Engineering and Social Welfare

Public Participation

CTCI not only proactively participates in projects from home and abroad, but also hopes to contribute its experience in large-scale engineering with public construction projects, benefiting local residents in their daily living and transportation. Public construction projects that we are involved in cover fields such as transportation, power, and environment. We continue to make breakthroughs and innovate, offer top engineering quality to public construction, as well as create job opportunities and boost the economy of the local markets. We understand that project executions would not only bring positive economic benefits, it may also bring significant impact to the local communities. Therefore, in each phase of the project, we would engage in local community affairs, trying to reach balance by considering every aspect. All operations have gone through communication and impact evaluation with the local communities, and no potential significant impacts have been found.

Social Care

Shilin Cultural Festival
CTCI is a longtime contributor to local community culture. It has collaborated with local non-profit groups and co-hosted the "Zhishan Fenghua Shilin Cultural Festival", where residents can learn about ecology, culture and history of Shilin District through various activities. In 2019, the CTCI Philharmonic Club was invited to perform at the music performances. Through the performance, the residents of the Shilin and Tianmu Districts were connected together to promote local cultural development.
Neighborhood Assistance
In addition to donating materials from the headquarters to neighboring social service groups from time to time, CTCI's domestic and foreign construction sites have offered support in special situations or natural disasters to fulfill their humanitarian spirit. In addition, the CTCI Group donated 1,000 fire alarms to the Taipei City Fire Department to help maintain safety in communities.
Volunteer Services
CTCI encourages its colleagues to participate in social events and to take action to serve the disadvantaged or charity organizations. Employee Welfare Committee has offered additional subsidies to volunteer clubs. Employees have used their spare time to act as volunteers guides to introduce the arts and literature of local societies and implemented the concept of "community art" and bring art into the campus.
Helping the Underprivileged
"Drawing on public resources and giving back to the public." Other than making donations, CTCI also organizes volunteers to make contributions to the needy. In addition to inviting social welfare and foundations to participate in charity sales from time to time, CTCI has developed a long- term partnership with charity groups including Syin- Lu Social Welfare Foundation and Children Are Us Foundation. Our active participation in charity events has brought warmth to charities and children in need.

CTCI Education Foundation (CTCI EF)

Established in 2016, CTCI Education Foundation has a vision for aligning sustainable construction development and Taiwan's sustainable development to UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). There are five committees under CTCI Education Foundation: Academic Collaboration Committee, Sustainable Engineering Committee, Cross-Strait Network Committee, International Affairs and Cooperation Committee, and Social Care Committee. These five committees help the foundation operates towards its main directions, with a secretariat to organize operations and integrate different resources. The foundation's goals are to improve Taiwan's engineering industry and general industry chain value, to organize events for promoting sustainable development education, to influence domestic and international students and the general public so that the sustainable development principles can be deeply rooted in Taiwan and be able to connect with the international standards. (

2019 CSR Academic Paper Awards

▼ Important Milestone for CTCI EF

Nurture Sustainability Talents, Deepening Sustainable Knowledge