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Continuous Improvement on Regulations and Procedures
The Company's internal regulations/procedures are the most basic requirements for CTCI's colleagues to carry out at work. To elevate the quality of the continual improvement on regulations and procedures, we have established a comprehensive standard procedure to improve the channels for collecting opinions. Sources include: lessons learned from project implementation experience, problems found in the audit process, customer opinions, and feedback from internal briefings, among others. The agenda for lessons learned from project implementation experience is led by the Engineering Management Department. Other issues are reviewed jointly by the Quality Management Department and various responsible units, who would later on propose improvement suggestions together.
▼ Number of Document Formulated or Revised in 2019

▼ Process of Continuous Improvement on Regulations and Procedures

Customer Satisfaction

To better understand the needs and thoughts of our customers, we revised the external questionnaires in 2018. In addition to adjusting the frequency of survey to once every year, we have added sustainability and peer ranking questions and set the annual target at 8 points. The ultimate goal is to provide our worldwide customers with the most reliable engineering services. In 2019, a customer satisfaction survey was conducted on 24 projects, with a response rate of 100%. Customers gave CTCI a score of 7.83 out of 10 points. CTCI has reviewed and formulated improvement measures in detail for all customers' ratings. In addition to the opinions of external customers, CTCI also implemented internal satisfaction survey (The evaluation is carried out by project managers on engineering and technical departments). The internal survey results are compared with the external customer's questionnaire as a guide to improve service quality, helping us better understand the internal and external issues as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each project.

▼ Customer Satisfaction Survery Result for 2018-2019