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Mar / 2022
Sustainable Governance 永續治理
Information Security Incidents Management and Coping Strategies When an information security incident occurs, we often do not know how to respond to it, and thus cannot gain control of the losses incurred in real-time.
Eco-friendly Innovation 綠色創新
Energy Recovery from Waste: ECOVE Continues to Lead in the Evaluation for Taiwan’s Incineration Plants O&M Services ECOVE, a subsidiary of CTCI Group, is committed to the three core businesses of "incinerator and electromechanical maintenance, recycling and reuse, and renewable energies." Started as an operator of incineration plants, we have accumulated more than 20 years of experience in the field of
Corporate Citizen 企業公民
Company-Wide Effort to Create High-Quality HSE Culture In the world today, companies should no longer view occupational health and safety (OH&S) as a burden. Rather, they should view it as an opportunity for self-examination and an essential condition for achieving sustainable operations. No one would like to see an incident occur in the workplace.
CTCIEF 中鼎教育基金會
ESG Moment: First-of-Its-Kind Sustainable Action in the Engineering Industry calls on its employees to apply the concept of "Total Participation CSR Excellence Practice and ESG Implementation" at work to create a sustainable and happy work environment. In 2020, CTCI became the first company in the engineering industry to launch a sustainable action called "CSR Moment."

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