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  • 2021/09
    Taiwan: CTCI Wins Sun Ba Power Plant Phase 2 Project Contract in Partnership with Siemens Energy
    TAIPEI, September 7, 2021- CTCI, Taiwan’s leading engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractor for power projects, announced today that it has won a contract to carry out EPC work for the Sun Ba Combined Cycle Power Plant Phase 2 Project in southern Taiwan with consortium partner, Siemens Energy. The plant will include a new 1,100 MW generating unit to provide reliable, sufficient, and cleaner power primarily to Southern Taiwan Science Park once it comes online in 2024.

    This is another big win for CTCI, after being awarded multi-billion dollar EPC contract for five generating units at Hsinta and Taichung Power Plants, both in Taiwan, last September.

    Located in Shan Shang District, Tainan, Sun Ba Power Plant is owned by Sun Ba Power Corp., a private utility company. As part of power plant expansion, CTCI is responsible for the civil works and balance-of-plant. Generated power will be sold to state utility company Taipower, adding flexibility to power dispatch.

    The project is another example of CTCI’s continued support for de-nuke and cleaner energy policies as set out by Taiwanese government, which seeks to raise gas-fired power ratio to 50% by 2025. Apart from its track records in thermal, combined-cycle, cogeneration, and nuclear power plants, CTCI is aggressively developing businesses in solar, wind, biomass, and gas power plants. Through quality, reliable, and environment-friendly engineering services, CTCI aims to help clients globally build a sustainable tomorrow.

  • 2021/09
    Taiwan: CTCI Joins Taiwan Alliance for Net Zero Emissions in Support for Global Sustainability
    Today CTCI announced that it has joined Taiwan Alliance for Net Zero Emissions (TANZE) and shares joint commitment with 27 companies from Taiwan and abroad to achieve net zero carbon emissions at corporate offices by 2030 and additionally at all work sites by 2050. The event was attended and supported by representatives from academia, industry, and the government. Vice President William Lai also attended the event.

    John T. Yu, CTCI Group Chairman, who took part in the opening ceremony, says, “CTCI has long been committed to global sustainability with its core competencies. We have carried out greenhouse gases (GHG) inventory for Group headquarters and global work sites, set GHG reduction and energy-saving targets, continued to innovate our engineering services to include green applications, as well as supported circular economy.”

    “We are involved in development, investment, construction, and operation projects such as water reuse, solar power, offshore wind power, combined-cycle power plants, and waste treatment. In 2020, green and low-carbon projects accounted for 109 billion TWD, or 84% of new contracts. Low-carbon backlogs increased 410% during the period 2015-2010. We received A- and are positioned as leader according to CDP, a global corporate social responsibility evaluator. Not to mention we have won other sustainability-related awards both at home and abroad,” Yu added.

    TANZE is founded by Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy, a non-profit organization with a sustainability mission. TANZE aims to become a tripartite policy platform, promoting dialogue between companies, NGOs, and the government with a common mission to reach net zero emissions target by 2050.

  • 2021/08
    China: CTCI Beijing Successfully Delivers a World-Leading ABS Production Base in Zhangzhou Chimei EPC Project
    CTCI Beijing, a CTCI subsidiary company, announced that the Zhangzhou Chimei ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)/AS (acrylonitrile styrene) Resin Plant EPC Project in Zhangzhou, China it contracted has started commissioning this month following mechanical completion earlier in May, 2021. If all goes well, it will enter commercial operation in September.

    While the Zhangzhou Chimei plant is expected to produce a total of 600 KTA (kilo tons per annum) ABS/AS resins in the long run; it is currently available for a capacity of 450 KTA in the first phase. Expansion project is now officially underway for an additional capacity of 150 KTA, which is scheduled to enter commercial operation in July, 2023, making it a world-leading production base of ABS. This allows it to meet growing demand for ABS by local household appliance and motor industries, and drives development for the upper/lower industries.

    According to TS Zhang, Chairman of CTCI Beijing, the project is another successful cooperation with Chimei since 2012. With this project delivered, Chimei now further consolidates its position in Chinese market, realizing multiple goals including product line diversification, quality enhancement, and value adding, all so important given its stance as a global leading supplier of ABS. During execution of this project, CTCI Beijing managed to minimize the impact by COVID-19 pandemic and completed the task on time and to quality specifications, while at the same time reaching a 6 million man-hours without lost-time injuries safety record. The company is committed to delivering follow-up job items fulfilling the brand spirit of being the most reliable engineering services provider.

    Located at Zhangzhou Gulei Port Economic Development Zone in Fujian Province, one of the seven main petrochemical bases of the nation, the project is Chimei’s second production base in China. The proximity of the site provides quick access to required materials like styrene and butadiene, as well as fine public resources supply like natural gas, plant air, nitrogen, steam, and wastewater treatment, saving much operation and investment cost.

    Past cooperation of CTCI and Chimei include ABS, HIPS (high impact polystyrene) and SSBR (solution polymerized styrene-butadiene rubber) EPC projects in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province, China. These track records lead to this ABS/AS contract award in Zhangzhou.

    CTCI has been providing comprehensive and state-of-the-art engineering services worldwide, and has become a preferred partner for clients across Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas.


Awards & Certifications

  • 2021/09
    Taiwan: CTCI Corp. Remains ENR’s Top 100 International Engineering Companies 2021, Best Record as International Contractor
    Engineering News-Record (ENR), a prestigious magazine covering on the construction industry, has released its 2021 global engineering company rankings. For six years straight, CTCI Corporation is among both the top 100 “international contractors” and top 100 “international design firms” from over 200 companies worldwide selected in each category. CTCI Corp. has also attained its best record as “international contractor.”
    In addition, CTCI Corp. has been selected as one of the “top global contractors.” These three rankings demonstrate CTCI Corp.’s continued success in global markets.
    Each year, ENR surveys and ranks engineering companies worldwide, which is credible and serves as important indicator for the industry. Judged by a company’s annual sales revenue in the previous year, the rankings for design firms and contractors are each divided into two categories: "international," which judges a company according to its overseas revenues, and "global," which judges a company according to its revenue from domestic and overseas projects combined.
    In recent years, CTCI Corp. has made constant efforts to grow its businesses and enhanced its presence in global markets. This is the reason why it is able to stand among the top 100 international engineering companies to this day.

  • 2021/09
    Taiwan: Most Reliable Employer Brand: CTCI Recognized as “Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2021” by HR Asia
    CTCI has announced that it just received the “Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2021 Award” by HR Asia, an authoritative publication for senior human resource professionals across Asia. This year, 292 companies in Taiwan took part in the award selection.

    Due to the pandemic, the award ceremony was held online on Sep. 6 this year. CTCI Chief Human Resource Officer Connie Lin attended the virtual ceremony on behalf of CTCI.

    CTCI, having been provider of the most reliable engineering services, has also spared no efforts in refining practices in talent fostering, employee experience, retention, and care.

    The Best Companies to Work for in Asia Award is conducted via auditing and online employee survey; participating business are invited to respond to the Total Engagement Assessment Model (TEAM) survey, HR Asia’s proprietary employee engagement survey, which centers on three mechanics, Core (corporate-level initiatives), Self (employee experience in heart, mind, and soul), and Group (team dynamics and group motivation) to compare employee responses against the market and select employers with outstanding performance.

    According to Connie Lin, CTCI CHRO, CTCI has treated talents as the most valuable asset, and exerted efforts to build a healthy, friendly and cozy work environment. To provide employees with the required skill and knowledge for advanced career development, an online learning platform “CTCI University” has been established. In response to the global pandemic, CTCI offers a series of pandemic prevention measures, including establishing the group pandemic prevention center; comprehensive review of employee health insurance; providing necessary masks, protective clothing, and information package to help colleagues get access to resources; WFH practices, and free COVID-19 rapid test kits. For this particular reason, CTCI excels in the “Group” dimension for TEAM survey.

    In the days to come, CTCI is keen to continue providing employees with a happy work environment and being the most reliable employer brand.

  • 2021/07
    Taiwan: First Company in Taiwan Obtaining International Circular Economy & Carbon Neutrality Dual Certifications: ECOVE Solvent Recycling Corporation Certified to PAS 2060 for Carbon Neutrality
    ECOVE Environment Corporation (ECOVE) announced on July 28, 2021that its subsidiary ECOVE Solvent Recycling Corp. (ECOVE SRC) has been certified by BSI for achieving carbon neutrality in accordance with the PAS 2060 standard. This makes ECOVE SRC Taiwan's first chemical material manufacturer to declare carbon neutrality.

    The company was also ECOVE’s audit plant for BS 8001, world's first standard for implementing circular economy principles. Receiving the "BS 8001 Circular Economy Audit" in 2017 when it was firstly launched, ECOVE passed the BS 8001 circular economy standard audit again in 2020 with "integrated innovations and performance enhancements in resource cycling services," thereby achieving the circular economy standard in all of its business areas. Having passed the onsite inspection, ECOVE SRC is the first company in Taiwan to receive the international circular economy and carbon neutrality dual certifications.

    Carbon neutrality is a voluntary verification. Through quantifying and reducing carbon emissions and obtaining external reduction credits to offset the carbon emissions generated by business operations, ECOVE SRC was able to pass the PAS 2060 verification, causing no net increases in greenhouse gases (GHG) to the atmosphere.

    ECOVE has always been committed to mitigating climate change and striving to enhance and integrate the technical applications of its three major businesses, namely, "waste management and energy-from-waste, recycling, and renewable energies." ECOVE SRC was founded in 2018 to provide services in waste solvents purification and recycling, allowing them to re-enter the market supply chain as industrial raw materials, thus reducing the consumption of petrochemical raw materials without depleting the planet's resources.

    Upholding the visions for green production and environmental friendliness, ECOVE SRC has mapped out the current low-carbon production facilities plan starting from plant construction phase. Besides selecting equipment with high energy efficiency, the Company also opts for intelligent, systematic management for production. Furthermore, it continues to reduce carbon emissions to maximize synergy through replacing furnace fuels (heavy oil replaced by natural gas), enhancing the efficiency of air conditioning, air compressor, and heat systems, as well as installing energy-saving controllers and replacing light fixtures. Additionally, to ensure the effectiveness of green processes and products within the plant, ECOVE SRC implements various management systems, including energy management systems (ISO 14001), quality management systems (ISO 9001), occupational health and safety system (ISO 45001), and greenhouse gas inventory management system (ISO 14064-1), achieving its carbon neutrality goal.

    As Taiwan's largest environmental resource management and service company, ECOVE has again proven its determination to respond to climate change, reduce carbon emissions, and reduce environmental impacts through obtaining the carbon neutrality certification. By committing to a vision of becoming "the most reliable provider of industry-leading ‘resource cycling’ services ," ECOVE continues to contribute toward a better future for the planet.


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