Career Development and Training

Performance Evaluation

As most of CTCI's work is project execution, we have a project-oriented organization. To fully evaluate the annual performance and potential of each colleague, we have developed a unique evaluation system that consists of target management and performance management, where performance management is connected to salary adjustments and bonuses to encourage employees. Except for consultants, external technicians, part-time workers, summer interns, employees who are on unpaid leaves for more than nine months, and employees who join the Company after the performance appraisal has begun, all employees are all subject to the annual performance appraisal.

Competency Development

As for career planning, in order to strengthen talent cultivation and use human resources effectively, an internal rotation platform is established to enhance the internal talent development opportunities. Appropriate mechanisms are provided for position rotation according to colleagues' personal career planning.
Job rotation is divided into two types, one of them being the colleague/department-initiated rotation, and the other being for the purpose of talent development, i.e. to accumulate experience as preparation for key positions in the future. In terms of career and promotion system, CTCI believes that capability and potential are relatively more important, and also hopes to enhance the vision and depth of colleagues through position rotation.
For employees who have worked in a position for two years or longer, we offer appropriate mechanisms to provide job rotation opportunities based on the employees' individual career development plans. Employee job rotation provides opportunities for talent development and effective employee utilization. At the same time, it enhances employees' work experiences, inspires innovation and breakthrough, and promotes internal development and circulation. Whenever a vacancy is open in the Company, our recruitment unit makes it a priority to announce the opportunity internally. This opportunity provides a path for advancement for our current

Talent Cultivation

▼ Talent Development; Fast-tracked Experience Sharing

▼ Training Effectiveness

▼ Elite Talent Rapid Growth Plan
Intended for: Elite talents at key positions
-360 degree leadership potential evaluation
-Professional consultant one-on-one explanation and feedback
-Discuss development plans with coaches
-Set up a learning journey courses and regularly review the effectiveness
-Arrange a senior executive as a mentor to help enhance perspectives and accelerating development
Training benefits:
A total of 10 sessions with 6 classes each. 281 people participated, totaling 2,976 training hours
Business benefits:
Cultivate talents with potential through programmatic cultivation, develop talents systematically and quickly through individual development plans, and keep talents as reserve who meet the long-term needs of the organization.
-Key position retention rate of 95.1%
-Key position successor rate is 83.8%

CTCI Group Enterprise University Structure
CTCI University, an online learning platform, is expected to commence in 2020. There are mandatory courses tailored to every colleague in the Group, so that the colleagues can quickly and effectively advance toward the goals in their careers. At the same time, we provide a fast-track talent development plan for outstanding colleagues and will initiate an "advanced placement" system, i.e. once our colleagues complete their relevant courses and certifications, they can move on to relevant courses for the next position (advanced system).

*EE and CS Department: Group Intelligent Solutions Business
*Fabrication and Maintenance Department: Group Engineering Business (CTCI MAC)
*Applied Chemistry Department: Group Engineering Business
*Resource Cycling Department: Group Resource Cycling Business