Questionnaire survey to material issues of CSR report in CTCI

  • Dear Stakeholder:
  • With the purpose of having all of our stakeholders reach a further understanding sustainable operation and management of CTCI Corporation, we have issued CSR report every year. In order to communicate effectively with our stakeholders and have a clear view of the CSR issues that may be important to them or draw their attentions, we have created a survey questionnaire as attached on the following page. Please kindly provide us your precious comments and suggestions. We value them greatly as an opportunity of making improvement for the company and these will be the fundamental reference of the information disclosure in our CTCI CSR report.
    The application of the survey is restricted to the materiality analysis in CSR reports. No private information is required. It would be really appreciate if you could convey honestly through the survey with your authentic self.
    If you have any question, please do not hesitate to ask. We are looking forward to receiving your reply or questions.
    Please contact us if you have any comments or questions regarding this questionnaire :
  • Brand Management Dept.
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1. Please indicate your relation with CTCI:
2. Do you know CTCI publish CSR report annually??
3. Have you ever read CTCI’s CSR report?
4. Please select your level of concern regarding issues listed below.
Topic Explanation Level of concern
extremely concern concern slightly concern no concern
Sustainable vision and objective Established vision, key mission and prospective objective following the sustainable developing
Supply chain management Factors for supplier management under the reliable requirements of quality, delivery, capacity and flexibility
Risk management Responsible committee; risk analysis, management procedure and control regarding to all aspects
Corporate governance Composition and operation of the board, committee, audit, and directors' shareholding
Fair trade Abiding of all subjective in relevance to fair business practice, i.e. anti-trust
Customer service and management Any kinds of customer service management practice and customer satisfaction survey
Tax policy Tax strategy, management and practice for taxation
Project Evaluation Assessment of impact on local culture, ecology and history before bidding and constructing
Innovation on technology and service R&D of innovational technology and service
Financial performance Financial information in revenue, expenses and profit
Anti-corruption Setting for policy, Code of Conduct and control procedure of anti-corruption; terms for violation
Brand Management Brand positioning, marketing strategy and evaluation using performance indicator
Compliance Regulatory compliance at economic, environmental, social and labor aspects
Stakeholder communication and grievance Mechanism, reply, effectiveness & outcome of communication and grievance via engagement with stakeholder
Environmental policy/management system Environmental and energy policy; management systems of environmental protection, energy consumption and GHG
Climate strategy Strategy, inventory, verification and disclosure of GHG emission; mitigation activities and performance
R&D of eco-friendly technology Research and development on eco-friendly technique, high efficiency and green building
Energy saving Measures and performance for energy management, practice for energy saving
Pollution control Control and management performance on air, waste and water pollution
Environmental performance of supplier Green supplier management practices, vendor evaluation / audit results
Green procurement Utilization of eco-friendly, energy efficiency, verified or recycled material in high priority
Talent Attraction and Retention Turnover rate, employee performance appraisal, remuneration system
Career development and education training Skills management and lifelong learning, staff career development system, education and training courses, performance indicators, training effectiveness
Work-life balance Measures for healthy balance in work and private life
Employee benefit and welfare All benefit, payroll and reward for employee
Labor relations Approaches of employee negotiations, labor disputes, employee communication channels
Labor practices and rights Diversity, human right, child labor, grievance mechanism, freedom of association, forced or compulsory labor, minority group hire, discrimination, harassment
Community Involvement Strategies and approaches of community involvement and philanthropy, philanthropic activities and input
Occupational safety and health management Management system of occupational safety, disabling injury frequency, the incidence of occupational diseases, and number of death
5.If you have any comment and suggestion, please kindly inform us in the box