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Sustainable Governance 永續治理
Maintaining Resilient Supply Chain for a Sustainable Future As a global turnkey engineering company positioned as "No. 1 in Taiwan and top 100 in the world," CTCI’s customer base covers industries such as oil refining, petrochemical, chemical, natural gas, power, transportation, steel, and environmental engineering. The company, which provides ...
Eco-friendly Innovation 綠色創新
Recovering and Reusing Rainwater and Grey Water in Buildings Due to extreme weather patterns and water shortage, it is now a global trend to collect and store rainwater and sewage (such as water from bath, hand-washing and dish-washing) as grey water for reuse. The technologies behind them are not complex, and by doing so we can reduce the cost incurred from
Corporate Citizen 企業公民
Do You Drink Enough Water Today? CTCI cares about the health of colleagues; in the hot summer days in particular, heat hazard prevention at the site has been our top focus. Apart from preventing colleagues to work for more than 6 hours under high-temperature, and arrange for moderate rest according to colleagues’ physical ...
CTCIEF 中鼎教育基金會
Eight Years on, CTCI Education Foundation Promotes Sustainability Education CTCI Group founded CTCI Education Foundation (CTCI EF) in 2015 to “promote the development of sustainability engineering and assist our country towards a sustainable future by anchoring on the United Nations’ 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).” During the past seven years, the Foundation has

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