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  • 2017/12
    Group Engineering Business DCEO M. H. Wang Honored with the 2017 Outstanding Contribution Award to Sino-Arab Relations by Sino-Arabian Cultural & Economic Association
    Group Engineering Business DCEO M. H. Wang has been honored with the 2017 Outstanding Contribution Award to Sino-Arab Relations by Sino-Arabian Cultural & Economic Association. The award ceremony took place on Dec. 15, 2017 at the CPC building.

    DCEO M. H. Wang has made tangible contributions to fostering Sino-Arab trade and engineering experience exchange by managing the hydrocarbon business operations under the current Group Engineering Business as the person in charge, supervising project teams to successfully deliver satisfying engineering records in the Middle East. With CTCI’s brand spirit “Most Reliable” duly fulfilled, DCEO Wang has won the trust of global clients, and his efforts and achievement for fostering Sino-Arab relations are thus recognized by Sino-Arabian Cultural & Economic Association.

  • 2017/12
    Assistant Chief Engineer Nilson Hu Honored with the 2017 Outstanding Electrical Engineer Award from the Chinese Institute of Electrical Engineering

    Assistant Chief Engineer Nilson Hu at CTCI Electrical Engineering Department has been honored by the Chinese Institute of Electrical Engineering with the 2017 Outstanding Electrical Engineer Award. The award ceremony was held on Dec. 8, 2017 at Taiwan Power Company.

    Assistant Chief Engineer Nilson Hu has been servicing at CTCI since 1995. With an expertise in information technology, Mr. Hu transferred to the research and innovation team at the Electrical Engineering Department in year 2000 to dedicate his professionalism to electrical related CAD/CAE and applications R&D. During which time, he successfully employed Object-Oriented Program Language to develop a new EMCS+ (Electrical Material Control System plus) to replace the original DOS material control system. Considering the commonality among R&D manpower, timeliness and software applications, Mr. Hu also introduced commercial illuminance calculation software package in replacement of the previous DOS illuminance analysis system. Additionally, in year 2008, 2009, and 2010, he was dispatched to Saudi Arabia as a project site electrical engineer for Saudi Kayan EO/EG, U&O and Amines Projects, respectively. In 2017, he served as an Electrical Authorized Engineer in Saudi Kayan SKF-10 Project, and created a milestone together with the project team for successfully reaching Mechanical Completion within 18 months in July 2017 as scheduled.

  • 2017/12
    SGM Chih-Yung Wang Honored with 2017 Outstanding Engineer Award from Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineers
    SGM Chih-Yung Wang at CTCI Research & Innovation Center has been honored by Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineers with the 2017 Outstanding Engineer Award. The award ceremony was held on Dec. 1, 2017 at its annual assembly and the 34th national seminar.

    SGM Wang has been servicing at CTCI since 1990. While working at the Piping Engineering Department, he served as various roles including Piping Engineer, Section Manager of the Applied Mechanics Section, Piping Technical Manager, and combined theory with practice in establishing Design Guide, regulations, and applications. Afterwards, he worked in the Engineering and Construction Jobsite, and has provided the owners and business partners with professional solutions for plant operations, thus winning their trust for CTCI. In recent years, SGM Wang led the Research & Innovation team in putting forward the iEPC (intelligent EPC) solutions for plant constructions, implementing the concepts of industry 4.0 and replacement of human labor with robots. His proposal of “green engineering” as one of CTCI’s sustainable development goals has successfully assisted CTCI in becoming Taiwan’s only engineering company selected as a member of DJSI (Dow Jones Sustainability Indices) component for 3 consecutive years.

  • 2017/12
    Group Chairman John T. Yu Honored with “National Outstanding CEO Award” from Vice President Chen for Guiding CTCI Group to Achieve Global Competitiveness
    As the largest EPC turn-key turnkey engineering contractor in Taiwan, CTCI Group has operated for nearly 40 years, and has grown from a local, small-scale engineering company to one of the top 100 global engineering brands worldwide as well as a coveted partner by many global enterprises. CTCI's global footprints have covered multiple economic zones throughout Asia, the Middle East and America; moreover, it has also demonstrated outstanding performance in terms of corporate governance, quality and engineering safety, and corporate social responsibility (CSR). It has also been nominated as a constituent stock in the Emerging Market Sustainability Index by DJSI (Dow Jones Sustainability Index) for three consecutive years from 2015 to 2017. CTCI Group Chairman John Yu has won the 2nd “National Outstanding CEO Award” from the Chinese Professional Management Association (CPMA) for his outstanding leadership skills in enhancing CTCI's global competitiveness. To honor his contributions, the award was presented by Vice President Chen Chien-Jen during the awards ceremony on December 9th.

    “National Outstanding CEO Award” honors CEO of organizations who have reaped positive profit over the last five consecutive years, and demonstrated exceptional performance. During Vice President Chen's speech, he pointed out that excellent professional managers are important promoters in the economic upgrade and transformation of Taiwan. Besides enhancing the competitive edge of their own businesses, they can also create economic benefits for the country. Besides solidifying our roots in Taiwan, CTCI Group is also actively expanding to the global market. Through fearless ambitions and competencies that rival both our Asian and global counterparts, CTCI has successfully established its global competitiveness, and is currently one of the few Taiwanese engineering groups that can rival world-class engineering companies.

    Chairman Yu has also stated in his acceptance speech that the honor was both a glory and an encouragement after having dedicated his entire life to the engineering industry and to CTCI. He would also like to dedicate the award to CTCI Group, which has operated tirelessly in Taiwan for nearly 40 years and to all colleagues that have worked diligently with him. Looking to the future, CTCI Group will continue to provide the most reliable engineering services, while revamping itself to become an ideal brand to all workers and attract talents to the engineering industry. Moreover, CTCI aspires to speak up for the domestic engineering industry, to enhance the global image of Taiwanese businesses. And through these efforts, CTCI anticipates to lead everyone in the engineering business to expand globally so that the entire world can get to know CTCI and to increase the international visibility of Taiwan!

  • 2017/12
    CTCI SVP Jung-Yu Han Recognized as Top 100 MVP Managers 2017 by "Manager Today"
    Mr. Jung-Yu Han, SVP and Head of Engineering Division at CTCI, has supervised CTCI’s technical operations teams to keep up with the trend of EPC project execution and actively promote the iEPC intelligent turnkey service solutions. By adopting Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) to simulate construction progress at site, together with exploring the use of robots in construction job sites for a variety of tasks, CTCI is able to adapt to changes in the rapidly changing environment and open up a new horizon. Mr. Han’s effort will have an effect to great extent to Taiwan's engineering services industry as it will expand management’s vision and exert greater influence in the future. Mr. Han was awarded the “100 MVP Managers 2017 – Future Manager”. The award ceremony was held at the Westin Taipei on December 1st.

    “Manager Today” magazine held the first “100 MVP Managers” in 2008 to recognize and celebrate Taiwan's top-flight managers. Since then, the annual event continues to seek out 100 outstanding managers of the year from government and industry, both domestic and overseas. There are more than 500 top-tier candidates from Taiwan’s top 1000 companies for this year. Among them, a total of 100 top-flight management talent are selected from the six major sub-categories, namely future manager, product innovation, marketing innovation, organization management innovation, service innovation and social benefit innovation, as the role models for other professional managers in Taiwan.

    In response to the trend of Industry 4.0, CTCI Group has employed new engineering technologies by incorporating intelligent high-tech applications, and adopted innovative approaches to create competitive differentiation and advantage against its competitors. SVP Jung-Yu Han has led CTCI’s technical operations teams to achieve an outstanding performance in intelligent and innovative applications. With his 100 MVP Managers Award, Mr. Han has demonstrated an innovative new way for Taiwan's engineering services industry to take in order to manage and leverage the innovation to build competitive advantage for the future.

  • 2017/12
    CTCI Group Chairman John T. Yu Honored with Management of Technology Award for Exceptional Management Performance
    CTCI Group, the largest EPC turn-key engineering corporation in Taiwan, has nearly 40 years of professional experiences in Taiwan and is dedicated to global expansions. Starting from its humble roots as a local, small-scale engineering company, CTCI Group has already become one of the top 100 global engineering brands worldwide. Mr. John T. Yu, the Chairman of CTCI Group, has been honored with the highest accolades - both the Individual Award of the “Management of Technology Award” and being nominated as a Fellow by the Chinese Society for Management of Technology (CSMOT). Chairman Yu has received the award from Former Minister of Education and Chairman Se-Hwa Wu at the 27th Annual Conference of CSMOT on December 1st to honor his exceptional contributions to the field of technology management.

    CSMOT is dedicated to promoting the academic research and practical applications of the management of technology in Taiwan, and would recognize and praise individuals and corporate teams that have made significant contributions or achieved exceptional performances in technology management. CTCI Group has successfully established a global presence through its fearless ambitions and competencies that rival both its Asian and global counterparts. Currently, the Group has established over 40 service locations in many capital markets throughout Asia, the Middle East and the Americas. The Group has achieved outstanding performance in terms of corporate governance, engineering safety and quality, and corporate social responsibility (CSR) and received multiple awards, making CTCI Group a coveted partner by many global corporations. CTCI Group was listed as one of the global top 100 engineering companies by the renowned Engineering News-Record magazine, and nominated as a constituent stock in the Emerging Market Sustainability Index by DJSI for three consecutive years from 2015 to 2017. In addition, the Group has launched brand-new CTCI and ECOVE brands in 2016, successfully creating a global brand and enhancing its global visibility.

    In his acceptance speech, Group Chairman Yu stated that, "After devoting myself to the engineering industry for more than 40 years and dedicating my whole life to CTCI, this honor is both a glory and a blessing. And it is an enormous recognition for CTCI Group and our team members who have diligently managed the Company for the past 40 years." Looking to the future, CTCI will strive to realize its vision of becoming 'The Most Reliable Global Engineering Services Provider,' and will also strive to serve as a benchmark as a local, Taiwanese business that has achieved global success. Through achieving this goal, we can call on everyone in the engineering business to expand globally so that the entire world can get to know CTCI and to increase the visibility of Taiwan!

  • 2017/11
    CTCI Receives BSI Sustainability Excellence Award, Circular Economy Sustainability Award
    CTCI is committed to sustainable management and has again received awards from the prestigious third-party standards body, British Standards Institution (BSI) this year. CTCI and ECOVE Environment Corp have respectively won the Sustainability Excellence Award and Circular Economy Sustainability Award. It is an acknowledgement of CTCI's impressive achievements in corporate social responsibility on the economic, social and environmental levels throughout the years. The awards ceremony was held during the 2017 BSI International Standards Management Conference.

    BSI, a British institution with a royal charter, offers internationally renowned standards development, standards services and professional evaluation systems. CTCI has been issuing corporate social responsibility reports for 10 consecutive years since 2008. Besides being the first company in Taiwan to receive BSI certifications, it has also been incorporated into the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) for three consecutive years since 2015. ECOVE has dedicated itself to incineration and waste management in Taiwan for nearly twenty years. It has acquired 24 patents in Taiwan and 11 technology patents in China, and has been involved in industries such as photovoltaics and recycling. ECOVE also became the world's first recipient of the newest BSI BS 8001:2017 Circular Economy standards certification this year. In addition to its commitment to social responsibility, CTCI hopes to lead Taiwan towards sustainable development in the future with the idea of circular economy.

  • 2017/11
    ECOVE Environment Corporation Obtained the World’s First BS 8001:2017 Circular Economy Certification from BSI
    ECOVE Environment Corporation, the industry-leading resource cycling services provider, has long been dedicated to circular economy; the efforts have been honored with the BS 8001:2017 Circular Economy Certification and Circular Economy Sustainability Award by British Standard Institution (BSI). The award ceremony was held on Nov. 1st. ECOVE Environment Corporation Chairman J. J. Liao accepted the awards on behalf of the company.

    BSI, a British institution with a royal charter, offers internationally renowned standards development, standards services and professional evaluation systems. Since May this year, BSI has issued the first circular economy standard, the BS 8001:2017, providing a practical framework to help organizations adopt circular economy approaches.

    Founded in 1999, ECOVE Environment Corporation, specializing in Energy-from-Waste (EfW) and waste management, has operated, managed, overhauled and upgraded systems of two thirds of Taiwan EfW plants for 20 years. By applying technical knowhow to advance efficiencies in resource cycling, the company excels in prolonging service life of EfW plants; moreover, it has obtained 24 Taiwan patents and 11 China patents.

    “ECOVE Environment Corporation, combining technological and business-model innovation to produce entirely new services of resource cycling such as photovoltaic power and waste, achieves the highest grade of BS 8001:2017 standard by improving resource cycling efficiency that conforms to the aim of circular economy,” indicated by BSI.

    In addition to the BS 8001:2017, ECOVE Environment Corporation also obtained “Circular Economy Sustainability Award” during the ceremony. The company promised that it will consistently dedicate to circular economy industry and provide environmental benefits through improving resource cycling efficiency (™).

  • 2017/11
    ECOVE Miaoli EfW Plant Rated as a 5-Star Environmental Education Facility; Keelung EfW Plant Certified with the Qualified Facility Title by EPA
    Miaoli and Keelung EfW Plants, operated by the industry-leading resource cycling services provider ECOVE, have long been dedicated to environmental education; the efforts have been recognized with “2017 National Environmental Education Promotion Evaluation” for the qualified facility. Moreover, Miaoli Plant rated as a 5-star environmental education facility.

    2017 National Environmental Education Promotion Evaluation, held by Environmental Protection Administration(EPA) this year, aimed to examine the performance of 26 authorization facilities.

    Miaoli Plant, assisted by Environmental Protection Bureau of Miaoli Count, takes an event, a story, or a history from neighboring Zhonggangxi mangroves, purple butterflies, migratory birds and other habitats to develope ecological education programs and offer EfW experiential courses. Taking part in this evaluation for the first time, it is rated as a 5-star environmental education facility.

    In addition, Keelung EfW Plant also certified with qualified facility title by illuminating the ecological subject with local endangered black kites, underscoring the urgency of resource cycling, and educating the public the importance of protecting community environment.

    ECOVE Environment Corporation, active participation in national environmental agenda and policy, will continually improve resource cycling efficiency with its core belief, Every Resource Counts, to help citizens develop the concept of environmental ethics and the consensus of public participation in environmental protection to call for public environmental protection action.

  • 2017/11
    ECOVE Tainan Science Park Resource Recycling Center, the Winner of 2016-2017 ROC Enterprise Environmental Protection Sliver Award, Honored with “Honorary Award” from EPA
    Tainan Science Park Resource Recycling Center, operated and managed by the industry-leading resource cycling services provider ECOVE, has recognized with “2016-2017 ROC Enterprise Environmental Protection Sliver Award” for the third consecutive year. Therefore, the center is honored with an additional “Honorary Award” from Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) and become the first resource recycling center of Taiwan’s industrial parks to receive this honor.

    With "recycling economy", "pollution reduction", "environmental education" and "healthy workplace" as the core objectives, Tainan Science Park Resource Recycling Center strictly enforced waste removal and reduction, environmental management, green procurement, and energy saving. It also keeps reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting the concept of environmental protection. The two awards are the acceptations for the center’s hard work.

    On behalf of the company, ECOVE Environment Services Corporation President H.H.Tiao and Tainan Science Park Resource Recycling Center manager H.C. Han accepted the honors and promised that the center will continue toward the Green Sustainable Park goal.

  • 2017/11
    CTCI Group Reports Brilliant Sustainable Performance and Receives 10 TCSA Awards
    CTCI Group took home 10 awards at the 2017 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA). Chairman John T. Yu attended the award ceremony and also received the highest honor, "The Most Prestigious Sustainability Awards - Top Ten Domestic Corporate" award from Vice President Chen Chien-Jen. The award ceremony was held on November 23 at Howard Civil Service International House. This year, 143 corporations have entered the award competition, and their total business volume accounts for 83% of Taiwan's GDP. This is the most prestigious and iconic award for domestic corporate social responsibility.

    CTCI Group has always performed well in the past in sustainability performance, and this year CTCI won the most prestigious award, "The Most Prestigious Sustainability Awards - Top Ten Domestic Corporate" award in the overall performance category, while continuing to rank on "Top 50 Service Industry Group Report Gold Award" in the Sustainability Report category. CTCI also won "Transparency and Integrity Award", "Growth through Innovation Award", and "Social Inclusion Award" in individual performance category. ECOVE Environment Corporation won the "TOP 50 Corporate Sustainability Award" in the overall performance category this year for the first time. ECOVE Environment Corporation won the "TOP 50 Corporate Sustainability Award" in the overall performance category this year for the first time, and the company also brought home the "Service Industry Group Report Gold Award" in the Sustainability Report category as well as "Transparency Integrity Award" and “Circular Economy Leadership Award" in individual performance category. This year also marks the debut of CTCI Advanced System Inc. in the award, and it has already won the recognition in the Sustainability Report category with "TOP 50 Service Group Report Gold Award".

    CTCI Group has been issuing CSR report since 2008. The Group is not only the first enterprise in Taiwan to obtain third-party certification from the British Standards Institution (BSI), but also the first to be selected as the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) for three consecutive years since 2015. CTCI hopes to adopt Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set forth by the UN as its long-term strategic guideline for sustainable development. CTCI wishes to exert corporate influence together with its domestic and foreign partners, supply chain vendors, and stakeholders to become one of the powers that promotes sustainable development and global progress.

  • 2017/10
    CTCI Group Won Numerous 2017 Taiwan Welding Society Awards
    The CTCI Group won numerous Taiwan Welding Society Awards, and the award ceremony was held during the October 27 general member assembly. The following are the introductions of our award-winning colleagues:

    ‧ CTCI Assistant Chief Engineer Chang Zong-Lin won the "Outstanding Welding Engineer Award"

    Assistant Chief Engineer Chang Zong-Lin has been working at CTCI for over 20 years, and has numerous professional welding-related licenses, including AWS SCWI and non-destructive testing technician of RT, PT, MT, and VT Level Ⅱ. During his tenure at CTCI, he has participated in many large-scale projects. Mr. Chang has also participated in improving welding technology for special materials for domestic and overseas projects, such as 9% nickel steel for cryogenic storage tanks, low-alloy high-strength steel for ultra-supercritical pressure power boiler, and automatic welding process technology application and development. He has been invited to be a welding inspector and professional training course lecturer for TWS, welding engineer potential lecturer for TWS/JWES (Japan Welding Engineering Society), and CTCI’s welding lecturer of employee training courses. Chang Zong-Lin has contributed significantly to engineering design, construction, and welding technology, as well as passing down of knowledge in these fields.

    ‧ CTCI Machinery Corporation welder Wang Kuan-Min won the "Outstanding Welder Award"

    Wang Kuan-Min is an outstanding welder at CTCI Group’s CTCI Machinery Corporation. Mr. Wang has over 22 years of welding experience with special alloys such as titanium, zirconium, aluminum, nickel, and copper, as well as having obtained many domestic and international welding certifications and licenses. He has participated in numerous large and important CTCI Group projects, and his welding quality has won the recognition of both domestic and international customers.

  • 2017/10
    CTCI Group Second Vice Chairman Andy Sheu Honored with the CIE-USA Centennial Medal
    CTCI Group Second Vice Chairman Andy Sheu has made outstanding contributions to the oil and petrochemical engineering field over the years, and won the Chinese Institute of Engineers-USA (CIE-USA) Centennial Medal honor. The medal presentation ceremony was held with the centennial celebration on October 14 at the Palisades Premier conference center in New York.

    The CIE-USA was founded on December 25, 1917 and is one of the oldest Chinese professional organizations and trade unions in the U.S. Its mission is to promote science, engineering, and technological development that covers civil, mechanical, electrical, computer science, biomedicine, renewable energy, and other engineering fields in the various areas of the U.S. as well as support Chinese-Americans to become national-class professional scholars. One of its early leaders includes the renowned railway engineer Tianyou Zhan. The CIE-USA has held numerous important events in recent years, such as the Asian American Engineer of the Year (AAEOY) award, the Modern Engineering and Technology Seminar (METS), and the Sino-American Technology and Engineering Conference (SATEC) in order to promote and recognize individuals and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to the science and engineering fields. The Centennial Medal honor won by Group Second Vice Chairman Andy Sheu is considered a special honor for the CTCI Group.

  • 2017/09
    CTCI’s Achievement in Photovoltaic Systems Highly Recognized
    GDDC Honored with the Outstanding Enterprises and Enterprise Initiators of 18th Golden Peak Awards
    G.D. Development Corporation (GDDC), a subsidiary of the global engineering services provider CTCI, has long been dedicated to photovoltaics development; the efforts have been recognized with the Golden Peak Awards for the outstanding enterprises and enterprise initiators. The award ceremony was held at the Convention Center of CPC Building on Sep. 22th. GDDC President B. J. Liang accepted the award on behalf of the company.

    Established in 2011, GDDC has completed dozens of photovoltaic plant development, investment, operation & maintenance projects. In addition to optimizing Taiwan’s environment for photovoltaic systems, GDDC has utilized this successful experience to develop US market and held entire ownership and managerial authority of the Lumberton Photovoltaic Power Plant located in the state of New Jersey, U.S.A.

    The Golden Peak Awards, authenticated by Outstanding Enterprise Manager Association(OEMA), has 18 years of history and are set as ways to support technical innovation and cultivate international competition. The OEMA expected GDDC to keep mastering the economic pulse, implement technological innovation and move toward globalization. GDDC promised that it will be committed to the development of a sustainable low carbon and strengthen energy management.

  • 2017/09
    CTCI Selected as a Member of DJSI Component for Three Years in a Row
    RobecoSAM announced the results of 2017 Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) components on September 7th. CTCI has once again been selected in the Emerging Markets index for three years in a row, and is the only enterprise selected in Taiwan’s Engineering & Construction industry.

    The DJSI compares a company’s performance to those of its peers, in order to identify best practices across the economic, social and environmental dimensions of corporate sustainable development, including Corporate Governance, Risk & Crisis Management, Supply Chain Management, Climate Strategy, Environmental Policy & Management Systems, Human Capital Development, Materiality, Occupational Health and Safety, etc. Special question items are designed for different industries as well. This year, CTCI scores exceptionally well, apart from improving itself to the sixth place in the Engineering & Construction category, CTCI scores the highest in the Engineering & Construction industry in the Economic Dimension in the percentile ranking. Moreover, CTCI is highly recognized for performances in Non-financial Project Evaluation, Supply Chain Management, Climate Strategy, Environmental Policy & Management Systems, Environmental Reporting, Social Reporting, as well as Occupational Health and Safety. This year, CTCI once again delivers world-class performance in three major aspects of corporate governance, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility fulfillment.

    In recent years, CTCI’s CSR practice is widely recognized by various quarters; not only has it been continuously evaluated as Top 5% for listed companies’ information transparency in the Corporate Governance Evaluation System conducted by Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation and Taipei Exchange; in 2016, CTCI once again listed among “Top 100 for Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility” by CommonWealth Magazine. With excellent performance in corporate sustainability, CTCI was also recognized with various achievements in 2016 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA), including “Sustainable Corporate Award,” gold medal for “Corporate Sustainability Report Award,” “Transparency and Integrity Award,” and “Growth through Innovation Award”. CTCI Group Chairman John T. Yu has been honored as the “Outstanding Corporate Sustainability Professional” as well.

  • 2017/08
    CTCI Corporation Moves Upward in Several Rankings of 2017 ENR Magazine
    The rankings of 2017 Engineering News-Record magazine (ENR) had been released. CTCI Corporation has once again performed remarkably and moved itself upwards in the rankings of international contractors, global contractors, international design firms and global design firms. Among the items, CTCI Corporation is even placed within the Top 100 for International Design Firms and International Contractors.

    ENR, a prestigious international magazine, conducts its surveys for engineering companies annually. ENR rankings have strong credibility and are important indexes for international engineering industry. ENR rankings have two main categories which are design firms and contractors based on company’s annual sales revenues. Among the ENR rankings, companies in the "International" list are ranked on the basis of overseas revenues, whereas companies in the "Global" list are ranked according to their total revenues regardless of where the project is located. In recent years, CTCI Corporation constantly makes efforts on growth and successfully expands the international markets by enhancing the technical level, profitability, and international visibility. Therefore, CTCI Corporation continues to jump in rankings among international engineering companies.

  • 2017/08
    Incineration Plants Operated and Managed by CTCI Honored with the Excellence Awards in EPA 2016-2017 Annual Appraisal
    To ensure the operation and quality of incineration plants, Environmental Protection Administration (EPA), Executive Yuan implements the appraisal for incineration plants every year. SESC Miaoli Plant, Wujih Plant, Houli Plant, Keelung Plant, and Hsientien Plant Honored with the Excellence Award, of which Wujih Plant won Energy Saving Technology Award for the first time. The award ceremony was held on July 11th .

    Miaoli Plant, having been awarded five years successively, deals with 170,000 metric tons of garbage and waste every year and generates 94,000 MWh of energy which could supply 24,000 household with electricity throughout the year. Also, the plant commits to lower greenhouse gases and reduces 64,00 metric tons of carbon emission annually.

    In terms of community development, colleagues of Miaoli Plant, the major environmental education site built by FEC, adopted the neighboring beach and invited coworkers as well as local people for cleaning. In the meantime, the plant also was turned into an environmental classroom where the enthusiastic volunteers offered guided tours. As of this July, the cumulative number of participants has reached 1,126 people.

    Houli and Wujih Plant, taking an absolute lead in the performance among the 24 incineration plants in Taiwan, cooperatively process 580,000 metric tons of garbage and waste annually, generate 350,000 MWh of energy which could supply 98,000 household electricity during one year. According to the EPA evaluation results, the average system running rate of Houli and Wujih Plant are 92.22% and 90.87% respectively. In the matter of selling electricity rate, Houli Plant is 82.83% while Wujih Plant is 80.36%.
    It is worth mentioning that Wujih Plant, improving power generating efficiency remarkably to sell an additional 5,900 MWh of energy per year, honored with the Energy Saving Technology Award in the annual appraisal.

    Furthermore, Keelung Plant gained full marks in the pollution abatement and occupational safety in this evaluation. The committee also praised the good operating performances for waste control and the certification of environmental education site at Keelung and Hsientien Plant . The plant has also been actively involved in good-neighbor activities to enhance public awareness of environmental protection and neighborhood caring.

    Criteria of the nationwide annual evaluations for incineration plants include operating performance, garbage and waste landing inspection, incineration plant slag, and stabilized fly ash control, all of which are conducted on site randomly. This award confirms the long-term commitment and performance of group resource cycling business of CTCI. In the days to comes, CTCI will continuously commit to environmental protection, pollution prevention, energy saving, carbon reduction, technical upgrading, and contributing to the community.

  • 2017/08
    CTCI Corp. and KD Holding Listed among “Top 100 for Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility” by CommonWealth Magazine in 2017
    The CommonWealth Magazine announced the winning enterprises of 2017 Award for Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility. This year, CTCI Corporation’s ranking in the category of “large enterprise” ascends to the 22nd from the 28th in 2016, 6 places ahead; KD Holding continues to rank the 3rd in the category of “mid-size enterprise”. The award ceremony will be held on August 25th.

    CTCI has been continuously honored with the award for several years and scores high in the aspects of “Corporate Governance”, “Corporate Commitment”, “Social Engagement”, and “Environmental Protection” this time. On top of carrying on stable growth with determination and sustainable operations, CTCI implements green engineering technology to provide its clients with cost-effective, eco-friendly energy-saving solutions to innovate and enhance its green competitiveness in the industry, while also encouraging subcontractors to engage in environmental practices. It is a sincere hope of CTCI to exert its influence to the value supply chain and thus reduce pollutions and risks that may cause harms to human being and environments, making great efforts to preserve the eco-environment.

    With its emphasis on minimizing the air pollution issue for incineration plants, KD Holding once again ranks the 3rd at the list under the category of “mid-size enterprise” this year. With conducts including inviting local residents and students of surrounding areas for on-site visit of incineration plants to advocate energy saving and resource recycling concepts, KD Holding’s performance is well recognized by the judging panel. Winning the prize is a great honor for KD and CTCI Corporation, affirming CTCI’s efforts in fulfilling CSR.

  • 2017/06
    CTCI Honored with 2017 Hexagon Intergraph Smart Materials Excellence Award for Successful Deployment of Intergraph Smart Materials Solutions for Materials Management
    With years of successful deployment of Intergraph Smart Materials (MARIAN) solutions in its EPC project executions, CTCI is selected as the 2017’s recipient of Smart Materials Excellence Award by Hexagon. The award ceremony was held on June 14th in Hexagon's annual international conference at HxGN Live in Las Vegas as part of the PFC introduction session.

    Smart Materials is the materials management solution in EPC industry with the highest market share. Besides the full application for materials data maintenance during project executions, CTCI develops the Intelligence Dashboard and Reports to monitor the materials status in real time. By combining CTCI Cloud technology, Smart Materials in CTCI also supports Multi-Office operation to meet CTCI’s global synergy requirement. In the future, CTCI will continue to utilize new smart technology to serve clients with innovative solutions and realize the vision of being the most reliable global engineering services provider.

  • 2017/06
    CTCI’s Achievement in Photovoltaic Systems Highly Recognized

    GDDC of Group Resource Cycling Business Honored with the 4th Top Solar System Award
    G. D. Development Corporation (GDDC) of CTCI Group Resource Cycling Business has long been dedicated to Photovoltaics development and the efforts have been recognized with the 4th Top Solar System Award for Kaohsiung MRT Roof-Top PV Power Plant (Daliao Depot-Phase 2) Project. The award ceremony was held at TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall at the Photonics Festival in Taiwan on June 14th. GDDC President B. J. Liang accepted the award on behalf of the company.

    Established in 2011, GDDC has engaged itself in long-term cooperation with domestic governments and transportation industries. Having gone through tough development, review, construction, and examination stages, GDDC has completed dozens of Photovoltaic plant development, investment, operation & maintenance projects. In addition to optimizing Taiwan’s environment for photovoltaic systems, GDDC has utilized this successful experience to develop US market and born fruits.

    The award is a top honor in photovoltaics industry in Taiwan. With four months of stringent selections and reviews, GDDC stands out from dozens of other competitors to win this great honor. The Kaohsiung MRT Roof-Top PV Power Plant project has acquired the IPP license. Being an equal partner to Taiwan Power Company as a professional power provider, GDDC has won Client’s trust and the recognitions of the reviewers, adding its global market competitivity.

  • 2017/06
    CTCI Honored with Various Awards by Chinese Institute of Engineers in 2017
    In 2017, CTCI is honored with various awards by Chinese Institute of Engineers (CIE). The award ceremony took place at the 2017 General Assembly of CIE held together with the Engineer’s Day Celebration on June 2, 2017.

    ‧CTCI Chief Engineer S. W. Chung and Assistant Chief Engineer G. D. Wang Honored with Outstanding Engineer Award

    Mr. S. W. Chung has been serving in CTCI for nearly a decade, during which he demonstrated great leadership by delivering extraordinary performance in managing EPC lump sum projects, such as Talin #10 Sulphur Recovery Plant Project and other EPC Lump Sum projects in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. His capability in vertical integration and lateral communication has won him Clients’ trust and several honors from Ministry of Economic Affairs, including Public Construction Golden Quality Award in 2015 and 2016 from Public Construction Commission Executive Yuan in the category of Design and Construction and MOEA Public Construction Quality Award in 2015 and 2016, as well as PMI Taiwan Best Project Practice in Project Management Award, making considerable contributions to project executions and propelling.

    Assistant Chief Engineer G. D. Wang has been serving in CTCI Electrical Engineering Dept. for over 20 years. He has participated in electrical design for petrochemical plants, power system basic design and simulation, design, commissioning of large scale power plant system in Taiwan and abroad, and Mass Rapid Transit power supply system. Mr. Wang has led electrical design teams in Taipei MRT Hsin-Chuang Lu-Chou line power supply project, Taipei MRT Xinyi Songshan Line Power Supply project, , Taichung MRT System Wurih-Wunsing-Beitunn Line power supply Project, and Tamhai LRT Phase I Power Supply and Trackwork Project. It is worth mentioning that by raising the plan for traction power supply equipment upgrading, we have lowered our dependence on foreign technologies and significantly enhanced Taiwan’s capability in project planning, hence making a great contribution to MRT power supply field and domestic transportation.

    ‧CTCI Senior Engineer Jill Li Honored with Excellent Young Engineers Award

    Ms. Jill Li has been serving in CTCI for over 8 years and is responsible for geotechnical engineering design, inspection, and supervision for international EPC project. Ms. Li passed Civil Service Exam and is a certified Geotechnical Engineer who is also the recipient of CTCI’s civil engineering award. Apart from continuously advancing her expertise, Ms. Li has published thesis, sharing her work experiences to the academia. Works Ms. Lin participated in include optimization design study of mixing test of the mortar for planted piles, rescue of the sand boil failure of excavation for CW pump pit, and successfully liaising between engineering designing vendors, all of which demonstrated she has been able to reach the set goals during project executions, and won every party’s trust.

  • 2017/05
    CTCI Corporation, Advanced Systems Inc., and KD Holding Corporation Evaluated as Top 5% in the “2016 Corporate Governance Evaluation System”
    Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (TWSE) and Taipei Exchange (TPEx) announced the 2016 Corporate Governance Evaluation Results. This year's evaluation released the full results of TWSE/TPEx listed companies according to the corporate governance roadmap. CTCI Corporation (CTCI Corp.), Advanced Systems Inc. (ASI) and KD Holding Corporation (KD), were evaluated as top 5% of the TWSE listed companies and the TPEx listed companies.

    The award ceremony was held on May 23, 2017 at Taipei International Convention Center. Mr. John Lin, Group Chief Vice Chairman, Mr. Ming-Cheng Hsiao, CEO of Group Shared Services, Mr. Hwei-Nan Yih, CEO of Group Intelligent Solutions Business, and Mr. J. J. Liao, CEO of Group Resource Cycling Business, received the awards on behalf of CTCI Corp., ASI and KD, respectively.

    The TWSE and TPEx launched “Corporate Governance Evaluation System”, conducted by the Securities and Futures Institute (SFI) to evaluate the performance of corporate governance among listed companies. The evaluation indicators comprise the 5 categories and 103 indicators: protecting shareholder rights and interests, treating shareholders equitably, enhancing board composition and operation, increasing information transparency, and putting corporate social responsibility into practice.

    In 2016, all the entries in the evaluation include 843 TWSE-listed companies and 653 TPEx-listed companies as a whole. The awards demonstrate that CTCI group obeys the laws and regulations and voluntarily enhances mechanism of corporate governance.

  • 2017/05
    Companies of CTCI Group Excel in the 2017 Top 2000 Enterprises Survey of CommonWealth Magazine
    This year, the results of CommonWealth Magazine's Top 2000 Enterprises Survey were released in May. As the outcome indicated, seven member companies of CTCI Group were listed in the Top 650 Service Enterprises, including CTCI Corporation, KD Holding Corporation, CTCI Smart Engineering Corporation, Sino Environmental Services Corporation, CTCI Machinery Corporation, CTCI Resources Engineering Inc., and CTCI Advanced Systems Inc. According to the survey, CTCI Corporation not only retained the Top 1 in the contractor sector, but also continued to sustain on Top 100 companies of Top 2000 Enterprises survey for 30 years in row.

    The ranking of 2017 Taiwan's Top 2000 Enterprises was based on the consolidated revenues and profits of the companies for 2016, a result of the survey conducted by CommonWealth Magazine. CommonWealth Magazine selects Top 1,350 Manufacturing Enterprises, Top 650 Service Enterprises and Top 100 Financial Institutions, the total are 2,100 excellent companies.

    Tables below reveal all the rankings garnered by companies of CTCI group in various sectors of the 2017 Top 650 Service Enterprises. CTCI Corporation retained the top 3% in terms of the overall ranking in the 650 service sector and sustained the leader in the contractor sector. Moreover, its rank for profitability in the Top 650 Service Enterprises improved to the 28nd this year. KD Holding Corporation ranked the 250th in the 650 service sector and retained the 8th in the investment holding company sector this year. The other companies of CTCI group were also listed and awarded good ranks this year.

    It is highly expected that with continued efforts each member company of CTCI will be thriving year over year to rank at the top of the list.

  • 2017/03
    CCSM Led by CTCI Honored by Malaysia’s Oil & Gas Giant PETRONAS for Outstanding Executions of RAPID Package 1 RFCC Project for Pengerang Integrated Complex
    With exemplary EPCC integration capabilities and on-site HSE performances for RAPID Package 1 RFCC Project (hereafter shortened as P1 Project) as part of the Pengerang Integrated Complex (PIC), CCSM (the consortium of CTCI Corp, Chiyoda Corp, Synerlitz Malaysia Sdn Bhd and MIE Industries Sdn Bhd) led by CTCI has recently been recognized with Best Contractor and Best Area Award for January 2017 in all RAPID Refinery and Cracker projects in the HSSE steering committee meeting and with a certificate of appreciation in Chief Executive Council meeting by the projects’ owner Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS), an oil and gas company wholly owned by the Government of Malaysia. Additionally, CCSM also received PETRONAS’ recognition during the ceremony on 21 March 2017 to celebrate the successful installation of the heaviest modularized waste heat boilers that ever landed on Malaysia’s shores recognized by the Malaysia Book of Records. This success could be attributed to CCSM’s innovative and effective strategy, as well as professionalism. The boilers were assembled in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, each weighs about 2,000 tons.

    PETRONAS is Malaysia’s largest state-owned oil and gas company and is the custodian for the nation’s oil and gas resources development and appreciation. Located in Pengerang, Southern Johor of Malaysia, PETRONAS’ Pengerang Integrated Complex (PIC) comprises the Refinery and Petrochemical Integrated Development (RAPID) projects and Associated Facilities. Composed by over 40 projects, RAPID is separately contracted by large international EPCC contractors across Europe, the US, and Asia. PETRONAS’ PIC is scheduled to start up in early 2019. As one of the landmark projects worth over US 1 billion, the successful execution of P1 project paves the way for CTCI to execute more large scale international EPCC projects in the days to come.

  • 2017/03
    CINDA, Company of CTCI, Honored with Vishwakarma Award by CIDC of India for Outstanding Construction Health, Safety & Environment Performance
    CINDA Engineering & Construction Pvt. Ltd. (CINDA), a subsidiary company of CTCI in India, has been honored with Vishwakarma Award under the category of Construction Health, Safety & Environment by Construction Industry Development Council (CIDC) for outstanding performance of Ramagundam Fertilizer Plant Civil Work for U&O Package owned by Ramagundam Fertilizer & Chemical Ltd. The award ceremony was held on March 7th at India Habitat Center, Dehli. On behalf of the company, Mr. Tim Lin, Managing Director of CINDA, and Mr. Gary Liu, Marketing & Sales Manager attended the ceremony for award accepting.

    The Vishwakarma Award is a national honor held by CIDC which is devoted to attaining and sustaining a qualitative improvement in India’s work, methods, technology levels and standards of construction industry. Since 2008, CINDA has been dedicated itself to developing India market by adopting the high HSE policy standard and implementing such policies with due care. For years, CINDA has come close to learn the local engineering practices, and rapidly established related system and won credits from the industry in India. Along with other major EPCC contractors in India such as EIL (Engineers India Ltd) and L&T (Larson & Toubro), the winning of this important award signifies that CTCI has achieved a milestone in term of internationalization while its localization efforts also bear fruits in India.

  • 2017/01
    CTCI SAMAC MMA/PMMA Project Awarded SABIC Green Flag for Best EHSS Performance Three Times
    With the excellent HSE performance of CTCI SAMAC MMA/PMMA Project, the project team has won three safety green flags consecutively. On behalf of CTCI Group, Deputy CEO M. H. Wang of GEB attended the award ceremony held by SABIC Group. SABIC E&PM EVP Mr. Omar Al-Amoudi praised CTCI for its successful project delivering results, and has urged other project teams to learn from CTCI’s example as a benchmark for EHSS performance.

    The owner SAMAC, as a joint venture between SABIC and MRC, conducts quarterly safety audit on all EPC contractors in accordance with the performance rating, where good performance is awarded in the Green Category and the best performance among KSA is awarded with the Green Flag. Until now, quarterly safety audits were conducted 8 times and CTCI has been awarded for Green Category consecutively and has so far won 3 green flags.

    SAMAC has been sparing no effort in promoting a safety culture at jobsites, and the requirements on EPC contractors are also strict. CTCI’s continuous awards and outstanding performance has verified the Owner’s full trust and affirmation. While all CTCI project team members are proud of the honor bestowed upon us, we will continue to achieve Owner’s requirements and exceed their expectations in the future by upholding our brand spirit of “Most Reliable”.