Safe and Healthy Working Environment

Safe Working Environment

Policies and systems
CTCI's safety and health policies (as shown in the figure below) take priority in adhering to "safety and security", and continue to make improvements in personnel health and well-being, environmental protection, risk management, regulatory compliance and contract requirements, and full engagement. We work hard to provide a safe and secure workplace. We ask all personnel entering the CTCI Group plants to abide by the relevant regulations of the safety and health policies, and at the same time fully communicate with suppliers and partners to convey the contents of the safety and health policies. Every year, we regularly review relevant articles, regulations and risk assessment at the HSE management meeting; the review report is co-signed and approved by senior supervisors of respective departments, demonstrating our resolution on HSE management to our clients.
▼ Milestones of CTCI's Occupational Safety and Health Management System

▼ CTCI Occupational Safety and Health Committee

▼ HSE Management Review Meeting

According to the requirements of the International Health, Safety, and Environment Management System, CTCI HSE management department formulates appropriate annual targets and performance indicators every year, and regularly measure to track the effectiveness of the HSE management system. Subsequently, information for each management level is provided as a reference for decision-making when allocating resources and as a standard for setting goals and performance indicators next year; the dynamic management process prompts the company to pay close attention And given that near miss incidents are important indicators in potential risk, we could utilize our HSE management system to track the near miss incidents in both the Company and projects and undertake corrective measures. In view of the fact that industrial safety accidents are mostly caused by unsafe behaviors and the environment, we have also promoted Behavior Based Safety (BBS) management at project sites. Unsafe behaviors are observed and recorded by front-line workers. The on-site HSE staff have also made statistics based on the weekly observation results and strengthened the HSE management practices of each type of work. . A monthly BBS HSE review meeting is held at project site to analyze the reasons for the BBS higher observation risk items and propose improvement measures. Through BBS activities, the safety awareness of front-line workers can be deepened. While observing others, they will also become alert to their own behaviors, and further become a model for other workers’ safety behaviors. Workers can influence each other and it is easier to form a culture of emphasizing safety.

HSE Culture for All Employees
CTCI's corporate culture, ""professionalism,"" is based on the foundation of safety culture. We strive to let our colleagues understand that ""safety first"" is the primary condition for achieving professionalism and is included in the Company's annual performance evaluation for employees. We deeply understand that the performance of HSE depends on the joint efforts of everybody. ""People"" is the key to the safety culture. Therefore, the HSE activities will be further extended to the participation of ""all members""; in addition to continuing to conduct the HSE evaluation on all employees, we began to conduct the CTCI Group HSE Week series since 2018.
The goal of HSE evaluation for all employees is to make everyone, especially our colleagues whose job duties do not involve HSE, as well as head of departments and project managers, to build up correct HSE knowledge and familiarize the laws and regulations of HSE relating to their job duties through examination and evaluation. It is hoped that this evaluation will make our colleagues' safety behaviors and attitude toward HSE become more positive. Since 2013, we have organized phase-by-phase Total HSE evaluation by different targets and roles  The results of each evaluation have been statistically analyzed and collected in the Company's HSE Management Review Conference. The results will also be used as part of the HSE training material or the basis of promotion campaign in HSE. CTCI has held a series of group HSE activities every year since 2018. The three main themes of the activities are cultivating safety culture, strengthening the ability to identify hazards, and observing site safety discipline. In addition to specifically demonstrating corporate culture in the event and let colleagues understand the specific actions of corporate culture, the event clearly pointed out that ""safety first"" is one of the important factors for achieving professionalism. It is expected that every employee can learn the values of workplace safety, physical and mental health, and environmental protection. In addition, CTCI also listed ""Safety First"" as one of the items in the annual performance evaluation of the employees, demonstrating the value that the Company attaches to and pursues safety.
▼ Total HSE Evaluation Results

▼ 2018-2019 CTCI Group HSE Series of Activities

CTCI's dedication to HSE is shown in its own management and various projects. In addition to the continuous accumulation of disaster-free working hours in the headquarters building and the continued maintenance of excellent records in major project parts, the coal supply project at the Taichung Power Plant in 2019 won the proprietor Taipower's award for green and environmentally friendly construction site evaluation, showing CTCI's excellent safety and engineering implementation results. CTCI promises to continue to create a safer and healthier working environment with the "Most Reliable" engineering technology and service quality.
▼ HSE Training

Contractor Management

In recent years, CTCI has continuously sought new breakthroughs in the tools of safety and health management technology in order to increase the efficiency of the company’s HSE information transmission and strengthen the effectiveness of the project’s HSE management system. We make good use of information technology to assist routine HSE related activities, build an HSE information management system, use management activity information to provide real-time, rapid and effective information, and improve the effectiveness of HSE management. As one of the top international EPC engineering companies in Taiwan, CTCI is closely monitored by global clients on our subcontractors' HSE performance. Therefore, the HSE management department planned to implement the "evaluation module for subcontractors’ HSE performance," and design the weights by evaluation categories. The total score of subcontractors will become a reference when the Company carries out the project supplier and partner company evaluation procedure, and at the same time shows showing the Company's concrete actions to systematically manage subcontractors' HSE practices. The "HSE Evaluation for Cooperative Subcontractors "accounted for 20% score of the project supplier and cooperative subcontractors evaluation mechanism. It is divided into five evaluation benchmarks and converts the HSE performances into a quantitative unified evaluation for the eight categories. The results of the evaluation of subcontractors' execution are graded and serve as a reference for procurement and outsourcing consideration. 

▼ Total Number of Industrial Safety Hours (CTCI and subcontractors)

▼ HSE Evaluation for Cooperative Subcontractors

To effectively prevent occupational hazards at construction sites and minimize dangers and risks, CTCI has established a comprehensive incident investigation procedure. Incidents are divided into various severity levels. Investigation teams by hierarchy will be put together to complete the investigation before a deadline. Based on the investigation, we would enforce strict management controls and put in place improvement measures, while requesting related parties to rerun the damage assessment and risk reevaluation based on investigation to ensure no repetition of such incidents.

▼ Number of Work-related Injuries (CTCI and subcontractors)

▼ Recordable Work-related Injuries Rate (CTCI and subcontractors)

Safe and Healthy Work Environment

Healthy Workplace

The CTCI Group uses the Occupational Safety and Health Act as a framework to formulate operating procedures on employee health inspection and management, infectious disease prevention management, emergency rescue and injury management, maternal health protection plan management methods, ergonomic hazard prevention plan management, the prevention and management of abnormal workloads and diseases, management measures for the health risk assessment of extended overtime hours, and assessment and management measures for labor allocation and resumption of work. We also list and track the employees with high health risks in order to manage and track the employees' health conditions.
▼ Recruiting Channels

Health Risk Assessment

Health management and mitigation measures are formulated according to the 2019 health risk map as follows:
▼ CTCI Employee's Health Risk Map

▼ Health Promotion Effectiveness

In 2019, we also committed to promoting health in the workplace at CTCI Headquarters Building, actively implementing workplace health promotion measures, and establishing a healthy working environment. We have been accredited by the Health Promotion Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare as healthy workplace, and once again received the "Badge of Accredited Healthy Workplace," "AED Certification," and "Certification for Outstanding Breastfeeding Facility" from the Department of Health, Taipei City Government.

CTCI has established the Employee Welfare Committee to oversee the welfare of our employees, whose funding primarily comes from the Company, sponsoring on four activity categories, including subsidies, recreation and entertainment, education and awards, and other welfare. In 2019, a total of NT$57,740,225 was contributed. The committee is formed by members nominated by each department, and an additional office is set up with two administrative staff to provide comprehensive services and consultation.