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  • 2021/12
    Taiwan: CTCI Showcases One-Stop Shop Services at SEMICON TAIWAN
    TAIPEI, December 29, 2021- From December 28 to 30, CTCI joins SEMICON TAIWAN 2021 at Taipei’s Nangang Exhibition Center as exhibitor to showcase its advanced tech engineering capabilities and one-stop shop services, ranging from design, modular EPC facilities, smart energy management, industrial water reclamation, chemicals reuse, to plant operation and maintenance (O&M).

    CTCI is a leading engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services provider for hydrocarbon, petrochemical, power, environmental, and transportation industries. The Group has previously integrated resources and set up Advanced Technology Facilities Business Operations to aim for high tech plant EPC business, and has successfully collaborated with a major semiconductor customer in Taiwan to set up a new fab plant in Arizona, USA. The five high tech industries CTCI aims for are foundry, precision inspection, communication, optics, and computer and accessories.

    In view of global warming and sustainability trend, CTCI offers customers solutions such as green buildings, smart energy-saving, water-saving, pollution-reduction, and resource reuse. In terms of green buildings and energy-saving solutions, CTCI has helped customers acquire Taiwan-credited EEWH green building labels and US-credited LEED green building labels. CTCI’s proprietary Mr. Energy 50001 is a digitized energy management system that has offered ideal energy-saving solutions for companies across semiconductor, chemical, and LCD panel industries.

    In terms of water-saving, pollution-reduction, and resource reuse, CTCI has successfully integrated conventional distillation, fractional distillation, pervaporation/vapor permeation technologies to help redesign the separation and purification process, which allows waste solvents to be recycled and reused. In terms of HVAC, fire prevention, and utilities in high tech plant facilities, CTCI can provide customers management and O&M solutions that come with efficiency and efficacy. The industrial water reclamation plant at Southern Taiwan Science Park, now under construction, is the worlds’ first project that will see treated multi-source wastewater from high tech plants to be reused for semiconductor process.

    Ella Tsai, President of Advanced Technology Facilities Business Operations, said, “CTCI has long been a leading engineering company in terms of project management, safety, and integrated services. We not only can offer customers solutions from process aspect, but can offer one-stop shop services such as carbon footprint assessment, smart plant, green buildings, among other technologies. By participating in SEMICON TAIWAN, it shows our greater resolve to bring values to customers in the high tech facilities sector and build trust.”

  • 2021/12
    Taiwan: Pioneer in Taiwan’s Engineering Industry, CTCI Organizes First Sustainability Engineering Symposium
    TAIPEI, December 17, 2021— CTCI, the largest global engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) group in Taiwan and one of the top 100 engineering firms globally, co-organizes the “2021 Taiwan Sustainability Engineering Symposium—Smart Engineering Technologies” with CTCI Education Foundation (CTCI EF) today at GIS MOTC Convention Center.

    Participated by around 200 engineering experts, industry leaders, and CTCI engineers, the symposium allows engineering professionals to engage in a meaningful exchange of ideas and discussions on the topics of sustainable development and net zero emissions.

    CTCI has been actively promoting sustainability engineering practices aligning with its core competencies, iEPC, smart plants, circular economy, and green engineering, with efforts in environmental (E), social (S), and corporate governance (G) dimensions. In response to the global sustainable development trend, CTCI initiates Taiwan’s first sustainable engineering symposium, aiming to drive the industry towards development in sustainability and net zero emissions.

    The symposium focuses discussion on how engineering technologies could benefit to foster global sustainable development. CTCI also shares its sustainability efforts in iEPC, smart plants, circular economy, and green engineering, as well as on carbon neutrality.

    CTCI Group Chairman stated that “Faced with the global low-carbon transitions, CTCI, as Taiwan’s engineering leader, is duty-bound to help realize Taiwan’s target of reaching net zero carbon emission by 2050. We hope that our sharing with years of development in iEPC (intelligent EPC) and green engineering practices may inspire the industry to work in partnership to realize this important mission.” Eugene Chien, CTCI EF Chairman, added “This symposium is dedicated to sustainable engineering, the first of its kind in Taiwan; the goal is to share CTCI’s expertise in sustainable engineering with other engineering professionals, so as to reach a consensus through discussions, and contribute to everlasting development of the industry as a whole.”

    The symposium is composed of two half-day sessions. In the morning session, experts and senior managers at CTCI would give a series of lecturers. Presenters are arranged in the following order: Pen-Chi Chiang, Emeritus Professor at The Graduate Institute of Environmental Engineering, National Taiwan University; Ming-Li Lee, President at EPC Operations, CTCI Corporation; Young Ku, CEO of Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy; Henry Han, Head of CTCI Group Research & Innovation Center; and Lian-Jeng Leu, President, Taiwan Construction Research Institute. The afternoon session would be conducted in a world café fashion. Hosted by Shin-Cheng Yeh, Professor at Graduate Institute of Environmental Education, National Taiwan Normal University, participants are encouraged to discuss on the given topics and exchange opinions.

    CTCI has been promoting green engineering practices via “green technologies,” “green and low-carbon projects contracting,” and “green investment” and its ESG efforts are widely recognized globally. It has been selected as constituent of DJSI Emerging Markets Indices for 7 consecutive years, continuously honored with Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards’ Top Ten Domestic Corporate Award, and has received accolades such as grade A for Morgan Stanley Capital International’s (MSCI) ESG Rating, B score (Management level) from Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), and CommonWealth Magazine’s Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award. CTCI also joined Taiwan Alliance for Net Zero Emission to support global carbon reduction action, committed to achieving net zero emission target for its office areas in 2030 and to include all project sites in 2050. It is also promoting “Net Zero EPC Projects” by joining hands with supply chain partners worldwide.
    Committed to realizing its brand spirit as the most reliable global engineering services provider, CTCI will continue to make positive impact in the ESG aspects, fulfilling its vision of “becoming a guardian of the Earth by employing innovative green engineering technologies,” and facilitating the goal of net zero EPC projects.

  • 2021/12
    Taiwan: CTCI MAC Completes 117 Pin Piles Ahead of Schedule for CFXD Offshore Wind Farm in Taiwan
    TAIPEI, December 8, 2021- CTCI Machinery Corporation (CTCI MAC), the manufacturer of pin piles for the 600MW, 62-turbine Changfang & Xidao Offshore Wind Farm off central coast of Taiwan, has completed the manufacture and acceptance of second batch of 69 pin piles in November, one month ahead of schedule. Previously in June this year, the first batch of 48 pin piles have been delivered, also ahead of schedule by 1.5 months. In all, 117 pin piles contracted by CTCI MAC among 186 needed at the wind farm have been completed up to quality standard.

    Developed by Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP), CFXD Offshore Wind Farm commits to the highest localization level amongst all projects in Taiwan. This pin pile fabrication contract award marks the largest contract in terms of the number of pin piles manufactured by a single company in Taiwan. CTCI MAC has exhibited superb expertise and supply capability.

    Dennis Sanou, CEO of CFXD Offshore Wind Farm, says that CTCI MAC has made an early delivery of the pin piles awarded to them for fabrication. He comments, “Not only did CTCI MAC meet our requirements on quality, pricing, and delivery timeline, they are a leading local supplier that gives significant attention to keeping high HSE (health, safety, and environment) standards, and maintains high level of professionalism in contract execution.”

    Yun-Peng Tan, Chairman of CTCI MAC, appreciates CFXD Project’s full support and assistance. “Through a series of learning opportunities and customer verification processes in this project, we have not only gradually mastered key technologies and know-how of the industry, but have also gained experience and built track records. By adopting multiple submerged arc-welding machines simultaneously, we were able to greatly cut manufacturing time and increase both efficiency and quality. We will stay committed to supporting localization of Taiwan's offshore wind power industry,” Tan says.

    CTCI MAC is an affiliate of CTCI Group, a leading engineering, procurement, and construction services provider. CTCI MAC provides fabrication services to CTCI turnkey projects as well as to third parties.

  • 2021/11
    Taiwan: CTCI & HDEC Contribute to Building Green Project: Chungli Water Resource Recycling Center Officially Breaks Ground
    TAOYUAN, Nov. 15, 2021- Chungli Sewerage System BOT Project officially breaks ground for its Water Resource Recycling Center on Nov. 15, to effectively resolve the long-standing domestic sewage problem in southern districts of Taoyuan City and to significantly improve the living quality for Taoyuan citizens.

    The Chungli Sewerage System BOT Project was contracted to CTCI & HDEC Water Business Corporation (CTCI & HDEC WBC), a concessionaire established by CTCI Corporation (CTCI) and Hsin-Dar Environment Corporation (HDEC) solely for the project implementation. With a concession period of 35 years, CTCI & HDEC WBC is to construct the Water Resource Recycling Center in four phases, each to establish a wastewater treatment capacity of 39,200 Cubic Meter per Day (CMD). The first phase is scheduled to be completed and become operational in 2023. And the full treatment capacity of 156,800CMD, along with 246KM of sewerage pipelines, will be reached upon project completion in 2040

    Ting-Kuo Li, Chairman of CTCI & HDEC WBC and President of Infrastructure, Environmental & Power Business Operations of CTCI said, “Public Sewerage system underpins a city’s advancement. Chungli sewerage system project is one of the most important public infrastructure in recent years, from the perspective of its scale and the amount of people it serves. Thanks to Taoyuan City Mayor Wen-Tsan Cheng and the city government’s support, we are confident to achieve the set target on time and to quality, to assist the city government to serve approximately 200,000 households in Chungli, Pingzhen, and Dayuan regions, around 32% of population in Taoyuan City, to treat wastewater. Besides, the project will also help reduce river pollution and improve the quality of living environment, create a triple-win situation for the government, residents, and enterprises.”
    CTCI has entered sewerage system business for over two decades. In recent years, it is keen on the opportunities of water resource in the context of circular economy and has successfully expanded business to wastewater reclamation, from industrial, municipal sectors to that for high-tech plants owners. CTCI is committed to introducing green engineering technologies to projects executions worldwide as “the most reliable global engineering services provider.”

  • 2021/11
    Taiwan: Crédit Agricole CIB Supports CTCI Group/ CTCI MAC with World’s First Sustainability-linked Green Guarantee Facility
    TAIPEI, November 9, 2021- Crédit Agricole CIB, a major French corporate and investment bank, has announced its support of a 2-year TWD 800 million green guarantee facility out of USD 125 million medium term guarantee facilities to CTCI Group/ CTCI Machinery Corporation (CTCI MAC) for Zhongneng Offshore Wind Farm pin pile project. This is the world’s first sustainability-linked green guarantee facility, and an example of CTCI Group’s commitment to global sustainability.

    The facility supports CTCI MAC’s local manufacturing activities of anchor components of foundation jackets for offshore wind turbines. Under the agreement, CTCI MAC will commit to carry out works according to ISO 14001: 2015 requirements and pass all audits. Moreover, the company needs to provide disclosures on expected environmental benefits and greenhouse gas emissions reduction. By speeding up green development and de-carbonization process through CTCI’s core competency, this will be a win-win for the economy and environment.

    CTCI MAC is responsible for fabrication of nearly 100 pin piles to be used at Zhong Neng Offshore Windfarm, a windfarm located offshore of Changhua County in Taiwan and with high localization requirement.

    Yun-Peng Tan, Chairman of CTCI MAC, said, “CTCI MAC has been actively engaged in offshore wind power business in line with the energy diversification policy of Taiwanese government and has been contracted with equipment manufacturing works for Taiwan’s Yunlin, Changfang & Xidao, and Zhong Neng offshore wind farms projects with proven success. We will continue on offering our technological and project management expertise to help realize localization goal for Taiwan’s wind farm projects, hence accelerating carbon neutralization target with clean energy development.”

    Benjamin Lamberg, Chief Executive Officer of Crédit Agricole CIB Taipei Branch, commented, “Aside from supporting energy transition in Taiwan by project financing offshore windfarm projects, Crédit Agricole CIB further demonstrates its strong commitment to support the localization of the offshore wind supply chain in Taiwan. The innovative structure has not only connected conventional trade finance product with green use of proceeds but offered CTCI Group an opportunity to express their ambitions to uphold sustainable practices in the manufacturing process or the wider supply chain through sustainability-linked mechanism. By implementing this first of kind sustainability-linked green guarantee, it has undoubtedly paved the way for future development of sustainable finance.”

    Carmen Tsang, Head of Sustainable Banking for Greater China, added, “Trade finance is a core element of the global economy and growing to be a trillion-dollar market by the end of this decade. ESG integration into this market is relatively novel, but a crucial trend to promote sustainability in global trade and supply chains. This is a market not to be ignored in mobilizing corporates and capital to support the journey towards a 1.5oC future. Crédit Agricole CIB is pleased to support CTCI Group in this innovative sustainability-linked green guarantee, of which supports the financing of renewable energy development locally in Taiwan. We hope that this would be a precedent to inspire more corporates to consider aligning their sustainability vision and efforts to their trade financing activities.”

    As part of its strategy in global business decisions, CTCI has been keenly aware of the correlation between engineering projects and climate change. The group has followed Task Force on Climate-related Disclosures’ recommendations to identify risks and opportunities, as well as increase the share of green projects among its revenues. In 2020, green and low-carbon projects have accounted for 84% of total contract value, or TWD 109 billion. As of August 2021, green and low-carbon backlogs have increased 355% against year 2015. Not only has green projects become a vital driver for CTCI’s business, it also shows the group’s determination to become a green trailblazer. Looking forward to the future, CTCI Group will continue its deep commitment to provide the world with quality and environmentally-friendly engineering services by implementing its sustainable vision of "Guarding the Earth with Constant Innovation in Green Engineering."

  • 2021/10
    Taiwan: CTCI Provides Free Online Courses Covering 7 Major Engineering Disciplines to Foster Engineering Talents
    TAIPEI, October 29, 2021- To enhance the competitiveness of engineering talents in Taiwan, CTCI has launched an online engineering learning platform, “CTCI Learning,” to share its technological expertise and experiences—the first of its kind in Taiwan, for free. The learning platform, accessible for the general public, is the public version of the company’s “CTCI University” learning platform offered exclusively for its colleagues.

    The platform is an extension of the successful model of “CTCI University,” and it currently offers trainees hundreds of courses under seven engineering disciplines, Chemical Engineering, Chemical Equipment, Civil Engineering, Instrumentation & Control System Engineering, Piping Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Information Communication. Trainees may select courses according to their needs/interests. After finishing taking the course selected and passing an exam, a certificate will be offered by CTCI.

    By launching this learning platform to the public, CTCI hopes to pass down a wealth of knowledge and project execution experiences accumulated for over four decades to foster engineering talents and fulfill corporate social responsibilities.

    As Taiwan’s leading engineering, procurement, and construction services contractor and one of the Top 100 engineering firms globally, CTCI launched “CTCI University” last year (2020) with two major goals, assisting employee career development planning, and nurturing talents. The platform offers over 700 online courses under six major colleges, the College of QHSE, the College of Engineering and Design, the College of Project Integration, the College of Business Management, the College of Leadership, and the College of General Education. CTCI University allows its 7,000 staff worldwide to keep growing through constant learning wherever they are and whenever they want by just getting connected to the platform according to their specific individual development plans.

    To get enrolled in the courses of “CTCI Learning,” please visit:

  • 2021/10
    Taiwan: CTCI Contracted to Build First High-end EV Battery Factory, A Giant Leap for Clean Energy Development in Taiwan
    KAOHSIUNG, October 25, 2021- Leading engineering, procurement, and construction services company CTCI Corporation announced today that the company and subsidiary CTCI Smart Energy Corporation (CTCI SEC) are contracted by Molie Quantum Energy Corporation, part of Taiwan Cement Corporation (TCC) Group, to build in Kaohsiung a lithium battery factory, the first “gigafactory” of its kind in Taiwan.

    Located in Linhai Industrial Park, Siaogang District, the factory will mainly produce high-end, high-capacity, high rate charge/discharge lithium nickel cobalt aluminium oxides (NCA) electrical vehicle (EV) battery. Scheduled completion is in May 2023.

    Owing to its advanced manufacturing process and facility, the factory will have a yearly production capacity of 1.8GWh, equivalent to the production amount of long-range batteries for 24,000 EVs a year. This will significantly augment the nation’s market share for high-end EV battery manufacturing globally, help it to tap into the EV supply chain, and facilitate green energy development.

    At the groundbreaking ceremony, CTCI Group Chairman John T. Yu stated, “Molie Quantum Energy Corporation of TCC is Taiwan’s largest lithium battery producer. The high-performance batteries (super batteries) it produces are able to support grid stability, safely store clean energy and can be applied in EVs and large energy storage systems—this is particularly important in that they play key roles in future high-tech development. At this critical moment of global energy transition to clean energy, CTCI is thrilled to have the opportunity to engage in project like this one to offer engineering expertise.”

    CTCI has been providing engineering services across Asia, the Middle East and the Americas. In recent years, it proactively seeks business opportunities to meet substantial growth in sustainable development and the high-tech industry worldwide and has built track records in the solar power, offshore wind power, energy storage, and plant constructions for the high-tech industries. Previously, it has secured an EPC service contract in the U.S for a major semiconductor company.

  • 2021/10
    Taiwan: CTCI Joins Taiwan Alliance for Net Zero Emission to Support Global Carbon Reduction Actions: Group Chairman & Group Vice Chairman Elected as Executive Director & Director, Respectively
    TAIPEI, October 19, 2021-To support the United Nation’s and global initiatives in reducing carbon emissions and achieving net zero emissions, Taiwan Institute of Sustainable Energy (TAISE) has founded the Taiwan Alliance for Net Zero Emission (TANZE) together with 26 leading Taiwanese enterprises in various sectors, CTCI being one of the founding members.

    A founding ceremony was held today at Evergreen International Convention Center, during which directors/supervisors were elected. CTCI Group Chairman and Group Vice Chairman were elected as Executive Director and Director, respectively. Ambassador-at-Large Eugene Chien is the Managing Director of TANZE.

    TANZE aims to advocate the practices of achieving net zero emissions by the corporates and organizations, while assisting the government to attain carbon neutralization in Taiwan. It hopes to lead by actions in terms of net zero carbon emissions and act as a bridge between the government, enterprise, and the public to accelerate fulling the net zero emission target in Taiwan.

    As a member of TAISE, CTCI is dedicated to facilitating the realization of “net zero EPC projects” by joining hands with global supply chain partners.

  • 2021/10
    Taiwan: CTCI REI Awarded Contract to Construct Taiwan Cement’s DAKA Renewable Resources Center
    TAIPEI, October 19- CTCI Resources Engineering Inc. (CTCI REI), a CTCI company, has won a contract from Taiwan Cement Corporation (TCC) to build DAKA Renewable Resources Center at TCC’s Heping Cement Plant in Hualien, Taiwan. Adopting advanced technologies, the center will pioneer in using 1,300°C heat generated from cement kiln to incinerate waste and reusing residual heat for cement plant process, offering ash-free, eco-friendly, circular economy, and low-carbon solution to local waste treatment, while serving educational, cultural, and tourism purposes.

    As first of its kind in Taiwan, DAKA Renewable Resources Center is part of TCC’s “open and eco-circular plant” project being implemented at Heping Plant. The plant is Asia’s first three-in-one “port, power, and cement” plant, containing circular economy features such as zero waste, low-carbon, and cross-sector resource utilizatio

  • 2021/09
    Taiwan: CTCI and KHI Consortium Completed 2nd Storage Tank Roof Air-Raising at CPC’s Third LNG Receiving Terminal
    On September 30, 2021, CTCI Corporation (CTCI) and consortium partner Kawasaki Heavy Industries Company (KHI) successfully completed tank roof air-raising for the second LNG storage tank at CPC Corporation’s (CPC) third liquefied natural gas (LNG) receiving terminal following achieving air raising of the first tank– both with a capacity of 160,000 m3– this March. The two tanks will start commercial operations in March and October 2023, respectively, significantly stabilizing energy supply in Taiwan.

    Located in Guanyin District, Taoyuan, this is the third LNG receiving terminal invested and constructed by CPC. The scope of work includes two 160,000 m3, above-ground full containment LNG tanks with double domed roof. After forming a complete airtight space within the domed roof and the pre-stressed concrete outer wall, air is infused to create additional air pressure inside. The air pressure difference then helps raise the roof, which is 78.2 meters in diameter and weighs more than 1,000 tons, to a height of 30 meters. To avoid collision between the tank roof structure and the PC outer wall, the position tolerance and tank roof leveling must be strictly controlled (with a tolerated margin of only a few centimeters). Thanks to the rich experience, solid technology and collaboration of the project team, this arduous task was successfully completed.

  • 2021/09
    Taiwan: CTCI Secures E&M Contract for Taipei Metro’s Circular Line North & South Sections
    TAIPEI, September 30, 2021- Leading engineering, procurement, and construction services company CTCI Corporation announced on September 30 that it has won a NT$25.515 billion contract with consortium partner Alstom, global leader in sustainable mobility, to provide system-wide electrical and mechanical (E&M) works for Taipei Metro’s circular line north and south sections.

    Michael Yang, Chairman of CTCI Corporation, says, “In continuance of our previous collaboration history, we are excited to work with Alstom again in the Circular Line North & South Sections. Through this project, CTCI aims to provide an opportunity for accelerating local rail technology development and industry integration by encouraging more local component and parts suppliers to get onboard.”

    CTCI has extensive experience in collaboration with Alstom in Taipei Metro projects, the latest of which is Wanda-Zhonghe-Shulin Line Phase 2 Extension that the consortium secured in August 2020.

    The 20.66-km circular line north and south sections include 18 underground stations and a depot. Once completed in 2031, they will join the current section of circular line in operation to form an outer ring linking red, blue, orange, green, brown lines, and Taoyuan Metro Airport Line, bringing convenient means of transport to people living in Greater Taipei Area.

    The scope of contract includes driverless rolling stock, track work, depot equipment, system integration, power supply, telecommunication, ticketing, platform screen doors, and monitoring system.

    The contract win helps boost CTCI’s financial performance. Aggregated contract reached NT$106.55 billion so far this year, equivalent to more than 80% of previous year’s total contract.

    For over three decades, CTCI enjoys leading share among all metro E&M contracts in Taiwan, including: Taipei Metro’s Muzha (brown) Line, Bannan (blue) Line, Xinzhuang-Luzhou (orange) Line, Xinyi (red) Line, Songshan (green) Line, and Wanda Line(light green); Taichung Metro’s Wuri-Wenxin-Beitun (green) Line; and Danhai Light Rail.

    In addition, CTCI has undertaken various MRT trackwork projects in Singapore, including Thomson-East Coast Line, Gali Batu Depot, and Downtown Line Stage 3.

  • 2021/09
    Taiwan: Ceremony Marks Successful Handover of CTCI REI & CTCI SEC Chairmanships, CTCI SEC Presidency
    A handover ceremony held on September 11, 11:00 at CTCI Second Headquarters marked the transition of chairmanship at two CTCI companies, CTCI Resources Engineering Inc. (CTCI REI) and CTCI Smart Engineering Corporation (CTCI SEC), as well as the transition of presidency at CTCI SEC, all effective the same day.

    Dingo Ku, CTCI SEC Chairman, succeeds Kuo-Ann Wu as new CTCI REI Chairman. Wu remains CEO of Group Intelligent Solutions Business (GISB) and Chairman of CTCI Advanced Systems Inc. (CTCI ASI).

    Walker Wang, CTCI SEC President, succeeds Dingo Ku as new CTCI SEC Chairman. An-Cheng Kuo, CTCI SEC Vice President, succeeds Wang as new President.

    The handover ceremony was presided over by Ming-Cheng Hsiao, CEO of Group Shared Services, and Kuo-Ann Wu, CEO of GISB. Attendees include senior officials from both companies: Simon Liao, GISB/CTCI SEC senior advisor; Evan Chen, President of CTCI ASI; and Fortune Chen, President of CTCI REI.

    The simple but grand ceremony has ended in success.

  • 2021/09
    Taiwan: CTCI Joins Taiwan Alliance for Net Zero Emissions in Support for Global Sustainability
    Today CTCI announced that it has joined Taiwan Alliance for Net Zero Emissions (TANZE) and shares joint commitment with 27 companies from Taiwan and abroad to achieve net zero carbon emissions at corporate offices by 2030 and additionally at all work sites by 2050. The event was attended and supported by representatives from academia, industry, and the government. Vice President William Lai also attended the event.

    John T. Yu, CTCI Group Chairman, who took part in the opening ceremony, says, “CTCI has long been committed to global sustainability with its core competencies. We have carried out greenhouse gases (GHG) inventory for Group headquarters and global work sites, set GHG reduction and energy-saving targets, continued to innovate our engineering services to include green applications, as well as supported circular economy.”

    “We are involved in development, investment, construction, and operation projects such as water reuse, solar power, offshore wind power, combined-cycle power plants, and waste treatment. In 2020, green and low-carbon projects accounted for 109 billion TWD, or 84% of new contracts. Low-carbon backlogs increased 410% during the period 2015-2010. We received A- and are positioned as leader according to CDP, a global corporate social responsibility evaluator. Not to mention we have won other sustainability-related awards both at home and abroad,” Yu added.

    TANZE is founded by Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy, a non-profit organization with a sustainability mission. TANZE aims to become a tripartite policy platform, promoting dialogue between companies, NGOs, and the government with a common mission to reach net zero emissions target by 2050.

    With a vision to become “the most reliable global engineering services provider,” CTCI will continue to exert greater influence on its partners and suppliers to make engineering more sustainable, offering clients green, high-quality, and environmentally friendly services.

  • 2021/09
    Taiwan: CTCI Wins Sun Ba Power Plant Phase 2 Project Contract in Partnership with Siemens Energy
    TAIPEI, September 7, 2021- CTCI, Taiwan’s leading engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractor for power projects, announced today that it has won a contract to carry out EPC work for the Sun Ba Combined Cycle Power Plant Phase 2 Project in southern Taiwan with consortium partner, Siemens Energy. The plant will include a new 1,100 MW generating unit to provide reliable, sufficient, and cleaner power primarily to Southern Taiwan Science Park once it comes online in 2024.

    This is another big win for CTCI, after being awarded multi-billion dollar EPC contract for five generating units at Hsinta and Taichung Power Plants, both in Taiwan, last September.

    Located in Shan Shang District, Tainan, Sun Ba Power Plant is owned by Sun Ba Power Corp., a private utility company. As part of power plant expansion, CTCI is responsible for the civil works and balance-of-plant. Generated power will be sold to state utility company Taipower, adding flexibility to power dispatch.

    The project is another example of CTCI’s continued support for de-nuke and cleaner energy policies as set out by Taiwanese government, which seeks to raise gas-fired power ratio to 50% by 2025. Apart from its track records in thermal, combined-cycle, cogeneration, and nuclear power plants, CTCI is aggressively developing businesses in solar, wind, biomass, and gas power plants. Through quality, reliable, and environment-friendly engineering services, CTCI aims to help clients globally build a sustainable tomorrow.

  • 2021/08
    Taiwan: Welcome Home: CTCI REI Uses Smart Jacking Technology to Bring 80-Year-Old Kaohsiung Railway Station Back to Its Original Location

    With more than six months of jacking and movement by an expert team at CTCI Resources Engineering Inc. (CTCI REI), the 2,500-ton and 80-year-old Kaohsiung Railway Station will finally be relocated to its original location, after 19 years of displacement due to excavation needs for underground rail works and metro line construction.

    This project, known as “Kaohsiung Railway Station Relocation Turnkey Project,” marks another glorious chapter in building relocation in Taiwan since 2006, when CTCI REI helped relocate another historic building dating back to Japanese colonial period, the Taipei Ministry of Railway.

    The challenge of relocation lies in moving the station across the top of the new underground station. This is no easy engineering task. To do so, the entire structure needs to be “jacked”, or lifted. CTCI REI does this with intelligent structural jacking and movement (iSJM) technique. This involves using a computer-controlled system to precisely control 252 jacks so that the force is exerted upon the entire station structure simultaneously, thereby allowing the station to rise evenly, move horizontally, and lower steadily. The process is monitored in real-time through monitoring equipment and network systems to avoid building damage. It truly exemplifies CTCI REI’s utmost care for prolonging the life of an architecture, as well as its dedication in engineering technologies.

    Relocation began on March 17. On May 21, the main building was raised to a height of 3.94 meters. After successfully moving the building northbound for 4.8 meters on July 28, westward movement began on August 22, which is due to cover 57.86 meters. The station is due to arrive at final and permanent location on September 26. Then it will be lowered 2.19 meters and will settle on a foundation with anti-seismic components, so that it can withstand future earthquakes.

    After further renovation and internal decoration, the old railway station will once again stand on the original site of the central axis of Zhongshan Road and Boai Road in Kaohsiung City. It will be integrated with the new Kaohsiung Railway Station, become a new cultural and historical icon, and continue to serve travelers from all around the world.

  • 2021/08
    China: CTCI Beijing Successfully Delivers a World-Leading ABS Production Base in Zhangzhou Chimei EPC Project
    CTCI Beijing, a CTCI subsidiary company, announced that the Zhangzhou Chimei ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)/AS (acrylonitrile styrene) Resin Plant EPC Project in Zhangzhou, China it contracted has started commissioning this month following mechanical completion earlier in May, 2021. If all goes well, it will enter commercial operation in September.

    While the Zhangzhou Chimei plant is expected to produce a total of 600 KTA (kilo tons per annum) ABS/AS resins in the long run; it is currently available for a capacity of 450 KTA in the first phase. Expansion project is now officially underway for an additional capacity of 150 KTA, which is scheduled to enter commercial operation in July, 2023, making it a world-leading production base of ABS. This allows it to meet growing demand for ABS by local household appliance and motor industries, and drives development for the upper/lower industries.

    According to TS Zhang, Chairman of CTCI Beijing, the project is another successful cooperation with Chimei since 2012. With this project delivered, Chimei now further consolidates its position in Chinese market, realizing multiple goals including product line diversification, quality enhancement, and value adding, all so important given its stance as a global leading supplier of ABS. During execution of this project, CTCI Beijing managed to minimize the impact by COVID-19 pandemic and completed the task on time and to quality specifications, while at the same time reaching a 6 million man-hours without lost-time injuries safety record. The company is committed to delivering follow-up job items fulfilling the brand spirit of being the most reliable engineering services provider.

    Located at Zhangzhou Gulei Port Economic Development Zone in Fujian Province, one of the seven main petrochemical bases of the nation, the project is Chimei’s second production base in China. The proximity of the site provides quick access to required materials like styrene and butadiene, as well as fine public resources supply like natural gas, plant air, nitrogen, steam, and wastewater treatment, saving much operation and investment cost.

    Past cooperation of CTCI and Chimei include ABS, HIPS (high impact polystyrene) and SSBR (solution polymerized styrene-butadiene rubber) EPC projects in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province, China. These track records lead to this ABS/AS contract award in Zhangzhou.

    CTCI has been providing comprehensive and state-of-the-art engineering services worldwide, and has become a preferred partner for clients across Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas.

  • 2021/07
    The US: World’s Largest Mono-Ethylene Glycol (MEG) Processing Modules, Made by CTCI and Partners, Reach Mechanical Completion
    CTCI, Taiwan’s leading engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractor for hydrocarbon and petrochemical projects, announced today that five mega mono-ethylene glycol (MEG) processing modules have been successfully assembled and reached mechanical completion in July. CTCI led the modular design and fabrication of these modules, which were successfully delivered to the site in Gregory, Texas, last February. Once the entire plant comes online in Q4 2021, it will supply 1.1 million metric tons MEG annually, which will be the largest MEG plant built globally and will also be the world’s largest onshore modularized project to date.

    Ownership interests in the Gulf Coast Growth Ventures project is 50 percent ExxonMobil and 50 percent SABIC, with ExxonMobil as site operator.

    CTCI has led the Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) and engineering, procurement, fabrication and construction (EPFC) effort of this modularization through the formation of a joint venture with American company McDermott International, Ltd. The joint venture, CMI, was awarded the lump sum EPFC contract in Q2 2018 after winning the FEED competition.

    With exceptional engineering, fabrication, quality control and coordination and follow up by a 1,300 workforce onsite, the modules not only completed hookup and reached mechanical completion in six months, but did so with a stunning record of 14 million safe work hours.

    John T. Yu, Group Chairman, CTCI, says, “It is an honor for CTCI Group to take part in the world’s largest onshore modularization EPC project. This global project was carried out in various countries across the world, including Taiwan, the U.S., China, Mexico, India and Malaysia. With one common goal in mind, our global team overcame all difficulties, including challenges from COVID-19. Now that the modules have been well prefabricated and reached mechanical completion, it truly sets a new record for CTCI’s global projects.”

    With over 40 years of experience and expertise in hydrocarbon and petrochemical projects, CTCI has now reached a new milestone in plant modularization. CTCI will stay committed to improving its modularization technologies and strengthening its competitive edge so that it can provide clients worldwide with far better and more economically beneficial engineering services.

  • 2021/07
    Taiwan: An Overview of CTCI Corporation’s 2021 Annual General Meeting
    On July 30, 2021, CTCI Corporation held its 2021 Annual General Meeting at International Conference Hall, Mellow Fields Hotel. During the meeting, the following motions were carried: Business report for fiscal year 2020, financial statements, earnings distribution of fiscal year 2020, cash distribution from legal reserve, amendments of “Articles of Incorporation” and “Regulations Governing the Acquisition and Disposal of Assets”, and the issuance of restricted stock awards.

    According to the business report, consolidated sales revenue amounted to TWD 55.558409 billion in 2020, a 4.56% decrease against 2019. Consolidated net income was reported at TWD 766.548 million, a 34.87% decrease against 2019. Total new contract awarded to CTCI Group during fiscal year 2020 was TWD 130.236856 billion. COVID-19 pandemic is the major reason behind the drop of consolidated sales revenue, as some of our ongoing projects were suspended due to lockdowns in regions or countries where the projects are located. As a result, revenues for many contracts have not yet been recognized. In addition, the 2021 Annual General Meeting has approved TWD 661,503,955 in cash dividend and TWD 865,215,827 in cash distribution from legal reserve payable to shareholders. (TWD 2.0 per share based on 763,359,891 common outstanding shares.) The ex-dividend trading date and the dividend payment date were set to be on August 20 and on September 17, 2021, respectively.

  • 2021/07
    Taiwan: An Overview of ECOVE Environment Corporation’s 2021 Annual General Meeting and the 10th Meeting of the 8th Term Board of Directors
    On June 30, 2021, ECOVE Environment Corporation held its 2021 Annual General Meeting at Room 206, National Enterprise Park. During the meeting, the following motions were carried: Business report for fiscal year 2020, financial statements, earnings distribution of fiscal year 2020, amendments of “Articles of Incorporation,” “Procedures for Acquisition and Disposition of Assets,” and “Procedures for Loan Offers” were all carried.

    According to the business report, consolidated operating revenues for 2020 amounted to TWD 5.637590 billion, an increase of TWD 316.031 million against 2019. Net profit after tax for 2020 was reported at TWD 842.254 million, an increase of TWD 30.942 million against 2019. The increase of consolidated operating revenue for 2020 is attributed primarily to price increase in business waste treatment and new projects owned by subsidiary companies ECOVE Environment Services Corporation and ECOVE Solar Energy Corporation. In addition, the meeting has approved TWD 759,482,000 in cash dividend payable to shareholders (NT$ 11.00 per share based on 69,043,781 common outstanding shares).

    The 10th Board Meeting for the 8th term Board of Directors was held on the same day. Ex-dividend date and dividend payment date were set to be on August 23 and on September 15, 2021, respectively.

  • 2021/07
    Taiwan: An Overview of CTCI ASI’s 2021 Annual General Meeting
    On July 30, 2021, CTCI Advanced Systems Inc. (CTCI ASI) held its 2021 Annual General Meeting at Room B101, Taipei Computer Association Executive Club, International Conference Hall. During the meeting, the following motions were carried: Business report for fiscal year 2020, financial statements, the Company's 2020 deficit compensation, the cash distribution from Capital surplus, amendments of “Articles of Incorporation,” “Procedure for Acquisition and Disposition of Assets,” and “Procedure for Loaning of Funds.”

    According to the business report, consolidated sales revenue amounted to TWD 2.846552 billion in 2020, a 6.72% increase against 2019. Consolidated net income was reported at TWD 135.296million, a 80.54% increase against 2019. The increase of operating revenue for 2020 is attributed primarily to the increase in public and civil engineering after merged with CTCI REI, with substantial increase in the proportion of projects completed in the current period, mainly the second headquarters building of CTCI Group/Construction Work of Foundation Piles for Yeongguan new plant in Port of Taichung. In addition, the 2021 Annual General Meeting has approved TWD 108,377,800 in cash distribution from capital surplus payable to shareholders (TWD 4.0 per share based on 27,094,450 common outstanding shares.) The ex-dividend trading date and the dividend payment date were set to be on August 20 and on September 15, 2021, respectively.

  • 2021/07
    Taiwan: CTCI Provides Free Covid-19 Rapid Test Kit for Employees to Ensure Workplace Safety

    Due to the persistent Covid-19 pandemic and the decision to protect our employees, following a rapid testing program in cooperation with Taipei Medical University Hospital on June 15, CTCI now offers free Covid-19 rapid test kit for employees to take at home starting from July, hoping to strengthen pandemic prevention and ensure colleagues’ safety and health at work.

    The Covid-19 rapid test kit offered to employees is CTCI’s latest measure to protect the health and work safety of all employees, aiming to better protect employees’ health and realize workplace safety management.

    Other prevention measures already in place include reroute, work shifts, campaigns for frequent hand hygiene and performing disinfections, video conferencing, and pandemic insurance. We even developed an app named “myCTCI”, where all colleagues, whether work-from-home or at the office, are able to report health status online for immediate tracking purpose.

  • 2021/06
    Taiwan: CTCI Launches Covid-19 Rapid Testing to Better Protect Its Employees
    Due to the persistent Covid-19 pandemic in Taiwan and the decision to protect our employees, CTCI has officially launched a rapid testing program for over 5,000 employees across the group on June 15 by setting up a “healthy test station” at the CTCI headquarters.

    According to CTCI’s Group Coronavirus Prevention Center, the test station will be able to handle tests of 800 to 900 people daily beginning on June 15 and ending on June 18, with possibility of extension depending on the severity of the pandemic. Employees who live in pandemic “hotspots” are given priority to receive tests. This is a non-compulsory program; however, we expect that as many employees as possible will be tested.

    The testing program is CTCI’s latest measure to protect the health and work safety of all employees, in addition to the reroute, work shifts, and pandemic insurance which have been well in place.

  • 2021/06
    Taiwan: CTCI MAC Completes 48 Pin Piles for CFXD Offshore Wind Farm Significantly Ahead of Schedule
    CTCI Machinery Corporation (CTCI MAC), a CTCI subsidiary company, announced today that it has completed the manufacturing and passed acceptance inspection on completion of all 48 pin piles contracted for Changfang & Xidao (CFXD) Offshore Wind Farm Phase 1 in Taiwan, one and half months ahead of schedule. Thanks to CTCI MAC’s efficient and quality work, the CFXD Project is on track to begin marine work this June and complete first-phase offshore turbine installation by June 2022. The CFXD Offshore Wind Farm in total will have a capacity of 600 MW providing green energy enough to power 600,000 Taiwanese households.

    Yun-Peng Tan, CTCI MAC Chairman, says: “It takes careful planning and trial manufacturing to provide such large number of pin piles in a short timeframe. We used multiple submerged arc-welding machines simultaneously to greatly cut manufacturing time. We have earned praise from the client for our efficient and quality work, and are confident to deliver the second-phase pin piles on schedule and with impeccable quality, thanks to the mature skills and experiences that we now have.”

    “CFXD is the first offshore wind farm in Taiwan that fully sources its pin piles from local companies,” says Marina Hsu, Managing Director at CI Wind Power Development Taiwan, the developer of CFXD Project. “CTCI MAC’s performance is simply remarkable.”

    According to Dennis Sanou, CEO of CFXD Offshore Wind Farm, “CTCI MAC has set an important milestone for the offshore wind power development in Taiwan by completing pin piles ahead of schedule. It means that this new supply chain has been able to speed up their learning curve from orders that enjoy economies of scale.”

    CTCI MAC is responsible for the manufacture of 117 among 186 pin piles in the 600-MW CFXD Offshore Wind Farm, which will see 62 offshore wind turbines. Once the wind farm fully comes online in 2023, it will generate renewable energy enough to power 600,000 households in Taiwan, helping the nation come a step closer to its energy transition goal.

    Besides the 48 pin piles completed in this project so far, CTCI MAC has previously completed transition pieces for Yunlin Offshore Wind Farm.

  • 2021/05
    Taiwan: ECOVE Issues $1 Billion Corporate Green Bonds to Finance Carbon-Reduction Power Projects
    ECOVE, a subsidiary of CTCI Group focused on resource cycling businesses, has announced the launch of a five-year maturity TWD $2 billion debenture program in Q1 2021, including TWD $1 billion in the form of green bonds. The debenture is expected to be issued by late May.

    With favorable coupon rates, subscription for ECOVE’s first-ever bond issuing is eager due to the support of major financial institutions. Total bidding figure amounted to TWD $6.8 billion, drawing an oversubscription of 300%. This is a sign of recognition from investors on ECOVE’s stable performance and green investments.

    The financing from the debenture program will help ECOVE lower its mid- to long-term capital costs and interest rate risks, as well as contribute to ECOVE’s renewable energy and carbon-reduction projects.

    The green bond capital will be solely used for the investment, development, and setup of solar power plants. Performance indicators will be released one year following bond issuance. The capital is expected to be used to build 25 MW solar power plants capable of generating 28.7 million kWh, or equivalent to 14,630 tons in carbon reduction.

    ECOVE is a resource cycling company with three core business fields: waste management and incineration, renewable energy, and recycling and reuse. Among its renewable energy business, ECOVE has installed more than 114 MW of solar capacity worldwide and has been entitled to develop 96 solar power plants. The company lives by its company-wide CSR mission to implement ESG responsibilities, and is also the world’s first company that received BS 8001 circular economy certificate.

    Based on the spirit of “Most Reliable” and “Every Resource Counts,” ECOVE will continue to dedicate to improving resource cycling efficiency and treasuring every single resource through integrated management, intelligent systems, and data analysis, bringing a better future to the world.

  • 2021/04
    Taiwan: Fulfilling ESG Responsibilities through Company-Wide CSR Engagement—Closing Ceremony of the Group’s CSR Event Successfully Concluded
    The closing ceremony of “Exhibition for Total Participation CSR Excellence Practices” had been successfully held at the 1st floor lobby of CTCI headquarters on Apr. 28.

    The event was attended by over 100 CTCI supervisors, colleagues, and guests, including Eugene Chien, Chairman of CTCI EF and Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE); Young Ku, Chairman of TAISE; Yeong-Ren Chen, Secretary General of Center for Corporate Sustainability; Yu-Pin Lin, Secretary General of CTCI EF; Jackie Pin-Chih Wang, advisor at CTCI EF; Juliette Hsu, Deputy General Manager at Environmental Science Technology Consultants Corporation.

    At the opening address, CTCI Group Chairman John T. Yu stated that the Group has launched a one-month CSR event named "Exhibition for Total Participation CSR Excellence Practices" that encompasses a series of online/offline activities to raise employees' awareness on corporate social responsibilities (CSR), its relation to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) dimensions, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) developed by United Nations. The end goal is to allow colleagues to become better aware of CTCI’s achievements in CSR, and learn that everyone is part of the efforts by dedicating to day-to-day duties. He also expected that all group colleagues will continue pursuing sustainability and innovation by caring for ESG with company-wide CSR engagement.

    Following that, CTCI EF Chairman Eugene Chien remarked that under the support of CTCI’s top management and joint efforts of all staff, CTCI has sustained top-notch CSR performance globally as it has enrooted CSR into its corporate culture. Chairman Chien mentioned that by implementing “CSR Moment,” a 5-minute presentation shared before meetings are formally convened, every CTCI member is literally a sustainability ambassador, facilitating sustainable management of the company.

    At the ceremony, winners for “CSR Micro Film Contest” and “CSR Moment Contest” were presented with prizes from EXCO members and guests. As the ceremony coming to a close, a lucky draw for CSR online challenge was conducted. With this CSR event, we hope to bring more colleagues to engage in CSR by fulfilling ESG responsibilities, and realize the Group’s sustainability vision of Guarding the Earth with Constant Innovation in Green Engineering.

  • 2021/04
    The US: CTCI Opens New Office in Arizona to Provide Semiconductor EPC Services
    Taiwan’s engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractor CTCI announced today that it has set up a new office in Phoenix, Arizona to provide EPC services for a major Taiwanese semiconductor company.

    This is CTCI’s second subsidiary office in the USA, the other being in Houston, Texas. CTCI is now expanding its services scope to include high tech plant EPC, in addition to its existing hydrocarbon, power, resource cycling, and intelligent services. For this purpose, CTCI has now established a new business operations called Advanced Technology Facilities Business Operations (ATFBO) since early of this year.

    ATFBO will focus to deliver EPC integrated solutions for the semiconductors, communications, optics business, and computer & accessories segments.

    Since founding its subsidiary company CTCI Americas in 2010, CTCI has gained strong presence in the US market and securing key contracts for Formosa and Gulf Coast Growth Ventures (GCGV) project. CTCI’s office in Phoenix demonstrate our commitment to diversify the business growth opportunities in USA and deliver service excellence to our ATFBO customers.

  • 2021/03
    Taiwan: CTCI Cares for ESG with Company-Wide CSR Engagement
    CTCI launched a one-month event called “CSR Achievements Exhibition” at its headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan on March 31, 2021. The event will showcase CTCI’s performance on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) aspects. Also included in the event are a series of activities to raise employees’ awareness on corporate social responsibilities (CSR), and encourage their participation.

    With a vision of becoming a guardian of the Earth through sustainable, innovative, and green engineering, CTCI has for many years dedicated itself to global sustainability with its core competencies. Important achievements include:

    • Incorporated into Dow Jones Sustainability Emerging Markets Index for 6 consecutive years, number 2 in the global engineering sector.
    • A- in CDP climate change evaluation, or leadership level.
    • Level A in MSCI’s ESG evaluation.
    • Outstanding Professional in Global Corporate Sustainability Awards.
    • 18 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards, including Top 10 Domestic Companies Sustainability Model Awards.
    • CommonWealth Magazine’s Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award.

    The event was kicked off with a lighting ceremony attended by top executives of CTCI business operations and colleagues, followed by a fantastic short clip showing CTCI’s achievements.

    “CSR and sustainability issues now play a major role in company management,” says John T. Yu, CTCI Group Chairman. “CTCI’s goal is to become more competitive through CSR and make CSR part of our DNA. To do so, we continue to turn our four competencies— ‘green engineering, smart plant, resource cycling, and intelligent EPC’— into sustainable practices that are aligned to ESG aspects.”

    “Moreover, CTCI set up ESG Committee under the board last year (2020). Supervised by the Chairman of the Board and other board members, the President of CTCI Corporation is charged with the task to work with ESG task force to outline sustainable development strategies and action plans. Brand Management Department, or the CSR management unit, had its name changed to Sustainability & Brand Department as a sign to assume more responsibility in promoting sustainability. We will be ever more determined and committed to CSR,” Yu added.

    A series of fun activities to celebrate this event include: CSR Challenge, Most Popular CSR Microfilm Poll, Most Popular CSR Moment Entry Poll, and Sustainable Development Goals Photo Shots. These will serve as reminder to CTCI employees that they shall stay innovative and pursue sustainability at work.

  • 2021/03
    Taiwan: Partner with CTCI, Better Together: 2021 CTCI Global Supplier Meeting Successfully Conducted Online
    In hopes to collaborate with global partners to fulfill corporate social responsibility and exert collective al influences, CTCI held 2021 Supplier Meeting on the topic of “Partner with CTCI, Better Together” on March 25, 2021. This year, as a preventive measure for COVID-19 pandemic, the meeting was hosted online.

    Via this meeting, CTCI expects to build consensus and grow together with our suppliers in environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) aspects to attain sustainable development on a global scale.

    A total of 170 senior executives of 107 suppliers from Taiwan, China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, the U.S., Germany, France, Italy, Saudi Arabia, and Oman, were invited to participate in the meeting online. CTCI Corporation President Todd Chen and Vice President of the Procurement Division Ting-Chuang Li were present at the meeting to welcome global suppliers. The senior managers specifically introduced CTCI’s policies on quality management, health, safety, and environment (HSE) management, procurement operation procedures, as well as future outlooks for supplier management measures.

    Also, an award ceremony was held to recognize outstanding performers with distinctive awards, ”Vendor of the Year” and “One Team,” offering CTCI’s sincere appreciation to their efforts and support to build shared consensus and even closer partnership.

    CTCI has been dedicating to corporate sustainability actions with contributions aligning with its core competencies in engineering services worldwide. It has been consecutively selected as a constituent of Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI). In 2020, for the first time in history, it has been selected as one of the “Best Taiwan Global Brands 2020” for exceptional brand performance. As a member of the global village, CTCI will continue refining supplier sustainability management practices and assist suppliers to enhance conducts in corporate social responsibilities fulfilment.

  • 2021/03
    Taiwan: CTCI and KHI Consortium Reached Storage Tank Roof Air-Raising Milestone at CPC’s Third LNG Receiving Terminal

    On March 11, 2021, CTCI Corporation (CTCI) and consortium partner Kawasaki Heavy Industries Company (KHI) successfully completed tank roof air-raising for the first LNG storage tank, with a capacity of 160,000 m3, at CPC Corporation’s (CPC) third liquefied natural gas (LNG) receiving terminal. This marks a major milestone of the LNG storage tank construction in this project. By accomplishing this task, CTCI gained further experience and established track record in the global LNG engineering business field.

    Located in Guanyin District, Taoyuan, this is the third LNG receiving terminal invested and constructed by CPC. The scope of work includes two 160,000 m3, above-ground full containment LNG tanks with double domed roof. After forming a complete airtight space within the domed roof and the pre-stressed concrete outer wall, air is infused to create additional air pressure inside. The air pressure difference then helps raise the roof, which is 78.2 meters in diameter and weighs more than 1,000 tons, to a height of 30 meters. To avoid collision between the tank roof structure and the PC outer wall, the position tolerance and tank roof leveling must be strictly controlled (with a tolerated margin of only a few centimeters). Thanks to the rich experience, solid technology and collaboration of the project team, this arduous task was successfully completed.

    The successful raising of the LNG tank roof allows the project to enter the next stage of implementation. By the time the terminal is commissioned and started-up in early 2023, the first storage tank will become in operation, helping stabilize domestic energy supply.

  • 2021/03
    Taiwan: CTCI Signs Umbrella Service Contract with BASF for Chemical Projects
    Engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractor CTCI announced today that it has signed a five-year Engineering Partner Umbrella Service Contract (USC) with BASF, a major foreign investor in the region’s chemical industry, to collaborate on chemical and petrochemical projects in the Greater China region.

    Based on the agreement, CTCI will be considered as an EPsCm services contractor candidate for BASF’s chemical and petrochemical plants in Greater China.

    The agreement is a recognition of CTCI’s engineering, procurement services, and construction management (EPsCm) expertise in the hydrocarbon and petrochemical business, paving the way for CTCI’s business expansion.

    The contract signing ceremony took place today in Beijing. The agreement was signed by CTCI Beijing, its parent company CTCI Corporation, and BASF (China) Co., Ltd.

    CTCI has been providing EPsCm service to BASF since 2002. Now that it has been competitively selected as a BASF engineering partner in Greater China, it commits to leverage the Group’s global resources and CTCI Beijing’s localized support to provide BASF with optimal services.

  • 2021/02
    Thailand: CTCI/Saipem Reaches Milestone of Raising LNG Tank Roof in Thailand's Largest Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Receiving Terminal

    CTCI is pleased to announce that the PTTLNG Nong Fab LNG Terminal project in Thailand, which it contracted jointly with Saipem, has recently completed the tank roof raising for two gigantic liquefied natural gas (LNG) tanks on Jan. 23 and Feb. 6, 2021, respectively. The tank roof raising marks a major milestone of the LNG storage tank construction in this project. By accomplishing this task, CTCI gained further experience and established track record in the global LNG engineering business field, proving its technical capabilities.

    Located in the industrial zone of Rayong Province, Thailand, Nong Fab is the second LNG receiving terminal invested and constructed locally by PTTLNG Company Limited, a subsidiary of PTT Group, Thailand's leading energy firm.

    Kicked off on July 1, 2018, the project includes engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of two 250,000m3 LNG storage tanks (the largest capacity per single LNG storage tank in Thailand), a gasification facility of 7.5 million tons of LNG per year, a 6-kilometer trestle unloading facility (the world’s longest trestle in the LNG field), and an eco-friendly administrative building.

    “Air raising” technique was used to lift the LNG storage tank roofs. Air was injected into the closed space formed by the dome-shaped tank roof and the pre-stressed concrete (PC) outer wall to create additional air pressure between the interior and exterior of the roof, so as to lift it from the ground to the design elevation.

    It had been a huge challenge to raise the tank roof with a diameter of 90 meters and weighing more than 1,000 tons to a height of 48 meters (about 16 floors). To avoid the collision of tank roof structure with the PC outer wall, the position tolerance and tank roof leveling must be strictly controlled (only a few centimeters are allowed). Thanks to the rich experience, solid technology and collaboration of the project team, this arduous task was successfully completed.

    The successful raising of LNG tank roof allowed the project to enter the next stage of implementation. By the time the terminal is commissioned and started-up in 2022, the LNG receiving terminal is able to provide 7.5 million tons of LNG regasification each year, ensuring stable energy supply for Thailand.