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  • 2021/06
    Taiwan: CTCI Launches Covid-19 Rapid Testing to Better Protect Its Employees
    Due to the persistent Covid-19 pandemic in Taiwan and the decision to protect our employees, CTCI has officially launched a rapid testing program for over 5,000 employees across the group on June 15 by setting up a “healthy test station” at the CTCI headquarters.

    According to CTCI’s Group Coronavirus Prevention Center, the test station will be able to handle tests of 800 to 900 people daily beginning on June 15 and ending on June 18, with possibility of extension depending on the severity of the pandemic. Employees who live in pandemic “hotspots” are given priority to receive tests. This is a non-compulsory program; however, we expect that as many employees as possible will be tested.

    The testing program is CTCI’s latest measure to protect the health and work safety of all employees, in addition to the reroute, work shifts, and pandemic insurance which have been well in place.

  • 2021/06
    Taiwan: CTCI MAC Completes 48 Pin Piles for CFXD Offshore Wind Farm Significantly Ahead of Schedule

    CTCI Machinery Corporation (CTCI MAC), a CTCI subsidiary company, announced today that it has completed the manufacturing and passed acceptance inspection on completion of all 48 pin piles contracted for Changfang & Xidao (CFXD) Offshore Wind Farm Phase 1 in Taiwan, one and half months ahead of schedule. Thanks to CTCI MAC’s efficient and quality work, the CFXD Project is on track to begin marine work this June and complete first-phase offshore turbine installation by June 2022. The CFXD Offshore Wind Farm in total will have a capacity of 600 MW providing green energy enough to power 600,000 Taiwanese households.

    Yun-Peng Tan, CTCI MAC Chairman, says: “It takes careful planning and trial manufacturing to provide such large number of pin piles in a short timeframe. We used multiple submerged arc-welding machines simultaneously to greatly cut manufacturing time. We have earned praise from the client for our efficient and quality work, and are confident to deliver the second-phase pin piles on schedule and with impeccable quality, thanks to the mature skills and experiences that we now have.”

    “CFXD is the first offshore wind farm in Taiwan that fully sources its pin piles from local companies,” says Marina Hsu, Managing Director at CI Wind Power Development Taiwan, the developer of CFXD Project. “CTCI MAC’s performance is simply remarkable.”

    According to Dennis Sanou, CEO of CFXD Offshore Wind Farm, “CTCI MAC has set an important milestone for the offshore wind power development in Taiwan by completing pin piles ahead of schedule. It means that this new supply chain has been able to speed up their learning curve from orders that enjoy economies of scale.”

    CTCI MAC is responsible for the manufacture of 117 among 186 pin piles in the 600-MW CFXD Offshore Wind Farm, which will see 62 offshore wind turbines. Once the wind farm fully comes online in 2023, it will generate renewable energy enough to power 600,000 households in Taiwan, helping the nation come a step closer to its energy transition goal.

    Besides the 48 pin piles completed in this project so far, CTCI MAC has previously completed transition pieces for Yunlin Offshore Wind Farm.

  • 2021/05
    Taiwan: ECOVE Issues $1 Billion Corporate Green Bonds to Finance Carbon-Reduction Power Projects
    ECOVE, a subsidiary of CTCI Group focused on resource cycling businesses, has announced the launch of a five-year maturity TWD $2 billion debenture program in Q1 2021, including TWD $1 billion in the form of green bonds. The debenture is expected to be issued by late May.

    With favorable coupon rates, subscription for ECOVE’s first-ever bond issuing is eager due to the support of major financial institutions. Total bidding figure amounted to TWD $6.8 billion, drawing an oversubscription of 300%. This is a sign of recognition from investors on ECOVE’s stable performance and green investments.

    The financing from the debenture program will help ECOVE lower its mid- to long-term capital costs and interest rate risks, as well as contribute to ECOVE’s renewable energy and carbon-reduction projects.

    The green bond capital will be solely used for the investment, development, and setup of solar power plants. Performance indicators will be released one year following bond issuance. The capital is expected to be used to build 25 MW solar power plants capable of generating 28.7 million kWh, or equivalent to 14,630 tons in carbon reduction.

    ECOVE is a resource cycling company with three core business fields: waste management and incineration, renewable energy, and recycling and reuse. Among its renewable energy business, ECOVE has installed more than 114 MW of solar capacity worldwide and has been entitled to develop 96 solar power plants. The company lives by its company-wide CSR mission to implement ESG responsibilities, and is also the world’s first company that received BS 8001 circular economy certificate.

    Based on the spirit of “Most Reliable” and “Every Resource Counts,” ECOVE will continue to dedicate to improving resource cycling efficiency and treasuring every single resource through integrated management, intelligent systems, and data analysis, bringing a better future to the world.


Awards & Certifications

  • 2020/12
    Taiwan: CTCI Corporation Proud to Be Part of LPIC Project, Hydrocarbon Processing’s Top Project Awards Winner
    CTCI Corporation is pleased to announce that the Liwa Plastics Industries Complex (LPIC) petrochemical project in Sohar, Oman, in which CTCI Corporation plays a substantial role in engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC), has recently been selected by the prestigious Hydrocarbon Processing magazine as the winner of Top Project Awards 2020. This fantastic recognition demonstrates CTCI Corporation’s professional and reliable capabilities in delivering world-class EPC services.

    The US$6.5 billion LPIC project is one of Omani government’s major downstream projects to help diversify the nation’s products portfolio. The complex features 800,000-tpy steam cracker, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and low-linear-density polyethylene (LLDPE) plants, a 300,000-tpy PP plant, MTBE and pygas units and additional processing units. The owner, Oman Oil Refineries and Petroleum Industries (ORPIC), began commissioning activities on the facility in May.

    CTCI Corporation and CB&I (which later merged into McDermott International) formed a joint-venture, or CCJV, in 2015 to carry out one of the four EPC projects on the complex, or LPIC EPC1-870 KTA Steam Cracker Project. Scope of work included steam cracking units for the main process, pygas unit, MTBE unit, API tank, sphere tank, bullet tank, desalination, wastewater treatment, spent caustic treatment, and incinerator. Lummus-licensed technologies was used for the ethylene cracking process.

    Highlights of CTCI Corporation’s achievements include all-time high record of 77 million man-hours without lost-time injury, efficient construction methods and project management, and innovative solutions, such as spent caustic treatment.

    The award result comes from the poll of thousands of the magazine’s readers over the course of two months. The winners and nominees of the Top Project Awards will have considerable impact on the hydrocarbon processing industry, according to the magazine.

    LPIC project and Visakh Refinery Modernization project in India are the winners of this year’s Top Project Awards in petrochemical and refining categories, respectively. Three other petrochemical projects and four refining projects were also nominated for the Award.

    For detailed report, please refer to the following link:

  • 2020/12
    Taiwan: CTCI Group’s Sustainable Engineering Makes Global Impact: Group Vice Chairman Michael Yang Receives K. T. Lee Administration Award

    CTCI Group is pleased to announce that Michael Yang, CTCI Group Vice Chairman, has been given the K. T. Lee Administration Award on December 5 for his superb leadership, which saw CTCI Group wield global influence through sustainable engineering.

    CTCI Group Vice Chairman says: “The honor of this award goes to everyone who works at CTCI Group. Without their hard work, we could not have come so far. I will continue to lead our team, steer the way towards technological innovations, sharpen our skills, and help CTCI become ‘the most reliable global engineering services provider,’ so that the whole world can see what Taiwan is capable of in engineering.”

    Organized by Chinese Management Association, K. T. Lee Administration Award is a recognition given to those who have had excellent contributions and tangible performance in administrative education, promotion of administrative practices, or managerial roles. It is by far one of the most valued and credible awards in Taiwan.

    CTCI Group, the largest engineering contractor in Taiwan and top 100 in the world, is committed to providing quality and environment-friendly engineering worldwide. For the last four decades, it has garnered affirmations and recognitions from well-known clients in Taiwan and abroad for its “most reliable” engineering services. With around 40 operation bases in more than ten countries, its track records can be seen across Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas. Being the only Taiwanese company that can compete against companies from Europe, the US, Japan, and South Korea in global engineering markets, it is recognized not only for steady revenue growth but also for sustainable administration performance. CTCI Group pledges to keep on offering high-quality and reliable engineering services worldwide.

  • 2020/11
    Taiwan: CTCI Remains Engineering Leader with 18 Corporate Sustainability Awards, President Tsai Hands Outstanding Professional Award to Group Chairman Yu
    On Nov. 18, 2020, Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy has announced the results of 2020 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA) and Global Corporate Sustainability Awards (GCSA) selections. CTCI, the largest global engineering, procurement, and construction group in Taiwan, continues to be the top winner in the engineering industry category, bagging 18 awards.

    John T. Yu, CTCI Group Chairman, has been selected as GCSA Outstanding Professional for his superior leadership and performance. Tsai Ing-wen, President of the Republic of China (Taiwan), handed the award to Yu during awards ceremony on November 18.

    CTCI Group exceled in the awards selection thanks to the performance of three of its companies, CTCI Corporation, ECOVE Environment Corporation, and CTCI Advanced Systems Inc. (CTCI ASI). Notable awards received by the three companies include: Top 10 Domestic Companies Sustainability Model Awards (CTCI Corporation), Circular Economy Leadership Awards (ECOVE Environment Corporation), and Growth through Innovation Awards (CTCI ASI).

    CTCI Group has been frequently praised for its dedication to innovating corporate values and increasing its impact on global sustainability through engineering.

    Yu says: “CSR (corporate social responsibility) is not just about making donations to charities, but is also about transforming the CSR spirit into the company’s core competitiveness and striving to make it a part of CTCI’s corporate DNA.”

    For CSR ideals to be ingrained, CTCI has aligned its business operations with the United Nation’s Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs), set up “Sustainability and Brand Department,” and pursued company-wide sustainability actions through “Total Participation CSR Excellence Program.” In so doing, it is seeking engineering solutions to cope with sustainability challenges.

    After the awards ceremony, Ming-Cheng Hsiao, CTCI Group Shared Services CEO, delivered a keynote speech at the Global Corporate Sustainability Forum, addressing CTCI’s actions to fulfill its vision of “becoming a guardian of the Earth by employing innovative green engineering technologies.”

    This year, CTCI Corporation once again receives TCSA’s “Top 10 Domestic Companies Sustainability Model Award” thanks to its continued innovations in engineering services and green engineering applications, such as intelligent EPC (iEPC) technologies, which helped drive Taiwan’s competiveness in the global engineering market.

    ECOVE Environment Corporation is honored with TCSA’s “Circular Economy Leadership Award” for its commitments to the circular economy, providing services ranging from waste management, Energy-from-Waste (EfW), solar power, to resources recycling and reuse. It obtained the world’s first BS8001:2007 Circular Economy Certification, and has been actively supporting environmental education in Taiwan.

    CTCI ASI is the winner of “Growth through Innovation Award” for its smart Industry 4.0 solutions. The optimized energy management solutions for smart plants and transportation have assisted industries in technological upgrading, further consolidating CTCI ASI’s position as an intelligent solutions brand.

    To date, CTCI Group has received numerous recognitions for its CSR efforts, including being selected as component of Dow Jones Sustainability Emerging Markets Index and Taiwan Sustainability Index (TWSI); received good ratings from Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and Morgan Stanley Capital International’s (MSCI) ESG rating; and won Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award, a prestigious award given by CommonWealth Magazine.

    Committed to realizing its brand spirit as the most reliable global engineering services provider, CTCI will continue to make positive impact in the economic, social, and environmental aspects, while joining hands with business partners to promote sustainable development.


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