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  • 2020/09
    Taiwan: Final Beam Installed, CTCI 2nd Headquarters On Track to Completion by Mid-2021
    (Taipei) September 22, 2020— Taiwanese leading engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractor CTCI Group today announced that it has held a beam installation ceremony for its second headquarters, marking a critical step to housing its various subsidiaries in one place as the Group is set to embrace a global expansion of its businesses.

    The second headquarters, which broke ground in April 2019, is located at Beitou-Shilin Technology Park in Taipei, in proximity to CTCI’s first headquarters. Featuring smart engineering designs, it will become the main office building for CTCI’s Group Intelligent Solutions Business, Group Resource Cycling Business, and CTCI Education Foundation from July 2021 onwards.

    John T. Yu, CTCI Group Chairman, says: “We are very pleased to have reached the final phase of the main structure’s construction with beam installation ceremony. What’s more cheering is that our global operations remain uninterrupted despite the COVID-19 pandemic, and we have broken our own records by securing multiple big contracts, reaching the NT$100 billion contract goal far ahead of schedule. This includes the unprecedented single deal we recently won.”

    Now in its 41st year of history, CTCI Group is ready to lay another solid foundation for the next four decades of glory and sustainable development through the completion of its second headquarters.

  • 2020/09
    Taiwan: Banks Show Avid Support for CTCI’s NT$100 Billion Power Plant EPC Project through Syndicated Loan

    (Taipei) September 17, 2020—On September 17, Taiwan’s leading engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractor CTCI Corporation (TWSE: 9933) signed an agreement on a NT$18.5 billion (approximately US$630 million) syndicated loan to be jointly financed by five banks in Taiwan and abroad. The loan will be used for the issuance of performance bond for the recently secured approximately NT$100 billion (US$3.4 billion) contract to build five combined cycle gas-fired power generating units at Taipower’s Hsinta and Taichung Power Plants.

    The syndicated loan is led by Taiwan’s Mega International Commercial Bank and Japan-based Mizuho Bank. Other participating banks include the Philippines-based Metrobank (Taipei branch), Taiwan Cooperative Bank, and Hua Nan Bank.

    Banks show strong interest in financing this project by 130% oversubscription, or equivalent to NT$24 billion in syndicated loan. Final loan amount was agreed at NT$18.5 billion in a short time-span of two months. This indicates the banks’ confidence in CTCI Corporation’s outstanding engineering expertise and track records, as well as the likelihood that the company will reach new record this year in terms of total contract amount.

    Hsinta and Taichung Power Plant project award— contracted by CTCI Corporation in partnership with General Electric— breaks CTCI Corporation’s historic record in terms of single contract amount, and is Taipower’s supporting measure for Taiwanese government’s energy diversification policies.

    CTCI Group continues to be a strong supporter of Taiwanese government’s nuclear-free and energy transition policies by aligning its business strategies to the adoption of more green energy and natural gas, but less coal-fired power. Apart from its extensive EPC track records in nuclear, thermal, cogeneration, and combined cycle power plants, CTCI Group has been actively tapping into renewable energy sectors such as offshore wind, solar power, and biomass through its various subsidiaries.

    In addition, CTCI is a practitioner of resource cycling, whose businesses encompass waste incineration plant operation and maintenance, as well as industrial and household wastewater treatment. It has successfully opened up new business frontiers in high-tech plant wastewater treatment and semiconductor process waste solvent recycling and reuse. By utilizing its most reliable engineering expertise, CTCI is committed to fostering national development while balancing the needs for environmental protection and economic growth.

  • 2020/09
    Taiwan: CTCI Wins EPC Contract for Taipower Taichung LNG Receiving Terminal Regasification Project
    (Taipei) September 8, 2020—CTCI Corporation today announced that it has been awarded an approximately NT$19 billion (US$647 million) engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning (EPCC) contract to build a regasification facility of liquefied natural gas (LNG) Receiving Terminal for Taichung Power Plant, owned by Taiwan Power Company (Taipower).

    This is the first LNG receiving terminal and regasification facility owned by Taipower other than CPC Corporation (CPC). Taiwanese government has set a goal to increase gas-fired power generation to 50% by 2025, as part of its commitment to achieving transition to clean energy. This project will ensure a stable natural gas supply with 720 tons per hour, which is enough to meet the demand of gas-fired power generating units 1 & 2 at Taichung Power Plant, as well as units 4, 5 & 6 at Tunghsiao Power Plant.

    CTCI Corporation will carry out detailed design, procurement and supply of materials, construction and installment, pre-commissioning, commissioning, and one-year operation and maintenance service in this EPCC contract.

    This award demonstrates huge success for CTCI in domestic LNG receiving terminal projects, as earlier this year CTCI Corporation was awarded an approximately NT$18.3 billion (US$623 million) EPCC contract to build CPC’s Third LNG Receiving Terminal at Guantang Industrial Area, Taoyuan.

    CTCI Corporation has been working with CPC on LNG receiving terminal projects since 1984, later extending its experiences to Mainland China, India, and Thailand markets.

    In terms of strong and proven track records for EPC works in Taiwan and the international market, CTCI is a reliable and preferred partner for power, hydrocarbon, and LNG EPC projects. It supports Taiwanese government’s clean energy policy by proactively taking part in renewable energy sectors, such as solar, wind, and biomass.


Awards & Certifications

  • 2020/11
    Taiwan: CTCI Remains Engineering Leader with 18 Corporate Sustainability Awards, President Tsai Hands Outstanding Professional Award to Group Chairman Yu
    (Taipei) Nov. 18, 2020— Today Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy has announced the results of 2020 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA) and Global Corporate Sustainability Awards (GCSA) selections. CTCI, the largest global engineering, procurement, and construction group in Taiwan, continues to be the top winner in the engineering industry category, bagging 18 awards.

    John T. Yu, CTCI Group Chairman, has been selected as GCSA Outstanding Professional for his superior leadership and performance. Tsai Ing-wen, President of the Republic of China (Taiwan), handed the award to Yu during awards ceremony on November 18.

    CTCI Group exceled in the awards selection thanks to the performance of three of its companies, CTCI Corporation, ECOVE Environment Corporation, and CTCI Advanced Systems Inc. (CTCI ASI). Notable awards received by the three companies include: Top 10 Domestic Companies Sustainability Model Awards (CTCI Corporation), Circular Economy Leadership Awards (ECOVE Environment Corporation), and Growth through Innovation Awards (CTCI ASI).

    CTCI Group has been frequently praised for its dedication to innovating corporate values and increasing its impact on global sustainability through engineering.

    Yu says: “CSR (corporate social responsibility) is not just about making donations to charities, but is also about transforming the CSR spirit into the company’s core competitiveness and striving to make it a part of CTCI’s corporate DNA.”

    For CSR ideals to be ingrained, CTCI has aligned its business operations with the United Nation’s Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs), set up “Sustainability and Brand Department,” and pursued company-wide sustainability actions through “Total Participation CSR Excellence Program.” In so doing, it is seeking engineering solutions to cope with sustainability challenges.

    After the awards ceremony, Ming-Cheng Hsiao, CTCI Group Shared Services CEO, delivered a keynote speech at the Global Corporate Sustainability Forum, addressing CTCI’s actions to fulfill its vision of “becoming a guardian of the Earth by employing innovative green engineering technologies.”

    This year, CTCI Corporation once again receives TCSA’s “Top 10 Domestic Companies Sustainability Model Award” thanks to its continued innovations in engineering services and green engineering applications, such as intelligent EPC (iEPC) technologies, which helped drive Taiwan’s competiveness in the global engineering market.

    ECOVE Environment Corporation is honored with TCSA’s “Circular Economy Leadership Award” for its commitments to the circular economy, providing services ranging from waste management, Energy-from-Waste (EfW), solar power, to resources recycling and reuse. It obtained the world’s first BS8001:2007 Circular Economy Certification, and has been actively supporting environmental education in Taiwan.

    CTCI ASI is the winner of “Growth through Innovation Award” for its smart Industry 4.0 solutions. The optimized energy management solutions for smart plants and transportation have assisted industries in technological upgrading, further consolidating CTCI ASI’s position as an intelligent solutions brand.

    To date, CTCI Group has received numerous recognitions for its CSR efforts, including being selected as component of Dow Jones Sustainability Emerging Markets Index and Taiwan Sustainability Index (TWSI); received good ratings from Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and Morgan Stanley Capital International’s (MSCI) ESG rating; and won Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award, a prestigious award given by CommonWealth Magazine.

    Committed to realizing its brand spirit as the most reliable global engineering services provider, CTCI will continue to make positive impact in the economic, social, and environmental aspects, while joining hands with business partners to promote sustainable development.

  • 2020/11
    Taiwan: A Shining Global Engineering Brand: CTCI Clinches “Best Taiwan Global Brands 2020”
    CTCI Group is pleased to announce that it has been selected as one of the 25 “Best Taiwan Global Brands 2020” for its exceptional brand performance. This is the second prestigious award following the REBRAND 100® Global Awards it received in relation to brand-making, after the Group brand launch in 2016. Mei-Chen Hu, General Manager of Brand Management Department, CTCI, attended the ceremony and received award from Chief Secretary Pei-Li Chen, Industrial Development Bureau (IDB), Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA).

    Under the commission of IDB, the “Best Taiwan Global Brands 2020” selection work was carried out by Interbrand, an authoritative global brand consultancy, which appraised on brands in Taiwan that have operations overseas. The selection work is based on the identical criteria the consultancy uses for its annual “Best Global Brands” appraisals, namely financial forecast, role of brand, and brand strength.

    With an extensive global outreach, CTCI has brought reliable engineering and construction services to Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas, achieving outstanding financial performances. For many years it remains one of the top 100 international contractors selected by Engineering News-Record, a renowned international engineering magazine.

    Despite the COVID-19 outbreak this year, CTCI successfully ensured business continuity around the world by working in tandem with owners, partners, and suppliers, living up to “the Most Reliable” spirit. Moreover, it has secured a couple of key deals, including one that breaks single contract amount record, making 2020 the most fruitful year in terms of total contract amount.

    In addition to pursuing financial performance, CTCI has dedicated itself to sustainable engineering and construction, aiming to make a global impact. For this reason, it has implemented a Group-wide program called “Total Participation CSR Excellence Program.” CTCI has been consecutively selected as a component of Dow Jones Sustainability Emerging Markets Index, and has been a frequent recipient of TCSA’s Top 10 Domestic Companies Sustainability Model Awards, as well as CommonWealth Magazine’s Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award.

    CTCI will continue its path of being “the most reliable global engineering services provider” through steady financial performance, sustainable management, and brand-making.

  • 2020/11
    The US: Dow Jones Sustainability Emerging Markets Index Selects CTCI Corporation as Component for 6 Years In A Row and World No.2 Construction & Engineering Company
    Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) has recently announced its scoring results. Once again, CTCI Corporation has been selected as a component of its Emerging Markets index, the sixth straight year for the company to be included on the list. CTCI Corporation ranks second place among its global peers in the Construction & Engineering (CON) industry category, scoring the highest marks in the Governance & Economic Dimension, the second-highest marks in the Social Dimension, while the Environmental Dimension performance has improved considerably by 17%.

    To date, CTCI Corporation is the first and only engineering firm in Taiwan to be selected by DJSI. This signifies that global institutional investors have recognized CTCI Corporation’s trust-based management approach and its efforts to align business operations to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations.

    Whenever CTCI Corporation is seeking global business opportunities, it is aware of the correlation between the CON industry and climate change, as well as the industry’s impact on the latter. The company has sought to address the issue by identifying risks and opportunities via engagement in Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). CTCI Corporation’s growth is now primarily driven by green and low-carbon projects. Up until September 2020, total new contract amount for green and low carbon projects has reached NT$109 billion, accounting for 86% of the total contract amount.

    In 2020, the company demonstrates stellar business records, achieving year-on-year growth of 48.6% and 37.8% in new contract amount and backlog, or NT$ 127.2 billion and NT$ 280.1 billion, respectively.

    CTCI Corporation owes its exceptional ESG performance to the parent Group’s four competencies: “Intelligent EPC (iEPC),” “smart plants,” “circular economy,” and “green engineering.” It brings nearly 7,000 colleagues in realizing ESG goals through “Total Participation CSR Excellence Program,” setting key performance indicators and strategies to effectively enroot a culture that respects corporate social responsibilities (CSR).

    In addition to a CSR program called “CSR Moment” last year— a pioneering program among Taiwanese companies, where colleagues are required to talk about a CSR topic before every meeting starts— this year CTCI Corporation has rolled out new CSR programs, which are “CSR Micro-Film Contest” and “Little Engineers Summer Camp,” to further strengthen sustainability education.

    CTCI Corporation continues to be the top-100 global engineering companies in both “Top 225 International Design Firms” and “Top 250 International Contractors” categories, according to the annual ranking conducted by the renowned Engineering News-Record magazine. In addition, the company has received several awards in Taiwan for its CSR contributions, including CommonWealth Magazine’s Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award and Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards’ Top 10 Domestic Companies Sustainability Model Awards. Moreover, CTCI Group Chairman John T. Yu has received Global Corporate Sustainability Awards’ highest honor, Outstanding Professional, for superior leadership and business performance.

    As the most reliable global engineering services provider, CTCI Corporation will continue to commit itself in bringing sustainable and positive impact to the company governance, society, and the environment.


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