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Delivering Sustainable Impacts with Our Core Competencies

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CTCI Corporation Remains Top Contractor

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CTCI is as reliable for the community and the environment as we are for our clients.

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Creating Sustainable Impact by Dedicating to CSR in Our Core Businesses

The world is now moving ever more towards sustainable development. As the leading brand in engineering services, CTCI is adhering to the concept of improving CSR with its core business. Being "the Most Reliable Global Engineering Services Provider," we bring quality engineering services to every place in the world that requires construction. Not only do we work with our partners and third-party vendors to balance between industrial development and environmental protection, we also make sure our employees are all well-trained and able to advance their careers. We also invest in social inclusion through public participation, engineering education, and caring for local communities to exert engineering influence in the economy, society, and the environment, fulfilling the vision of "sustainable and innovative green engineering, Earth-friendly, and protecting the world."
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Our annual CSR report and survey allows all stakeholders to gain a better understanding of CTCI’s actions and stance regarding corporate social responsibility (CSR). To help further improve our CSR work, please offer your feedback, suggestions and concerns by taking the survey below.

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CTCI Remains Engineering Leader with 18 Corporate Sustainability Awards, President Tsai Hands Outstanding Professional Award to Group Chairman Yu

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