Brand Management

Launching International Media Marketing Plan and Marketing the “Most Reliable” Brand Globally

in order to gain more exposure in the international media, we aggressively participated in the "Branding Taiwan Development Plan" launched by the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, where we established our media public relations strategy, set up a media database, and continued to submit professional technical articles to journals and magazines in 2019. We also placed advertisements to boost brand image, and took part in media marketing activities, such as international exhibitions and forums, so that we can further strengthen CTCI's international profile and brand awareness. Compared to 2018, our exposure rate in foreign media in 2019 increased by 225%.
▼ Blueprint for Brand Development Strategies

Internalizing the Brand Spirit into Our DNA

CTCI understands that in order to become a successful global and famous brand, merely slogan or external changes will not help; on the contrary, we require the efforts and commitments of every member of the Group. “The Most Reliable"" brand spirit and the corporate culture of ""Professionalism, Integrity, Teamwork, Innovation"" must be internalized into CTCI’s DNA. CTCI HR department continues to carry out corporate culture internalization events, taking advantage of such events for recruitment, training, and performance evaluation purposes. In terms of talent recruitment, our selection criteria are now based upon the company's culture and department requirements, where candidates are asked to undergo occupational aptitude testing. Structured interviews are carried out to make sure that the candidates’ personalities and personal values match our brand values. Moreover, we arrange new employees to take or join professional courses and experience activities related to brand values during orientation. And finally, we incorporate brand values into performance appraisals, in which 20% of the score is dedicated to corporate culture.
We hope that these measures will help us muster solidarity among all colleagues within our Group and embed our ""Professionalism, Integrity, Teamwork, Innovation"" corporate culture into colleagues’ daily behaviors, so that all stakeholders-- such as customers, investors, and the like-- will be willing to continue to place their trust in CTCI for delivering their projects domestically and abroad.