Innovative Technologies and Services

Innovative Research and Development

With a corporate culture of professionalism, integrity, teamwork, and innovation, CTCI seeks to continuously accumulate development potentials by implementing innovative research and development. An Innovation R&D Center has been set up, designated for R&D or making improvement related to project processes, tools or methods. The Chief Innovation Officer supervises three sections: "Innovation Application," "Intelligent Platform" and "New Operation R&D." These are devoted to the R&D of various aspects, including application of innovative technology, development of smart cloud platforms, and automation of operations, with an aim to maximize work execution efficiency and enhance the team’s overall synergy, so that we can better serve our project owners with innovative service models.

iEPC Turnkey Digital Engineering

In line with the intelligent development and goals of iEPC Turnkey Digital Engineering Project, the Research and Innovation Center in 2019 continued to develop iEPC applications to solve the complex problems encountered in engineering execution. We focused on new technologies such as deep learning, natural language processing, generative design, AR/VR, smart robots, drones, and IoT/ mesh network. We also worked on the integration of these technologies to achieve solutions with enterprise characteristics to enhance competitiveness and create opportunities to set ourselves apart from our competitors.

As to the aspect of specialized technology, by comprehensively reviewing our design capabilities and looking into lessons learned from project executions, we are able to understand the technologies we lack and need improvement to strengthen design capacity. In addition, we have developed technologies such as wastewater treatment systems, floating slab track, equipment pneumatic conveying system, and main steam system of power plant. Through industry-academia cooperation and our original R&D, we have come to strengthen own design and design review capabilities. Besides, we also updated and developed new design guidelines and specifications, organized workshops and training courses to enhance engineers' design capabilities and design quality, and strengthen their EPC project execution capabilities. In 2019, we have developed 5 new technologies, and have applied relative technologies in 2 projects.

▼ Monetary Amount and Manpower Invested in R&D
R&D category R&D projects Monetary amount invested No. of employees involved
2016 2017 2018 2019 2016 2017 2018 2019
Process innovation Information integration, intelligent management,mobile applications, visual applications,system transfer, and Big Data 23,680,950 29,655,865 23,268,499 27,314,461 15 20 16 21
Design technologies
Engineering technologies 7,539,874 7,046,128 7,649,618 6,965,200 5 5 5 5
Civil engineering technologies 15,949,318 17,896,774 18,924,221 16,996,938 9 10 11 12
Equipment technologies 5,396,855 5,889,652 8,124,844 4,994,543 3 3 4 3
Instrument and control technologies 6,627,900 6,925,028 8,832,387 6,122,050 5 4 5 4
Pipeline technologies 18,795,635 19,223,428 19,803,855 17,492,608 13 15 13 13
Electrical engineering technologies 6,404,103 7,971,654 9,223,527 8,384,284 5 6 6 6
Supply chain Equipment management, intelligent information dashboard, and logistical management 7,559,104 14,208,289 17,186,085 14,548,685 5 8 10 10
Construction technologies Construction management, modular applications,4D visualization, scaffolding management,mobile HSE, and warehouse management 487,257 389,918 7,836,137 9,230,231 1 1 5 7
Commissioning technologies Commissioning expert system and flawless start-up 1,295,819 1,255,718 0 0 1 1 0 0
Total 93,736,815 110,462,454 120,849,173 112,049,000 62 73 75 81
Note : Employees include R&D personnel and non-R&D personnel in the Innovation R&D Center. The development and implementation of any R&D plan require collaboration between the R&D and non-R&D staff in their respective area to complete the system or operational processes collectively
▼ Research and Development Prospects for 2020