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Taiwan CTCI and Radium Life Tech Jointly Secure BTO Tender to Build Northern Taiwan’s First Water Reclamation Plant

TAIPEI, June 14, 2022- Taiwan’s leading engineering, procurement, and construction group CTCI announced today it has secured the tender of Reclaimed Water Build-Transfer-Operate (BTO) Project of North District Water Resources Recycling Center in Taoyuan, jointly with subsidiary ECOVE Environment Services Corp., as well as Radium Life Tech with its 100% subsidiary Rih Ding Circular Economy Investment Holdings Co., Ltd.. The contract, which was signed on June 14, will see the alliance invest in, build, and operate northern Taiwan’s first water reclamation plant for industrial use, slated to begin operations in 2025. With capacity of 40,000 tons per day, the plant will supply reclaimed water to Guanyin Industrial Park and refinery plant in Taoyuan. 

The scope of work includes building a new water reclamation plant on existing municipal wastewater treatment plant. In addition, a 30 km-long external water pipeline system will be built. The alliance will set up a concession company called Bao Ding Reclaimed Water Co., Ltd. to be in charge of investment, construction, and operation. The concession will last for 18 years, including 3 years of construction and 15 years of operation. If needed, the plant can be expanded in the future to produce 112,000 tons reclaimed water per day to meet reclaimed water demand and boost economic growth.

The new water reclamation plant comes with educational and green features, including a water technology education pavilion, high proportion of green landscape, and is nominated for silver-grade smart building label. These make the Water Resource Center a place for leisure as well as for environmental education.

This is yet another water reclamation project carried out by CTCI, following Kaohsiung Fengshan River Wastewater Reclamation Unit BTO project, Linhai Wastewater Reclamation Unit BTO project, Chungli Sewerage System BOT project, and STSP Wastewater Reclamation Plant BOT Project. CTCI has over two decades of expertise in wastewater plant engineering, specializing in recycling and reusing municipal sewage and industrial wastewater. The group is committed to delivering the most reliable engineering services globally, and has been the top pick among clients worldwide in business collaboration. CTCI will continue to serve in the interest of global construction, economies, and environmental protection.

A 3-dimensional simulated image of the Reclaimed Water Build-Transfer-Operate (BTO) Project of North District Water Resources Recycling Center in Taoyuan. The water reclamation plant blends in the natural surroundings and will become a place for leisure and environmental education. 

Group photo after the contract ceremony. From left to right: Ming-Shyan Lee, Senior Vice President at IEPBO, CTCI Corp.; Rong-Shian Lin, Radium Life Tech; Hsien-Ming Lee, Deputy Mayor of Taoyuan City; and Jun-Jer Liao, Chairman of ECOVE Environment Corp.

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