CTCI 2025 Sustainability Goals

SustainabilityRole Material Issue Commitment 2025 Target
The Most Reliable Global Engineering Services Provider
Innovative technology and services Enhance design quality and precision, and strengthen project execution efficiency and capabilities through innovative and sophisticated professional technologies, thereby gaining customer confidence and reducing project risks
  • KPI 1:Complete the design of the Rule Base; Development progress: 100%
  • KPI 2:Intelligent EPC projects development; Development progress: 100%
  • KPI 3:Conduct at least 5 training courses for new technologies annually
  • KPI 4:Annual R&D budget as a percentage of net sales for 0.2% or above
Integrity management The corporate culture of integrity management helps improve sound business operations and risk management, and lay the foundation of sustainable business
  • KPI 1 :Rate of completion of the integrity management courses among employees: 100%
  • KPI 2:Review the performance management measures
  • KPI 3:Completion rate of performance management courses: 100%
  • KPI 4:Review the code of conduct annually
Supply chain sustainability management Strengthen and enhance the sustainable management performance of manufacturers through their signing of the letters of commitment to CSR and audits on their CSR performance to form a positive cycle and expand the sustainable influence of manufacturers
  • KPI 1:The proportion of tier 1 suppliers that signed the letters of commitment to CSR for the year: 100%
  • KPI 2:The CSR questionnaire recovery ratio among tier 1 suppliers: 100%
  • KPI 3:The rate of audit on CSR high-risk key suppliers: 100%
  • KPI 4:The rate of improvement to deficiencies in audit on CSR high-risk key suppliers: 50%
Customer service management In line with the corporate mission of continuously providing quality engineering services and insisting on satisfying the needs of contemporary customers, constantly breaking through and challenging ourselves, and making CTCI more international, providing customers with the best and most reliable services
  • KPI 1:Customer satisfaction score: 8 points
  • KPI 2:Response rate of customer satisfaction survey: 100%
Trailblazer of Green Innovation
Climate change and energy conservation As global climate change and energy consumption intensify, CTCI will transform into a low- carbon operation mode to save energy consumption and reduce operating costs through energy-saving measures in the headquarters building and construction sites, as well as the application of renewable energy
  • KPI 1:CO2 emissions per person (headquarters buildings): 1.28 tons CO2e/person (The base year is 2018)
  • KPI 2:KPI 2:CO2 emissions per million hours of work (construction sites): 426.8 tons CO2e (The base year is 2018)
Environmentally friendly technology and application Achieve the goal of sustainable use of resources on Earth based on the concept of circular economy from three aspects,namely,resource recycling, resource recovery, and extending product and asset life
  • KPI 1:Proportion of 10% renewable resources used in engineering design: 30%
  • KPI 2:Proportion of 1% electricity costs saved in the contract amount: 30%
  • KPI 3:Proportion of projects that corresponds to the Basic Level of CTCI Green Engineering Ecomark: 50%
Employer who offers a Brilliant Workplace
Safe and healthy work environment Provide a safe and secure workplace, promote various health promotion activities, reduce occupational disaster rate and construction risks, create a healthy workplace, and improve cohesion among employees
  • KPI 1:Frequency of OSHA total recordable case rate (TRCR): ≤0.1
  • KPI 2:Utilization rate of the Online Health Check Appointment System: 75%
  • KPI 3:Health check abnormalities tracking rate: 95%
Career development and training According to different organizational structures and hierarchies, plan the comprehensive training blueprint and give systematic and planned career development path, in order to achieve the goal of recruiting talents, cultivating talents, and discovering talents for CTCI
  • KPI 1:Establishing professional technology and team for enterprises and countries: 80%
Recruitment and retention With the help of new technologies and behavioral- structured interviews, improve the talent recruitment and retention rate, and provide a perfect and competitive compensation plan and a friendly and healthy workplace for perfect learning and development in order to achieve the goal of talent retention
  • KPI 1:Skills assessment of key talents via technical skills improvement: 5
  • KPI 2:Improve the competence of the cooperative manufacturers: more than 3.0
A Corporate Citizen Willing to Commit
Brand management Through brand management, we will create the "Most Reliable" brand image and enhance brand recognition around the globe.We will strengthen customer adhesion and help expand business into new markets.
  • KPI 1:A total of 200 reports on CTCI by the media
Social involvement With its own professional core competencies, CTCI is committed to giving back to the society, promoting green friendly technology application and talent cultivation for sustainable engineering, enhancing the Company's brand image, and continuing the green business innovation and development
  • KPI 1:Event themes: 22 items
  • KPI 2:Event sessions: 135 sessions
  • KPI 3:Number of participants: 12,500
  • KPI 4:Number of parties involved in the industry, government, and university cooperation: 250