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  • 2018/10
    Taiwan: CTCI-HDEC Joint Venture to Establish Taiwan's First Integrated Sewage Treatment and Reclamation Plant
    CTCI Corporation (CTCI), Taiwan's largest EPC contractor, has joined hands with Hsin-Dar Environment Corporation (HDEC), as a joint venture and awarded BTO Project of LinHai Sewage Treatment Plant and Reclaimed Water by Kaohsiung City Government. For this project, a special purpose company, HDEC-CTCI (Linhai) Corporation, responsible for investment, build, and operation of the project is established. The contract, valued at NT$4.33 billion and with an 18-year concession period, is Taiwan’s first project combining sewage treatment and large reclamation unit together. The reclaimed water could be provided for industrial use, transforming itself into a little reservoir of the city. The plant is scheduled to be commercially operated in 2021, and by when, totally 33,000 CMD reclaimed water will be provided for Kaohsiung Linhai Industrial Park, effectively easing the strain of local water demand.

    The contract, being part of the six demonstration plants to be built in the Public Sewage Treatment Plant Discharge Water Recycling and Reuse Promotion Project, is to build sewage treatment plant and reclamation plant in one step; in 1st phase, it is expected to build a 55,000 CMD Sewage Treatment Plant to produce 33,000 CMD reclaimed water for industries at Linhai Industrial Park. In the future, the capacity could be further expanded to 60,000 CMD, combining with the 45,000 CMD by Fengshan Shi Wastewater Reclamation Plant at 2nd phase, over 100,000 CMD reclaimed water could be steadily produced for Linhai Industrial Park and thus laying a cornerstone for local industry development.

    CTCI, with 20 years of experience in water resource treatment, has completed various water reclamation plants for the hydrocarbon industry and municipal wastewater treatment plants projects, and is keen on the business opportunities of water resource in the context of circular economy. With the new contract awarded, CTCI is committed to deliver the Most Reliable engineering quality and green engineering practices, contributing its share for the sustainability of the environment.

  • 2018/10
    Taiwan: Putting Circular Economy into Practice --CTCI Joins Hands with Evergreen Steel to Build Taiwan's Landmark BOT Biomass Energy Center
    Backed by its rich experience and project performance in the fields of waste management and Energy-from-Waste business, CTCICorporation (CTCI) , Taiwan's largest EPC turnkey service contractor, has successfully secured the "Taoyuan City Biomass Energy Center Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Project" under a Joint Venture (JV) formed by CTCI Corporation, ECOVE, an affiliate of CTCI, in conjunction with Evergreen Steel Corporation (Evergreen). The JV also established “EVER ECOVE Corporation” as the concession company for the BOT project, with CTCI responsible for the EPC work of the project and ECOVE Environment Services Corporation, a subsidiary of ECOVE, responsible for its operation and maintenance.

    The landmark Biomass Energy Center BOT project in Taiwan is expected to be completed in the second half of 2021 with a concession period of 25 years. Different from the traditional energy from waste plant, it will not only achieve the dual benefits of proper waste disposal and energy recovery (electricity generation) but will also lead the trend and create a new generation of cycling-type environmental park with low pollution, diversified treatment, and sustainable operation. It will become a model indicator for the promotion and development of the circular economy by the Taoyuan City Government.

    The scope of this project includes waste pretreatment, thermal process (waste incineration), anaerobic digestion, landfill and other related facilities. The facility puts the circular economy into practice by directing waste to reduction, reuse and recycling. After completion, the center will be responsible for handling household waste and industrial & commercial waste in Taoyuan City, and recovering waste heat generated during heat treatment to generate electricity. Through the anaerobic digestion technology, the facility is able to process the kitchen waste which is with high moisture content and not suitable for direct burning, and create the best solution to treat kitchen waste and further generate electricity as well.

    CTCI has been deeply cultivating the resource cycling industry for 20 years and is the only investor/builder in Taiwan that has the turnkey capability of the energy from waste plant and owns successful implementation experience of the only two incineration plant BOT projects in Taiwan. ECOVE is the first environmental resource management service company in Taiwan to acquire the qualifications for the operation of energy from waste plants overseas. Its services include the resource recycling of various materials such as waste disposal and energy from waste, wastewater treatment, and renewable energy development. ECOVE's business landscape covers Macao, China, Southeast Asia, and the United States. The three major businesses of aviation, shipping, and steel owned by the JV partner Evergreen Group, also with a mission of guarding the green earth. Evergreen Steel is leading in the Biomass Energy Center project, has a foothold in environmental protection and has made the investment to two companies, namely Hsin Yung Enterprise and Super Max Engineering. In the future, Evergreen Group will also expand its business in environmental protection.

    In this project, the JV team of CTCI and Evergreen stood out from the fierce competition with its high energy efficiency, technical solutions for effective processing of multiple wastes, and the concept of putting the circular economy into practice. CTCI is committed to continuing to uphold the brand spirit of "The Most Reliable" and join hands with Evergreen to establish Taoyuan City as an advanced, environmentally friendly homeland.

  • 2018/10
    Taiwan: CTCI Teams Up to Clean Up Taiwan’s Coastline
    In response to the EPA’s island-wide beach cleaning and beach adopting campaign, CTCI has made commitment to contribute its share to be a guarding force for Taiwan’s coastline since 2017, and has planned 3 sessions of beach cleaning campaign. On October 20, CTCI held the last session of beach cleaning activity, with 85 participants, including colleagues, family members, and the U.S. business partners. Totally, 504 kg of trash has been collected that day which helped revive the coastline with real actions.

    As was previously the case, the CEO of Group Shared Services Mr. Ming-Cheng Hsiao attended the event to cheer colleagues up and personally toiled under the sun to pick up trash together with everyone else. The beach adopted by CTCI is 1 km in length, and the trash collected include waste and floating garbage like styrofoam, bottle glass, plastic bottles, fishing net. The organizer Brand Management Department then selected the winning groups with the “Golden Weight Award”, and “Golden Volume Award” based on the weight and volume of trash collected by each team. For participants who show perfect attendance, an additional “Perfect Attendance Award” will be conferred.

    The number of attendance for the 3-session beach cleaning campaign held by CTCI is 193.. As invited by colleagues, not only family members but also business partners had joined this campaign. This has also brought participants to reflect on the impacts of marine waste and everyone has made a firm resolve to protect the marine ecology. CTCI will continue to exert its influence and join hands to contribute a share to the sustainability of the earth.

  • 2018/10
    Taiwan: CTCI Participates in 2018 CSR Captain Program to Share its CSR Practices
    CTCI participated in the 2018 CSR Captain Program-Winter Action co-hosted by CTCI Education Foundation and Center for Corporate Sustainability on October 27th. The course and lecture held drew 48 participants forming 12 teams from 9 schools, 16 countries. Totally 6 enterprises with recognized CSR practice were invited to shares their CSR efforts. On behalf of the company, General Manager Mei-Chen Hu, Brand Management Department, attended the event and shared how CTCI implements CSR practices centered on its brand spirit of the “Most Reliable” while CTCI is going to celebrate its 40th anniversary next year. With sustainable corporate governance model, management capabilities, and promotion of innovative technology services, such as green engineering, smart plants, circular economy, CTCI has been able to deliver exemplary CSR practices. Moreover, CTCI even assists suppliers to carry out sustainable management practices and jointly pursue the greater good.

    For these efforts, CTCI has been listed by Dow Jones Sustainability Index in the Emerging Market for 4 consecutive years and was honored with the REBRAND 100® Global Awards for successful brand transformation. Through face-to-face case sharing, we at CTCI hope to allow these young students to generate ideas for sustainable development of enterprises. The students, in turn, will shares CTCI’s CSR practices in social media, and promote them on a global scale.

  • 2018/09
    The US: CTCI Secures an EPC Project with McDermott, Creating Thousands of Job Opportunities in the U.S.
    Taipei, TAIWAN—CTCI, Taiwan's largest EPC contractor, has recently secured an EPC Project in the southern United States by forming a Joint Venture, CTCI McDermott Integrated (CMI), with McDermott. Final investment decisions for this project are pending receipt of environmental permits.

    As the project, located on the U.S. Gulf Coast, moves forward, thousands of local job opportunities will be created.

    CMI has executed the front end engineering design (FEED) contract for the same plant in 2017. Pending receipt of environmental permits, the project is expected to be completed by Q1 2022.

    Consistent with comments from CTCI's Group Chairman at the contract signing ceremony; this project is of utmost importance to both CTCI and McDermott. Both CTCI and McDermott are confident that their strong performance demonstrated during the FEED phase will extend through the EPC phase. This includes achieving "No Hurts", delivering a high quality product that both CTCI and McDermott are known for as well as meeting the schedule.

  • 2018/08
    Taiwan: CTCI Joins Alliance for Sustainable Development Goals: Enterprises, Academia, and Government Work Together to Promote Sustainable Development
    The Alliance for Sustainable Development Goals (A‧SDGs), a joint effort initiated by cross-sector stakeholders from enterprises, government, academia, and NGOs to build a resource sharing platform for sustainable development know-hows, held its founding ceremony on August 21st. Committed to sustainable development, CTCI Group Chairman John T. Yu made a special appearance at the meeting together with more than 200 guests from over 100 organizations to promote cross-sector cooperation efforts. It is hoped that through this joint effort, a platform to share information and resources for sustainable development can be built and benefits all industries and sectors in Taiwan.

    Vice President of the Republic of China Chen Chien-Jen and Premier William Lai were also invited to attend the founding ceremony. It is hoped that NGOs and the government can work together to promote Taiwan's sustainable development goals, taking the promotion of sustainable development to rise to the next level. The chairman of the alliance, Ambassador Eugene Chien hopes that the public and private sectors can actively integrate UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into their operational development strategies and fully implement these goals.

    During the founding ceremony event, the organizers specially invited Ming-Cheng Hsiao, CEO from CTCI Group Shared Services to share a best case SDGs study. Speaking on "The Most Reliable Corporate Citizen," Hsiao explained how CTCI fulfills corporate social responsibilities, taking economic, environmental and social development concerns into account while conducting engineering projects, and how CTCI is able to follow and respond to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), actively promote green engineering, and striving to become the "Most Reliable Corporate Citizen".

  • 2018/08
    China: CTCI Enters High-End Cleanroom Market, Securing SDP Array Cleanroom Project at G10.5 Display Eco-industrial Park Invested by Foxconn Technology Group
    TAIPEI--CTCI Shanghai and CTCI SEC, subsidiaries of CTCI, have joined hands with Chiuho Engineering Co. Ltd. to win SDP Array Cleanroom Project of SAKAI SIO International GuangZhou Co., LTD, invested by Foxconn Technology Group. The project, located within the G10.5 Display Eco-industrial Park now under construction in Zengcheng Economic and Technological Park of Guangzhou, China, is of the world’s highest yield rate and productivity today. Scheduled to be completed in Oct. 2019, the project scope includes Cleanroom Decoration, Electrical, HVAC, Fire Fighting, Plumbing, and Process Supporting System. By participating in the LCD panel front-end process, CTCI officially enters the high-end cleanroom market and build a track record.

    CTCI Shanghai Co., Ltd. has acquired various construction licenses in engineering contracting in China and abundant experiences in local suppliers and construction management. CTCI SEC (CTCI Smart Engineering Inc.) is based in Taiwan and is a specialist in providing intelligent engineering services to the clients in the hi-tech industries. Over the years, the two CTCI companies have built a track record in the construction of hi-tech plants and clean rooms in the Chinese, Taiwan and overseas markets. Given the fact that Chiuho Engineering Co. Ltd. is a leader in high-tech fab, LCD fab and front-end Cleanroom constructions, by working together, CTCI is able to stand out in this fierce competition and to realize its brand spirit of being the most reliable global engineering services provider.

  • 2018/08
    Taiwan: CTCI Education Foundation and TAISE Co-organize “2018 Youth Sustainability Leadership Program” Focusing on The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals
    CTCI Education Foundation (CTCIEF) and Taiwan Institute for Sustainability Foundation (TAISE) co-organized “2018 Youth Sustainability Leadership Program” held during Aug. 7-10. The program was attended by 36 elite students majoring in 27 different subjects from 20 universities at Taiwan and abroad. It is expected that by utilizing this opportunity, these students may learn to work together for the greater good and the sustainable development of the world, with an expanded global perspective. For student who demonstrated superior performance at the program, a scholarship will be granted.

    Eugene Chien, Chairman of CTCI EF and TAISE, and Mei-Chen Hu, General Manager of Brand Management Department of CTCI, attended the opening ceremony to give a welcoming speech and expected that the participating students to strengthen leadership skills and make the most of their influence as the younger generation in the promotion of sustainability. The program is composed of 7 training courses while the lecturers are experts from the industry, government, and university. The courses are focused on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN and exploration of the current international sustainability related issues, while also dealing with the latest trends, leadership skills, and the art of communication, via group proposal competitions.

  • 2018/08
    Taiwan: CTCI Promotes Local Culture and Continues to Devote to Environmental Education Cause: "Shilin Cultural Festival" Officially Kicks Off
    The Shilin Cultural Festival, jointly organized by CTCI and Zhishan Cultural and Ecological Garden held its opening concert in CTCI Headquarters lobby on August 5th. The cultural festival began with the beautiful, melodic performance by Taiwan Mandolin Ensemble, CTCI Mandolin Ensemble, and San-Yu Elementary School string orchestra. These cultural festival events will last until September 30th, with a total of 8 concert performances. After many years of running this event, it has become a famous annual gathering of culture and music, attracting even people from outside of Shilin and Tianmu area coming to participate. The total number of participants has exceeded 10,000 to date over the past years.

    CTCI Group Shared Services & CTCI Education Foundation CEO Ming-Cheng Hsiao mentioned in his event speech that, as a local enterprise member, CTCI has been sponsoring this cultural festival for the past 8 consecutive years ever since its relocation to Shilin & Tianmu area in 2009. Under the umbrella goal of promoting local culture and continued devotion to environmental education, CTCI has long been looking out for the culture development and environment in Shilin area. CTCI hopes to give back to society using its core strength and professional knowledge. This year, a special exhibition "Urban Environmental Change" will be launching alongside other culture festival events. CTCI affiliate company ECOVE has specially invited the students who are working as culture festival guides to learn about advanced waste treatment knowledge from the Miaoli Incineration Plant which is operated by the company. Booth will also be set up during the closing ceremony Music Marathon and The Water and Green Environment Experience Day. The booth will act as an experience booth, sharing on how to apply engineering expertise towards environmental protection, promoting local development, and environmental education.

    The next seven concerts during the course of this festival will be held every weekend at one of the locations including Zhishanyan District Activity Center, Kuo Yuan Ye Museum of Cake and Pastry, Far East SOGO Tianmu Store, Shilin Activity Center, Former Residence of Lin Yutang , Zhishan Cultural and Ecological Garden, and Lanya Junior High School. Students and art groups from all over the place will be performing different genres of music. We cordially invite you to join us and enjoy these beautiful summer afternoons.

  • 2018/07
    Taiwan: CTCI Succeeds in Obtaining Taiwan's Largest Coal Bunker Contract with Taichung Power Plant No. 1~10 Coal Handling System Improvement Project
    CTCI, Taiwan's largest EPC lump sum contractor has recently been awarded Taichung Power Plant No. 1~10 Coal Handling System Improvement Project from Taipower followed its No. 1-4 AQCS Retrofit contract acquired in 2015 with solid track records in executing EPC projects worldwide. The contract value is NT$12.9 billion and 88 million, and is scheduled to be completed in June 2022. With the completion of this project, the ambient air quality standards are expected to be effectively improved, providing better living environment to residents of central Taiwan.

    The Taichung power plant ranks the second in coal-fired power plants globally, and is Taiwan’s largest power plant, which is a major source of power supply for households and industrial use. The project scope includes the construction of 550,000 tons & 600,000 tons closed type A-Frame coal shed at the northeastern side of the current storage bunker and automated convey system to eliminate the coal dust emission of the existing open coal yard and the problem of running out of dry coal stock in raining days. Moreover, this would resolve the current bottleneck of coal storage and mixing coal of Taichung Power Plant, hence meeting the future operation needs.

    CTCI has proven expertise in power plants solutions including Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning lump sum service and management of power plants. Its professionalism has enabled it to execute various tough power plant projects both at Taiwan and abroad, which include Taiwan’s Talin, Linkou, Tongxiao, Dahtarn, and Lungmen Nuclear Power Plant Project, Thailand TOP SPP Small Power Producer Project, and the 300MW Kimanis Combined Cycle Power Plant in Malaysia. CTCI’s superior engineering quality has won it the recognition of project owners time and again, help fostering local economic development. Securing this new contract from Taipower, CTCI will actively contribute its share of protecting the environment and fostering economic development with its green engineering solutions and thus hold firm to its brand spirit of being “the most reliable global engineering services provider”.

  • 2018/07
    Taiwan: CTCI Secures WanDa Line (Phase I) E&M System, AFC, and Trackworks Project with Alstom
    CTCI, Taiwan’s largest EPC lump sum contractor has recently been awarded WanDa Line (Phase I) E&M System, AFC, and Trackworks Project from Department of Rapid Transit System (DORTS), Taipei City Government by joining hands with the French multinational company ALSTOM Transport S.A. and Alstom Brasil Energia e Transporte Ltda. As a leader in Taiwan’s metro E&M system, CTCI has secured the contract with solid track records in the field accumulated over the years.

    The contract amount is at NT$14.3 billion and 78.9 million (roughly EUR 378 million). The project is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2025, and will provide a safe and easy access of transportation to passengers going to/from Taipei City and Zhonghe District,Tucheng District of New Taipei City.

    CTCI has been cooperating with Alstom for various project including Taipei MRT Hsin-Chuang Lu-Chou Line, Nankang East Extension Line, and Wurih-Wenxin-Beitun Line (Green Line) of Taichung Metro. This time, the two parties united leveraging the expertise and experience of both companies and won the contract. The WanDa Line (Wanda Zhonghe Shulin Line) is a medium capacity driverless transit system. The phase I of the contract consists of nine underground stations and one depot and is 9.5 km long (including 700 m for branch line). This is a system-wide E&M contract, whose scope encompasses rolling stock, signaling (platform screen doors included), power supply, communication, automatic fare collection system, trackworks, depot equipment, and Project Management and System Integration.

    CTCI has been dedicated to providing technological services of the E&M System over the years as early as in 1989, with Taiwan’s first ever Muzha Line, and Nangang, Banquio, Tucheng, Hsin-Chuang Lu-Chou, Xinyi Songshan Line, Wurih-Wenxin-Beitun Line (Green Line) of Taichung Metro, and Tamhai LRT Phase I Power Supply and Trackwork Project. This new contract awarded further strengthens CTCI’s leadership as Taiwan’s MRT E&M System service provider. In addition to continuously providing its technological expertise in Taiwan’s MRT projects, CTCI is utilizing its strong track record to expand business territory to overseas markets in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur with its most reliable engineering services.

  • 2018/06
    Thailand: CTCI Awarded LNG Receiving Terminal Contract in Thailand from PTT
    Taipei, TAIWAN: CTCI CORPORATION, in Joint Venture with Saipem, has been awarded a new contract of Nong Fab LNG Receiving Terminal located within Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate in Rayong Province of Thailand by PTT LNG Company Limited, a subsidiary of PTT Public Company Limited.

    With CTCI’s solid track record and focus in Thailand’s EPC market over the decades, the JV beats other international EPC bidders to acquire the contract with the value nearly USD 925 million, hitting a new record for CTCI in Thailand’s EPC project contracting market. This contract award has laid a foundation for an advantageous Southeast Asia market outlook, while also fueled the momentum for Taiwan Government’s New Southbound Policy.

    The scope of Nong Fab LNG Receiving Terminal includes engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of two 250,000m3 storage tanks, a 7.5MMTPA re-gasification facility, a long trestle marine jetty, and an eco-friendly Administration Building.

  • 2018/06
    India: CTCI Wins Regas Package for LNG Receiving Terminal Project at Dhamra Odisha from Adani Group
    CTCI, Taiwan’s largest EPC lump sum contractor has recently been awarded a Regas Package for LNG Receiving Terminal Project by India-based Adani Group. The project will be jointly handled by the India-based CINDA Engineering & Construction Pvt. Ltd., and the parent company CTCI Corp. While this is an inaugural cooperation between the two parties, this has made CTCI the contractor with the highest market share in India’s LNG receiving terminal construction market.

    The project is located at the Dhamra Port, Odisha in the east coast of India and is scheduled to be completed within 3 years. Upon completion, a capacity of producing 5 million tonnes of natural gas per annum will be made available, which will contribute to local economic development, while also ensuring cleaner fuel to refineries, fertilisers, industries in the region along with development of City Gas Distribution networks and thus help reach the Green India Mission launched by the India Government.

    The Adani Group is a multinational conglomerate company based in India, and one of India’s Top 5 leading business entities. The Group’s diverse businesses include energy, resources, logistics, and agribusiness, among others, and it is known as King of Ports in India. The project is located within one of the 10 ports owned by the Adani Group.

    CTCI has long been developing the India market and has established the CINDA Engineering & Construction Pvt. Ltd. in 2008 for localized operations. It has previously acquired Kochi LNG Receiving Terminal Expansion Project and Dahej LNG Receiving Terminal Phase IIIB-1 Expansion Project by Petronet LNG Limited, India. In other business lines, including petrochemical, LNG receiving terminals, and industrial plants, CTCI has also built a strong foundation, winning state level awards for outstanding project executions multiple times. This contract award not only broadens CTCI’s market reach, but with the equipment required in the project, Taiwan’s supply chain may be able to penetrate into the India market, which will also avail the New Southbound policy of the Taiwan Government.

  • 2018/06
    Taiwan: Continuing to Support EPA’s Beach Cleaning Campaign, CTCI Teams Up to Guard Taiwan’s Coastline
    In response to the EPA’s island-wide beach cleaning and beach adopting campaign, CTCI has made commitment to contribute its share to be a guiding force for Taiwan’s coastline and has planned a beach cleaning campaign at Yangchouzi coastline, Tamsui, New Taipei City. On June 9, CTCI held the 2nd beach cleaning activity, while the 1st session of which had been held in 2017. With CTCI’s participation as an enterprise, it is hoped that the public may be encouraged to join us to preserve the picturesque coastline of Taiwan.

    It was a fair sunny day when the activity was held, and nearly 60 CTCI colleagues, family, and friends participated in beach cleaning with great passion. Along with any other participants, the CEO of Group Shared Services Mr. Ming-Cheng Hsiao attended the event to cheer colleagues up and personally toiled under the sun to pick up trash at the beach. The beach adopted by CTCI is 1 km in length, and the trash collected include waste and floating garbage like styrofoam, bottle glass, plastic bottles, fishing net, etc. The organizer Brand Management Department then selected the winning groups with the “Golden Weight Award”, “Golden Volume Award”, and “Golden Color Award” based on the weight, volume, and type of trash collected by each group. When seeing the cleaned beach, the participants were thrilled with a feeling of achievement and decided to sign up for the next session of this meaningful campaign.

    CTCI believes that continuous supporting the beach adopting project is a vital part of building a sustainable home for all. The next session is scheduled to be held on September 29, and we invite more colleagues and family member to join us and join hands to contribute a share to the sustainability of the marine ecology.

  • 2018/05
    Taiwan: Public Officials from Countries Interested to Learn CTCI’s Energy-from-Waste Practices Visited ECOVE Miaoli EfW Plant
    CTCI’s Group Resource Cycling Business (ECOVE) has operated and managed 11 EfW Plants in Taiwan and is known as the most reliable provider of Energy-from-Waste (EfW) services over the past 20 years. With its rich EfW experiences, the International Cooperation and Development Fund (ICDF), which organized the workshop on urban waste management, was attracted to visit ECOVE Miaoli Energy Corporation and acquire knowledge of the treatments and technologies of domestic waste in Taiwan. ICDF expected that members could exert what they learned from ECOVE and promote the development of the EfW industry in their home countries.

    The 22 members from 20 countries are in charge of resource cycling fields in their homelands. These include the general manager of the Solid Waste Management Bureau in Santa Lucia, the director of the Mexican ecology bureau, the director of Argentine sustainable development office, the sustainable development consultants from Colombia, and the environmental senior officials from Belize.

    In order to welcome the guests, ECOVE arranged a tour at Miaoli EFW Plant to introduce Taiwan’s technologies of EFW and pollution prevention, and ECOVE’s environmental education in the neighborhood. In addition, the workshop members were invited to visit the crane room and central control room to learn more about the actual operation of the plant.

    During the symposium after the tour, the workshop members, recognizing that Taiwan’s waste treatment and development have taken the lead in the world, said they would like to learn more about ECOVE’s EfW technologies which could improve the waste problems and relieve local electricity demand in their home countries.

  • 2018/05
    Taiwan: The 2018 General Shareholders Meeting of CTCI Corporation & The 8th Meeting of the Board of Directors for the 14th Term
    CTCI Corporation held its annual General Shareholders Meeting on 29th May, 2018 in Tianmu Convention Center, Mellow Fields Hotel. During the meeting, the ratification Items, including 2017 business report, financial statements, distribution of fiscal year 2017 earnings, were all carried.

    According to the Business Report, the consolidated sales revenues amounted to NT$71,606,604 thousand in 2017, increased by 1.56% from the year 2016. The consolidated net income after tax reached NT$2,805,348 thousand, increased by 26.20% compared with the year 2016. In 2017, total new contract awarded to CTCI group was about NT$44,445,703 thousand. Major projects awarded are Vietnam Van Phong Coal-fired Power Plant EPC Project, Malaysia RAPID P28B Euro 5 EPC Project, Malaysia Kuala Lumpur KLLRT Line 3 Power Supply System EPC Project, Philippines JG Summit Aromatics and Butadiene Extraction Units EPC Project, Vietnam Maxihub Lube Oil Blending and Tank Farm Terminal EPC Project, etc. Among these figures, our consolidated revenue has reached an all-time high. Although we did not reach our targets on the total amount of new contracts and backlog, we are embracing a good opportunity this year, which could bring us to make another historical record. In addition, cash dividend payable to shareholders of NT$2,468,201,903 was approved in the Shareholders Meeting (TWD 3.23 per share based on 763,273,848 common outstanding shares).

    Meanwhile, the ex-dividend date and the base date for dividend were determined to be on July 26th, 2018 and August 1st, 2018, respectively, in the Board Meeting held the same day.

  • 2018/05
    Taiwan: The 2018 General Shareholders Meeting of CTCI Advanced Systems Inc. & The 8th Meeting of the Board of Directors for the 11th Term
    The 2018 Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting of CTCI Advanced Systems Inc. (CTCI ASI) was held at Taipei Computer Association Executive Club Room 501, May 29, 2018. In the meeting, the Company’s 2017 business report, financial statements, and distribution of 2017 profits were adopted.

    According to the business report released, the consolidated sales revenues of CTCI ASI in 2017 is NT$1,337,655 thousand; the net Income reaches NT$75,889 thousand; the earnings per share (EPS) after tax is NT$3.23. In the 2018 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, it was resolved that the cash dividend payable to shareholders will be NT$67,587,966. At the same day, the 8th meeting of the 11th term of the Board of Directors was held. The ex-dividend date was set on August 1, 2018.

  • 2018/05
    Taiwan: The 2018 General Shareholders Meeting of ECOVE Environment Corporation & The 7th Meeting of the Seventh Term of the Board of Directors
    ECOVE Environment Corporation held its annual General Shareholders Meeting on 31th May, 2018 in Room 505, Mellow Fields Hotel. During the meeting, the motions, including ”2017 business report”, “financial statements ”, and ”Distribution of fiscal year 2017 earnings ” were all carried.

    According to the Business Report, the consolidated revenues amounted to NT$4,479,587 thousand in 2017, decreased by NT$475,978 thousand from the year 2016. The consolidated net profit after tax reached NT$761,339 thousand, decreased by NT$86,758 thousand compared with the year 2016. In addition, cash dividend payable to shareholders of NT$647,312,713 was approved in the Shareholders Meeting (TW$9.68 per share based on 66,871,148 common outstanding shares).

    In the same day, the Ex-rights (ex-dividend) record date for dividend were determined to be on August 1st, 2018 in the 7th meeting of the 7th term of the Board of Directors.

  • 2018/04
    Taiwan: GDDC will Build Taipei’s Largest Solar Power Plant on the Roof of the Beitou Depot
    G.D. Development Corporation (GDDC), a subsidiary of industry-leading resource cycling services provider ECOVE, announced on Apr. the 13th that it obtained the bid of the solar power plant at the Beitou Depot.

    GDDC will complete a total capacity of 3.8MW photovoltaic power facilities, the largest solar power plant in Taipei City, and generate about 4,300MWh green power which could supply for 1,100 families yearly and cut down 2,200 metric tons of carbon emission annually.

    GDDC, founded in 2011, is a joint venture between ECOVE and Gintech Energy Corporation with extensive experience in the investment, development, construction, and operation of solar power facilities at Taiwan High Speed Rail station, Kaohsiung MRT station, Kaohsiung Harbor, and aviation stations in Taiwan. In Nov. 2017, GDDC signed the contract of solar power plant at Beitou Depot with Taipei Metro and would be responsible for the overall planning, investment, construction and operation. The solar power plant will be built in June this year and completed before the end of the year.

  • 2018/03
    Taiwan: CTCI Targets Offshore Wind Power Business Opportunities to Make Green Energy Shines for Taiwan
    CTCI Group is the largest EPC turnkey contractor in Taiwan. It has extensive experience in domestic and international turnkey projects. Major projects include CPC Refinery, Liquefied Natural Gas Station, High Speed Rail, and MRT. As the leading company of Taiwan's engineering contracting industry, CTCI also responds to the government's green power policy to contribute to the sustainable development of Taiwan's environment while pursuing the growth of the company. Therefore, it will not be absent for the offshore wind power business opportunities. Recently CTCI has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Germany-based wpd AG energy group. CTCI hopes to make green energy shine for Taiwan using its most reliable engineering technology.

    Wpd is a wind power and solar optoelectronics developer and operator. It is headquartered in Bremen, Germany, and has operating locations in 18 countries. Since its establishment over 20 years ago, it has installed nearly 2,200 wind turbines and has a total capacity of more than 4,400 MW. In 2016, wpd acquired Taiwan's infraVest Group, becoming the largest private renewable energy operator which operates more than 380 MW on-shore wind power and solar power. It has also planned offshore wind farm sites, including 708MW offshore of Yunlin and 363MW off the coast of Taoyuan.

    Offshore wind power is a crucial key to Taiwan’s energy transformation. CTCI will actively compete for related business by utilizing its competitive strength in engineering design and management. In early 2018, CTCI Group's CTCI Machinery Corporation has received German TÜV Group PED (EU Pressure Equipment Directive), EN1090 (EU Steel Structure Certification), and ISO3834 (Welding Quality Management System Certification). CTCI Machinery Corp is the first Taiwan company to get certification from both the US and EU. This is a plus to offshore wind power and underwater infrastructure engineering services.

    At present, there are only about 1,000 days left to reach the 520MW policy target by the end of 2020. All developers are fully committed and strive to complete the first potential wind farm in Taiwan by 2020. CTCI will also uphold the brand spirit of "The Most Reliable" and actively pursue business opportunities to provide green energy construction for Taiwan.

  • 2018/03
    Taiwan: CTCI Partners with Global Suppliers to March towards Sustainability
    As the largest domestic turnkey contractor, CTCI has won international recognition for its brilliant corporate social responsibility obligation performances over the years. CTCI has held a "Towards Sustainability - Better Together" 2018 CTCI Supplier Meeting on March 22, 2018, in hopes to collaborate with its supplier partners to fulfill corporate social responsibility and exert their collective global influences. CTCI also shared and promoted its business sustainability philosophy and achievements in order to build consensus, grow together, and create innovative opportunities in terms of environment, economic, and social sustainability development orientations.

    A total of 24 suppliers from Eurasian region including Italy, Spain, China, Taiwan, India, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong were invited to participate, and a total of 44 high-level executives of these suppliers have attended this meeting. Todd Chen, President of EPC Operations, Ming-Cheng Hsiao, President of Group Shared Services, and Ting-Chuang Li, Senior Manager of the Procurement Division have represented the company to welcome the global suppliers during the event and shared the sustainable development and business outlooks of CTCI. Meanwhile, two heavyweight scholars/experts, Dr. Eugene Chien, Chairman of the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE) and Dr. Yang Ku, CEO of TAISE, were invited to give keynote speeches on the topics of "International Development Trends and Targets for Sustainable Development" and "Sustainable Supply Chain management," respectively. Their speeches explored the key connections and impacts from the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) toward enterprise sustainable management, social responsibility investment, sustainable supply chain management, etc. The goal of the meeting was to enable participants to have a clearer knowledge and understanding of the sustainable enterprise operations and supplier management practices, and enable everyone to cooperate more closely.

    During the meeting, CTCI specifically described its policies on quality management, Safety, Health and Environment policies, procurement operation procedures, and supplier management, as well as providing its future business outlooks. CTCI also awarded medals to manufacturers that have supplied excellent products in order to show recognition and gratitude for their support. The objective is to inspire more vendors to create intimate partnership opportunities with CTCI on a win-win basis.

    As a member of the global village, CTCI has continued to fulfill its corporate social responsibility while pursuing enterprise growth in hopes to achieve corporate social responsibility with its partners together. In addition to being the first company to have its CSR reports to receive third-party verification in Taiwan, CTCI has also become the first in Taiwan to be selected by the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) for three years in a row since 2015, and the only Taiwanese company selected for the engineering industry category. In addition to establishing sustainable supplier chain development strategies, CTCI has also counseled and assisted suppliers to enhance their international capabilities. CTCI has also enhanced their awareness and corporate social responsibility executions via continuous sharing and advocacy. The goal is to enable the global suppliers and CTCI to grow together, and jointly move towards the path of sustainability.

  • 2018/02
    Egypt: ECOVE Invited to Attend the EAEO Forum to Deliver a Speech on Experiences in Municipal Solid Waste Management in Taiwan
    Looking around the world, the treatment of municipal solid waste is one of the trickiest problems that the government must deal with. If the government does not manage it properly, it will cause public health and environmental issues.

    ECOVE, an affiliate of CTCI, is a global engineering services provider that specializes in EfW, waste management, solar power and circular economy business. In the 1980s and 1990s, waste crisis in Taiwan occurred because of limited space to bury garbage and waste. Founded during Taiwan's waste crisis, ECOVE quickly became a leader in EfW, waste management and resource recovery. Not satisfied with merely recovering energy from disposed resources, ECOVE kept improving its operations to recover as much energy as possible. ECOVE's successful experience in the treatment of garbage and wastes was appreciated by the European-Arab Environment Organization (EAEO) and has been invited to the Egyptian Environment Forum to deliver a speech.

    EAEO, founded at Switzerland in 2006, is a non-governmental organization that keeps promoting the concept of sustainable development in Europe and Arab countries. It held “the First Arab Economic Forum for Eco-tourism and Protected Areas in Egypt”, which advocated the concept of eco-tourism and conservation of natural resources, has attracted numerous scholars, experts, enterprises and institutions from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Jordan.

    On behalf of company, Richard Huang, ECOVE sales manager, made a speech on "experience in treatment of municipal solid waste in Taiwan" and introduced the company's successful projects and techniques in the field of circular economy. Huang's speech drew a lively discussion, during which he interacted with participants who recognized that Taiwan's experience in treatment of municipal solid waste could be apply in other developing countries.

    As a leader in Taiwan's resource recycling industry, ECOVE, committed to actively participating in national/regional agendas and policies, is willing to share with peers and other countries in the world the successful experience in municipal solid waste management.

  • 2018/02
    Taiwan: CTCI Group Donated NT$2 Million to Extend a Helping Hand to Hualien Earthquake Victims
    A magnitude 6.0 earthquake struck City of Hualien late February 6, 2018, claiming lives and damaging buildings in and around Hualien. Expressing its grief towards this calamity, CTCI Group takes the initiative to express concern by donating NT$2 million to the relief account of local government authority, to extend a helping hand and help the victims get through the tough times and rebuild their homes soon.

  • 2018/01
    Taiwan: CTCI Education Foundation Launches "2018 Taiwan in My Eyes - 120h"--
    Sustainable Development through the Eyes of Students from 22 Countries
    The first session of "2018 Taiwan in My Eyes - 120h" is a joint effort from CTCI EF and TAISE. The opening ceremony was held at CTCI headquarters on January 22, where Group Chairmen John T. Yu and CTCI EF Chairman Eugene Chien presented team flags to 12 university delegations from the island. 22 nationalities were represented, including 12 ROC nationals and 36 foreign students. Through their vision, inspiration and creativity, they shared Taiwan's experience in sustainable development on social media in 120 hours using different languages. A diverse, beautiful and insightful Taiwan is presented to the rest of the world.

    17 UN sustainable development goals have been incorporated into "Taiwan in My Eyes - 120h". In addition, five major sites have been identified based on five themes (construction engineering, communications commission development, sustainable air navigation and weather services, environmental education, technological innovation and transformation). The sites include CTCI, FarEasTone, Eva Air, CTCI ECOVE Miaoli Incinerator Plant, Tainan Science Park Bureau, among others. The first stop is CTCI headquarters. where chairman John T. Yu highlights CTCI's rise from a domestic company to Global Top 100 after 40 years of hard work. It is also the only Taiwanese engineering company to be included in the DJSI three years running. Besides leading efforts in sustainable engineering domestically and internationally, CTCI has been actively engaged in the resource cycling industry. To fulfill corporate social responsibility, CTCI EF was also created in 2016 with the aim of cultivating young talents, improving education and creating lifelong learning environments. This is the perfect example of CTCI's desire to increase social influence and improve national competitiveness.

    "Taiwan in My Eyes - 120h" is an international educational program launched by CTCI EF in the previous year. Through explorations, observations and field trips in Taiwan, foreign students will gain a better understanding of sustainable development and education on the island.

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