainable future. The strategies include global resource integration, green technology application, green innovation, and leveraging on core expertise.

Also joining the COP28 is the CTCI Education Foundation, which has been formally admitted to the UNFCCC process as an observer organization- the 11th non-governmental organization in Taiwan to be admitted- due to its outstanding educational efforts on sustainability.
The UN Climate Change Conference is one of the world’s most important annual event, where government officials, business leaders, scholars, and campaign leaders convened to discuss and deal with climate change. By joining this event, CTCI showcased its widely acclaimed Green Engineering achievements, and reasserted its commitment to sustainability goals by leveraging on its core expertise, thus playing the role as a Guardian of Sustainable Earth.

CTCI’s Chief Sustainability Officer Joanne Ho attended the COP28 and delivered a speech at a forum called Taiwan’s Experience in Developing the Green Economy.

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