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  • 2022/01
    Taiwan: CTCI Successfully Delivers Kaohsiung Linhai Wastewater Treatment Plant Project to Supply 33,000 CMD Reclaimed Water for Industrial Use
    KAOHSIUNG, January 14, 2022- CTCI Corporation (CTCI), Taiwan's largest EPC contractor has successfully delivered Linhai Wastewater Treatment Plant BTO Project in Kaohsiung and an inauguration ceremony is held today.

    The completed plant will supply 33,000 CMD reclaimed water to Linhai Industrial Park, easing the strain of industrial water use. Under a future expansion plan, the plant capacity is expected to be further increased to 60,000 CMD, to ensure sufficient and stable water supply of reclaimed water for the development of local industries, while fulfilling circular economy.

    CTCI worked together with Hsin-Dar Environment Corporation (HDEC) as a joint venture and formed a special purpose company, HDEC-CTCI (Linhai) Corporation in charge of the investment, build, and operation of the Linhai Wastewater Treatment and Reclaimed Water Plant for an 18-year concession period

    Being Taiwan’s first integrated sewage treatment and reclamation plant, the project team has tackled multiple technical issues during project implementation. Specifically, the sewage pipes in service had to be connected to the Linhai plant as source water, posing a major technical challenge; the project team not only pioneers related engineering design in Taiwan, it also overcame the existed complex underground pipes and MRT tunnel laying work despite the pressure of the COVID-19 pandemic, while giving considerations to public opinions and environmental friendliness during the construction stage.

    Ting-Kuo Li, President of Infrastructure, Environment, and Power Business Operations, CTCI, appreciates Kaohsiung City Government’s full support and assistance. “Thanks to the support of Mayor Chen and the city government, we are able to complete this project within three years as scheduled while also recognized with the Urban Quality Engineering Award. Other than the Linhai plant, the CTCI and HDEC joint venture also contracted the Fengshan Wastewater Reclamation Plant BTO Project in Kaohsiung, aiming to build Kaohsiung a model city with stable supply in reclaimed water. We at CTCI will continue contributing our expertise in water engineering to help create triple wins for the government, citizens, and businesses,” Li says.

    CTCI has entered sewerage system business for over two decades. In recent years, it is keen on the opportunities of water resource in the context of circular economy and has successfully expanded business of wastewater reclamation from industrial, municipal sectors to that for high-tech manufacturing process. CTCI is committed to introducing green engineering and resource cycling technologies to projects served worldwide as “the most reliable global engineering services provider.”

  • 2021/12
    Taiwan: CTCI Showcases One-Stop Shop Services at SEMICON TAIWAN
    TAIPEI, December 29, 2021- From December 28 to 30, CTCI joins SEMICON TAIWAN 2021 at Taipei’s Nangang Exhibition Center as exhibitor to showcase its advanced tech engineering capabilities and one-stop shop services, ranging from design, modular EPC facilities, smart energy management, industrial water reclamation, chemicals reuse, to plant operation and maintenance (O&M).

    CTCI is a leading engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services provider for hydrocarbon, petrochemical, power, environmental, and transportation industries. The Group has previously integrated resources and set up Advanced Technology Facilities Business Operations to aim for high tech plant EPC business, and has successfully collaborated with a major semiconductor customer in Taiwan to set up a new fab plant in Arizona, USA. The five high tech industries CTCI aims for are foundry, precision inspection, communication, optics, and computer and accessories.

    In view of global warming and sustainability trend, CTCI offers customers solutions such as green buildings, smart energy-saving, water-saving, pollution-reduction, and resource reuse. In terms of green buildings and energy-saving solutions, CTCI has helped customers acquire Taiwan-credited EEWH green building labels and US-credited LEED green building labels. CTCI’s proprietary Mr. Energy 50001 is a digitized energy management system that has offered ideal energy-saving solutions for companies across semiconductor, chemical, and LCD panel industries.

    In terms of water-saving, pollution-reduction, and resource reuse, CTCI has successfully integrated conventional distillation, fractional distillation, pervaporation/vapor permeation technologies to help redesign the separation and purification process, which allows waste solvents to be recycled and reused. In terms of HVAC, fire prevention, and utilities in high tech plant facilities, CTCI can provide customers management and O&M solutions that come with efficiency and efficacy. The industrial water reclamation plant at Southern Taiwan Science Park, now under construction, is the worlds’ first project that will see treated multi-source wastewater from high tech plants to be reused for semiconductor process.

    Ella Tsai, President of Advanced Technology Facilities Business Operations, said, “CTCI has long been a leading engineering company in terms of project management, safety, and integrated services. We not only can offer customers solutions from process aspect, but can offer one-stop shop services such as carbon footprint assessment, smart plant, green buildings, among other technologies. By participating in SEMICON TAIWAN, it shows our greater resolve to bring values to customers in the high tech facilities sector and build trust.”

  • 2021/12
    Taiwan: Pioneer in Taiwan’s Engineering Industry, CTCI Organizes First Sustainability Engineering Symposium
    TAIPEI, December 17, 2021— CTCI, the largest global engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) group in Taiwan and one of the top 100 engineering firms globally, co-organizes the “2021 Taiwan Sustainability Engineering Symposium—Smart Engineering Technologies” with CTCI Education Foundation (CTCI EF) today at GIS MOTC Convention Center.

    Participated by around 200 engineering experts, industry leaders, and CTCI engineers, the symposium allows engineering professionals to engage in a meaningful exchange of ideas and discussions on the topics of sustainable development and net zero emissions.

    CTCI has been actively promoting sustainability engineering practices aligning with its core competencies, iEPC, smart plants, circular economy, and green engineering, with efforts in environmental (E), social (S), and corporate governance (G) dimensions. In response to the global sustainable development trend, CTCI initiates Taiwan’s first sustainable engineering symposium, aiming to drive the industry towards development in sustainability and net zero emissions.

    The symposium focuses discussion on how engineering technologies could benefit to foster global sustainable development. CTCI also shares its sustainability efforts in iEPC, smart plants, circular economy, and green engineering, as well as on carbon neutrality.

    CTCI Group Chairman stated that “Faced with the global low-carbon transitions, CTCI, as Taiwan’s engineering leader, is duty-bound to help realize Taiwan’s target of reaching net zero carbon emission by 2050. We hope that our sharing with years of development in iEPC (intelligent EPC) and green engineering practices may inspire the industry to work in partnership to realize this important mission.” Eugene Chien, CTCI EF Chairman, added “This symposium is dedicated to sustainable engineering, the first of its kind in Taiwan; the goal is to share CTCI’s expertise in sustainable engineering with other engineering professionals, so as to reach a consensus through discussions, and contribute to everlasting development of the industry as a whole.”

    The symposium is composed of two half-day sessions. In the morning session, experts and senior managers at CTCI would give a series of lecturers. Presenters are arranged in the following order: Pen-Chi Chiang, Emeritus Professor at The Graduate Institute of Environmental Engineering, National Taiwan University; Ming-Li Lee, President at EPC Operations, CTCI Corporation; Young Ku, CEO of Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy; Henry Han, Head of CTCI Group Research & Innovation Center; and Lian-Jeng Leu, President, Taiwan Construction Research Institute. The afternoon session would be conducted in a world café fashion. Hosted by Shin-Cheng Yeh, Professor at Graduate Institute of Environmental Education, National Taiwan Normal University, participants are encouraged to discuss on the given topics and exchange opinions.

    CTCI has been promoting green engineering practices via “green technologies,” “green and low-carbon projects contracting,” and “green investment” and its ESG efforts are widely recognized globally. It has been selected as constituent of DJSI Emerging Markets Indices for 7 consecutive years, continuously honored with Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards’ Top Ten Domestic Corporate Award, and has received accolades such as grade A for Morgan Stanley Capital International’s (MSCI) ESG Rating, B score (Management level) from Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), and CommonWealth Magazine’s Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award. CTCI also joined Taiwan Alliance for Net Zero Emission to support global carbon reduction action, committed to achieving net zero emission target for its office areas in 2030 and to include all project sites in 2050. It is also promoting “Net Zero EPC Projects” by joining hands with supply chain partners worldwide.
    Committed to realizing its brand spirit as the most reliable global engineering services provider, CTCI will continue to make positive impact in the ESG aspects, fulfilling its vision of “becoming a guardian of the Earth by employing innovative green engineering technologies,” and facilitating the goal of net zero EPC projects.


Awards & Certifications

  • 2021/12
    Taiwan: CTCI REI Receives an Accolade for Public Construction Golden Quality Award
    TAIPEI, December 23, 2021—CTCI REI has been recognized by Public Construction Commission, Executive Yuan with an Honorable Mention (facility category) at the 21st Public Constructions Golden Quality Award for superior quality in Detailed Design Work of Taipei MRT System Initial Network Station Entrance/Exit Escalators Mid-Term Improvement Project.

    The Public Constructions Golden Quality Award is the highest achievement for public construction project contractors in Taiwan.

    With the mid-term improvement project, the owner Department of Rapid Transit Systems (DORTS), Taipei City Government aims to enhance the safety and convenience for senior citizens travelling by Taipei metro in response to an aging society. New escalators were to be built at the MRT stations already in operation in the initial Taipei network program, including Tamsui line, Bannan line, and Xindian line, totaling 8 stations, 19 entrances/exits, with 48 escalators to be added/replaced.

    With the average daily ridership numbers of Taipei Metro reaches over 2 million after 25 years of operation, CTCI REI has conducted detailed surveys and measurements for the stations at the early design stage to ensure daily operations are intact, and minimize impacts to commuters and the surrounding environment. The project team has adopted noise/vibration mitigation construction method, anti-pinch devices and energy-saving features for the escalators. The new escalators have won travelers’ and project owner’s recognition after they began operations.

  • 2021/12
    Taiwan: PMI Taiwan Recognizes CTCI LPIC EPC1 Project with Distinguished Project Award
    TAIPEI, December 14, 2021—CTCI Corporation has announced that the LPIC EPC1-870 KTA Steam Cracker Project has clinched the 2021 Distinguished Project Award (DPA) by Project Management Institute (PMI) Taiwan Chapter in the “Large Project” group. Deemed as the highest honor for projects delivered with exemplary management expertise, this exceptional recognition demonstrates CTCI Corporation's professional and reliable capabilities in project executions.

    Co-organized by PMI Taiwan Chapter and Institute of Taiwan Project Management (ITPM), DPA, along with a series of related awards, are the highest recognition in Taiwan for project management profession. Participants of DPA are judged based on four criteria: execution process, human resources, business environment, and values delivered.

    Liwa Plastics Industries Complex (LPIC) petrochemical project in Sohar, Oman, in which CTCI Corporation plays a substantial role in steam cracker and utilities portion of the project (EPC 1), is also the winner of Top Project Awards 2020 by the prestigious Hydrocarbon Processing magazine.

    To carry out EPC1-870 KTA Steam Cracker Project, one of the four EPC projects on the complex and the most important portion. CTCI Corporation and US-based McDermott International formed a joint-venture, or CCJV, in 2015.

    This project is particularly challenging to execute and manage in that the four LPIC EPC projects were being executed simultaneously at site, and that the products produced by each plant are related in the supply chain either to the upstream or downstream, resulting in highly complex interfaces.

    According to Min-Lin Lee, project director of LPIC EPC1 Project and Vice President of CTCI’s EPC Operations, “Despite the challenges and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, CTCI managed to push the project forward steadily with proactive management, effective communication, and innovative solutions such as spent caustic treatment. Not only did it become the only project able to progress in Oman without any suspension of work during the pandemic, significantly saving costs, but it also achieved a record of 77 million man-hours without lost-time injury, a perfect score for the project team which ultimately delivered it on time and to quality standards.” Lee added, “This highly acclaimed project helps our client Oman Qaboos extend hydrocarbon product lines to the downstream sector and hence provide comprehensive product lines in Oman and also allows them to achieve the goal of developing high-value-added petrochemical products.”

    Looking towards the future, CTCI will constantly update technologies and continue to provide clients with diverse, economical, environmental friendly quality engineering solutions with rich experience in EPC project management.

  • 2021/11
    Taiwan: CTCI REI Receives “Public Constructions Golden Quality Award,” the Top Honor in Occupational Safety and Health in Taiwan
    TAIPEI, December 29, 2021-Winners of the Public Constructions Golden Quality Award, the top honor in occupational safety and health in Taiwan recognized by the Public Construction Commission, Executive Yuan, have been announced. CTCI REI clinches the excellence award for “Geological Investigation, Surveying, and Design Work in Taiwan Provincial Highway No. 9A Shang Gui Shan Bridge Replacement Project” (design unit).

    Constructed in 1972, Shang Gui Shan Bridge is the only passage connecting Xindian and Wulai of New Taipei City. After 49 years of operation, the bridge was faced with several challenges including narrow bridge width, insufficient height for flood defense of the bridge, and exposure of caisson foundation, which impacts the safety of structure.

    Contracted with the engineering design work for bridge replacement project, CTCI REI made thorough considerations of the above issues before coming up with the long-span arch bridge design, which helps to increase cross-section area to better defend against floods, is easier for maintenance, and balances between hydraulic impacts and landscaping. Materials-wise, high-performance steel (HPS) structure was adopted to reinforce the bridge structure strength and reduce steel material used (and hence carbon emissions).

    CTCI REI performed comprehensive study in terms of health and safety
    perspective at every phase of the project. During the engineering design process, CTCI REI utilized Building Information Modeling (BIM) to increase design reliability and construction safety via its visualized 3D characteristics and collision detection. Besides, when the old bridge was being demolished and a temporary bridge for transportation was set in place, CTCI REI particularly emphasized structural safety and had widened the road to minimize risks during the flood season and enhance safety and convenience for road users. Before handing over design work to the construction contractor and supervisor, CTCI REI provided all risk evaluation results and deliverables of BIM to ensure HSE could be properly performed and that the subsequent works could be finished on time and to quality standard.

    CTCI REI is committed to occupational health and safety with total accountability by staying true to the “safety first” principle. The company hopes to ensure its HSE system works effectively to deliver the most reliable engineering services in line with CTCI’s brand spirit.


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