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  • 2022/05
    Taiwan: CTCI Wins Top Prize for CSR & ESG Award under the Service Industry Category by Global Views Monthly
    TAIPEI, May 3, 2022- CTCI Corporation (CTCI) announces today that it has fetched the top prize in the CSR & ESG Award 2022 under Service Industry Category by Global Views Monthly. Group Chairman John T. Yu attends the award ceremony personally to receive the honor.

    As Taiwan’s number one engineering services provider and one of the top 100 engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractors, CTCI has been duty-bound to foster sustainability practices and its efforts has been recognized by various sectors

    Organized annually by the Global Views Monthly, the CSR & ESG Award has been known for a lower percentage of award winning and thus higher recognition it symbolizes. The judge panel selects companies with the best performance in environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) dimensions, with criteria ranging from strategic planning in CSR, stakeholder engagement, and organizational activities.

    CTCI wins the top prize in the service industry category with great recognition in integrated performance review. It has been deeply engaged in fulfilling sustainability actions with core competencies, holding fast to the principle of “Fulfilling Net Zero EPC Mission through Company-wide ESG Engagement” and promotes the win-win between the environment and the economy by implementing the three major categories of "Green Engineering," namely green technology, green contracting, and green investments.

    “As Taiwan’s largest EPC contractor, CTCI has not compromised the fulfillment of corporate sustainability during the journey to develop business globally; it pioneered the domestic engineering sector by publishing the first corporate sustainability report in 2008. In recent years, we establish a Sustainability & Net Zero Committee, with a dedicated Chief Sustainability Officer and a Sustainability & Net Zero Office subordinated under the Committee. These ad hoc groups work with our business groups and a task force to promote our sustainability actions and consolidate these efforts,” said John T. Yu, Group Chairman of CTCI. “We also joined the Taiwan Alliance for Net Zero Emission and the Taiwan Net Zero Emissions Association, pledging to achieve zero carbon emissions for office premises by 2030 and zero carbon emissions for office and project sites by 2050. Additionally, we try to make social impacts with the strengths of CTCI Education Foundation, and our "CTCI Learning" digital platform to pass on professional engineering knowledge and experience, hoping to upgrade the engineering industry in Taiwan. CTCI will continue to innovate green engineering and implement sustainable and net zero EPC, to give full play to engineering influence and make the world a better place.”

    CTCI surpasses other international competitors to ranks among the best, and won various domestic and international sustainability awards, including being selected as a constituent stock of DJSI (Dow Jones Sustainability Index) in Emerging Markets category for 7 consecutive years, winning award as the Top 10 Domestic Companies Sustainability Model Award of Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA) for 5 straight years, ranked among top 5% of the Corporate Governance Evaluation by the Financial Supervisory Commission, and performs favorably in MSCI (Morgan Stanley) ESG rating. In the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) Climate Change Report, the world's largest carbon disclosure organization, it obtained good performance for climate change rating and A-management level for supplier engagement.

  • 2022/03
    Taiwan: Entry of CTCI Wins Top 10 Sustainable Micro Movies of the Year at Taipei Golden Eagle Micro Movie Festival
    TAIPEI, March 25, 2022- CTCI is pleased to announced that its entry to 2022 6th Taipei Golden Eagle Micro Movie Festival has been selected as Top 10 Sustainable Micro Movies of the Year. An award ceremony is held online today; on behalf of the company, Todd Chen, Superintendent at CTCI Sustainability & Net Zero Team and CTCI Corporation President, attend the event to receive this honor.

    The micro movie festival is organized by Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE), expecting to utilize the new, visualized form of micro films to encourage the general public to appreciate the CSR efforts made by companies.

    The selected entry named “SEE TCI” is the first place winner of CTCI’s “CSR Micro Film Contest” hosted internally and is produced by a CTCI colleague. The film tells the story of an engineer, who, upon joining CTCI, finds companions sharing the same vision to promote sustainability in daily project task implementations, and together they form a team to practice ESG (environmental, social, and governance) responsibilities, promoting CSR with engineering expertise. The work itself conveys to the public CTCI’s strong belief in sustainability actions.

    In his acceptance speech, Superintendent at CTCI Sustainability & Net Zero Team and CTCI Corporation President Todd Chen said, “It’s a great honor for our entry to be acknowledge by the judges as Top 10 Sustainable Micro Movies of the Year. This is indeed a tremendous encouragement as it fortifies our resolve to continue our actions of caring for ESG through organization-wide CSR engagement. As our entry has conveyed, CTCI actively proposes energy saving solutions and carbon neutralization plans during the engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) phases for our clients and projects delivered. Our hope is to expand sustainability influence by delivering net zero EPC projects and joining hands with global supply chain partners to protect the Earth we live with green engineering strengths.”

    To view CTCI’s winning entry, please click on the link below.

  • 2022/03
    Taiwan: Michael Yang, CTCI Group Vice Chairman, Named as “Distinguished Alumnus of Taiwan Tech”
    TAIPEI, March 24, 2022- CTCI is pleased to announce that Michael Yang, CTCI Group Vice Chairman, has been named as recipient of “Distinguished Alumnus of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (also known as Taiwan Tech)” and “Distinguished Alumnus of Taiwan Tech’s School of Management” for his extraordinary contribution to the industry and academia. President of Taiwan Tech Jia-Yush Yen personally handed the awards to Yang during the ceremony which took place on March 19, the day of Taiwan Tech’s school anniversary.

    Distinguished Alumnus Awards recipients are determined by an ad hoc committee, which looks at the professional or career achievements of the nominees and their contribution to the alma mater or society.

    During his career at CTCI, Yang played key role in helping the Group ascending to no.1 in Taiwan and top 100 worldwide. He also made tremendous effort in the cultivation of talents by serving as a director at the board of CTCI Education Foundation and as the dean of CTCI University. He brought industry and academia closer together by pushing for various programs in fields such as civil engineering, architecture, electrical engineering, and HSE (health, safety, and environment) that saw close collaboration between CTCI and Taiwan Tech, benefitting students, school, and company alike.

    In his award acceptance speech, Yang spoke about CTCI Group’s other achievements, including being selected as component of Dow Jones Sustainability Emerging Market indices for the seventh year; as recipient of CommonWealth Magazine’s Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award; and as recipient of Top 10 Domestic Companies Sustainability Model Award. Moreover, CTCI supports reduction of carbon emissions by launching “net-zero EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction),” an initiative that seeks to engage all engineering counterparts in Taiwan to aim for net-zero emissions.

    There are 270 highly skilled and trusted graduates from Taiwan Tech who currently work at CTCI. CTCI looks forward to recruiting more outstanding professionals who have studied at Taiwan Tech to join “the most reliable global engineering services provider.” Their engineering expertise will bring great benefit to the nation and allow Taiwan to shine on global stage.

  • 2022/02
    Taiwan: CTCI REI Receives a Certificate of Appreciation from the Executive Yuan and Ministry of Transportation & Communications for Excellence in Xingfu Park Parking Garage EPC Project in Pingtung County
    TAIPEI, Feb. 14, 2022- CTCI REI has been conferred a certificate of appreciation from the Executive Yuan and Ministry of Transportation & Communications for engineering excellence and superior occupational HSE management in Xingfu Park Parking Garage EPC Project in Pingtung County.

    For this project, CTCI REI successfully ensured the structure safety of surrounding buildings and kept a safety record without lost-time injuries with its engineering expertise. The user friendly designs have created a welcoming, AI-assisted, and safe environment, making it a demonstration public paid parking place.

    Xingfu Park Parking Garage project is located near Shengli Road in the downtown area of Pingtung City, near various local cultural attractions. At the ground level, it is an all-inclusive park equipped with facilities for people of all ages and the physically challenged. For the underground garage, it is two-story structure with up-to-date intelligent parking features, including automatic license plate recognition, parking space detection system, and car-searching system. The convenience provided is highly recognized by residents of Pingtung County.

    During the project implementation, CTCI has demonstrated its brand spirit of being the most reliable global engineering services provider by meeting the highest quality standard, for which officials from the Executive Yuan visiting the site for inspections have highly acclaimed CTCI REI’s professionalism and coordination ability.