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May / 2024
Sustainable Governance 永續治理
Guardian of Sustainable Earth: CTCI Keeps Top 1% Status in Dow Jones Sustainability Index and S&P Global’s Sustainability Yearbook Ranking With the rise in global sustainability awareness, CTCI actively keeps eyes on the risks and opportunities brought about by issues surrounding environment, sustainability and governance (ESG) while engaging in the pursuit for earnings per share (EPS). As the engineering, procurement, and construction
Eco-friendly Innovation 綠色創新
Build a Green and Sustainable LNG Receiving Terminal With the global trend of reducing carbon emissions and mitigating global warming, Taiwan is also aiming for net-zero emissions by 2050. To meet the growing power demand, replacing traditional coal-fired power generation with liquefied natural gas (LNG) generation is a crucial midterm policy for many
Corporate Citizen 企業公民
CTCI MAC’s Sustainability and ESG Actions CTCI Machinery Corporation (CTCI MAC), a subsidiary of CTCI, has more than 40 years of experience in pressure vessel manufacturing, and has been actively responded to global environment, social and governance (ESG) trends in recent years. By leveraging its parent group’s exceptional interface
CTCIEF 中鼎教育基金會
2024 SDGs Teachers Empowerment Camp Held with Great Fanfare The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations are now widely understood across various sectors. Integrating Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) with SDGs, known as ESDGs, is a global trend in education. Following the positive response to the first SDGs Teachers

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