Talent Recruitment and Retention

As CTCI's business continues to grow, we begin to use diverse channels to recruit global talents, such as industry-academia cooperation, overseas recruitment, and recruitment websites (including LinkedIn). In 2019, there were 205 new hires, accounting for 7.21% of CTCI's total number of employees. 59.51% of these new employees were under the age of 30. Over the past three years, CTCI has recruited a total of 726 new talents, who continue to inject new innovative energy and vitality into the Company.
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Talent Recruitment

Public engineering is an important project for CTCI's business development. We hired foreign workers for engineering projects and formulated human resource demand and allocation strategies. In 2019, there were a total of 215 foreign workers. Taking into account of factors such as project progress, requirements of the proprietor, and government laws and regulations, the demand for foreign workers tends to fluctuate. The number of foreign workers is thus not included in the total number of employees in the year. However, all relevant management of foreign workers is handled in accordance with the Labor Standards Act and related regulations.
CTCI actively participates in overseas projects and expands related businesses, and is moving towards the goal of ""globalization."" In addition to employing more than 90% of the local employees, we are gradually cultivating local talents for key local positions This policy also specifically responds to one of the SDGs – namely “decent work and economic growth.” In addition to promoting local economic development, it is of great significance to the expansion and global strategically mapping for CTCI. It also shows the direction of CTCI's global operation.

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Compensation and Benefits

CTCI offers our employees a comprehensive benefit system that is better than the statutory standards and meets employees' needs. For example, we offer leave of absence without pay, group insurance, employee shareholding trust, language and professional training, and parental leave. For employees who fall under the old pension system, we hire professional actuaries to help ensure such employees have their pension rights fully protected. As to those who fall under the new pension system, the Company contributes 6% of each employee’s salary according to the law for pension funds.
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