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Sustainable Governance 永續治理
Implement Business Continuity Management to Enhance Resilience of Information Security We at CTCI is committed to information security for our customers and employees. To ensure that the organization has the capability to continue business operation while reducing the impact on critical missions in case of major security incidents or disaster, we implement business continuity manageme
Eco-friendly Innovation 綠色創新
ECOVE's Solar Power Plant Operations
-- Application of UAV Infrared Thermal Imaging Technology
As an island country, Taiwan is surrounded by the sea with abundant sunshine. Its unique geographical environment has made it suitable for the development of renewable energy. The average annual sunshine hours in Taiwan are as high as 1,847 hours (Note 1). The area south of Changhua receives even mo
Corporate Citizen 企業公民
Application of Safety and Health Technology in Construction Industry According to Taiwan Ministry of Labor's national occupational injury statistics, falling accident accounts for the majority of construction fatality cases between 2004 and 2021. These falling accidents were not only caused by improper use of personal protective equipment (PPE), but also by unsafe op
CTCIEF 中鼎教育基金會
CTCI Hosted the Second Taiwan Sustainable Engineering Symposium, with Net Zero Emissions Promotion as Main Focus In 2022, CTCI and CTCI Education Foundation once again jointly hosted “Taiwan Sustainable Engineering Symposium” in support for global sustainable development. This time, the main focus is on net-zero emissions, with three core themes: green engineering, sustainable governance, and decarbonization o

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