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  • 2016/12
    New Branding & Global Positioning
    CTCI 2016 Strategy Consensus Camp
    Formed in 1979, CTCI has been in business for over 30 years and has more than 40 affiliates globally in over 15 countries at the present day. Our scope of business and competition has also expanded from Taiwan and regional markets in Asia into global market. To face increasingly fierce global competition, CTCI launched a new branding project in 2016 to build new brand image for CTCI. In the future, CTCI will operate under the brand spirit of "Most Reliable", and under the brand slogan of "Discover Reliable" to clearly illustrate to all stakeholders that CTCI is a company which values professionalism, integrity, teamwork, and innovation as the most reliable global engineering services provider.

    Following the rebranding project, we followed up with the reorganization of the group. This is for the sustainable future of the Group and is planned out carefully and intricately. More than 40 domestic and overseas affiliates have been regrouped and divided into three group business units based on their industry characteristics. They are now separated into Group Engineering Business (GEB), Group Resource Cycling Business (GRCB), Group Intelligent Solutions Business (GISB), and Group Shared Services (GSS) which provides integrated services to all companies under the group. This clearly-defined reorganization will be able to create enterprise synergy and accelerate the inheritance of management professionals.

    The strategy consensus camp is a major annual CTCI event. Each year middle and upper managements are invited to this conference to brainstorm and galvanize group development strategy. This is to create a focal point so everyone pools in efforts toward the right direction. CTCI 2016 Strategy Consensus Camp was held on December 24, 2016 at the 10th floor conference room at CTCI headquarters. The conference mainly focused on three points, namely new brand, new organization, and new world. Outside consultants were invited to give 2 speeches and 2 workshops were held as well.

    The event began with the group chairman introducing the development of CTCI brand, recent reorganizations, and market development strategies. Afterwards, group second vice chairman (chairman of CTCI Americas), along with 4 CEOs each giving their own development strategies to all the meeting participants in regards to CTCI Americas, group business units, and GSS respectively. These strategies include new organization position, R&R, opportunities and challenges, innovation, and organization effectiveness.

    Outside consultant was also invited to share about his experience of working at a renowned global company and some success stories to illustrate the relationship between corporate culture and branding as well as insights on how internationally well-known enterprises internalize the concept of branding within the company. Besides, many cutting edge concepts such as triangular theory for corporate culture, corporate management, and personal actions were introduced. Many real-world scenario cases were presented to illustrate to the managements the importance of corporate culture and how it affects business sustainability.

    After outside consultant introduced new concepts and ideas, the participants were immediately divided into smaller discussion groups. 10 groups in total were formed. The focus of the first workshop was to ask the attending managements list 3 positive and negative "most reliable" actions, based on their professional and everyday experience or habit. They were asked to list them with CTCI's value of "Professionalism, Integrity, Teamwork, and Innovation" in mind. By doing so, they could also think of the model behavior as "Most Reliable" for CTCI employee and then reexamine themselves for praise-worthy or change needing personal behaviors. The second workshop topic was to ask these managements to re-evaluate CTCI's SOPs, corporate structure, business development, and company strategy, then listed items that does not meet "Most Reliable" criteria and needs adjustments in order to match the corporate culture and brand identity. After much intense discussion, all the attending managements realize that a successful corporate culture and brand is not achieved overnight. The success comes from all employees trying their best to realize and incorporate these values into their personal actions, work SOPs, and organization strategies.

    At the end of the event, Group Chairman announces that he will be in charge of launching group culture branding. Group Chief Vice Chairman will be in charge of corporate action adjustments. GSS CEO will be in charge of handling personal action enhancement and adjustments. The 3 of them will be making sure the branding vision becomes part of the CTCI culture and also become part of every employee at CTCI. The single day's agenda was very short but packed. Being the leader and manager of the group, a clear understanding of policy and strategy is critical. We should always be thinking about the future of the group, planning on resource shortages, and be proud of what we do. Let us all become part of the "The Most Reliable Global Engineering Services Provider" vision.

  • 2016/12
    Grooming of Engineering Talent—The CTCI Education Foundation Scholarship
    The CTCI Education Foundation Scholarship award, each valued at NT$100,000, was presented to 10 outstanding students at a ceremony held on Dec. 17, 2016, at the headquarters of CTCI.

    Speaking on the occasion, the Group Vice-Chairman, Michael T. H. Yang hoped that CTCI would be able to nurture the domestic engineering talent through this scholarship, and help the students make their contribution to the whole society at large.

    CTCI has established this scholarship in 2011, and formed CTCI Education Foundation in 2016 to cultivate and reward outstanding young students. This year, the evaluation of the scholarship has been made more rigorous involving scrutiny of academic achievement, recommendations from faculty, monographic study proposal, and interviews. CTCI hopes that these efforts would strengthen the link between the industry and academia, and help students learn the practices followed by the industry.

    The guests at the ceremony included Prof. Shang-Hsien from NTU, Prof. Sheam-Chyun Lin from NTUST, Prof. Cheng-ChienKuo from NTUST, Associate Prof. Chang-Yu Lin from NCTU, winners of the scholarship and their families, and the departmental heads of CTCI. As 2016 is the first year of the formation of the CTCI brand, the Brand Management Department introduced Brand Spirit -- Most Reliable, with a view to build its association with the Most Reliable, Advanced Technical Skills, Industry 4.0, and Friendly people.

    After the conclusion of the ceremony, a tea party was arranged wherein the invited students, faculty, and managers of CTCI interacted with each other to help the students gain a knowledge of the functioning of CTCI.

    The following is the list of the winners of 2016 CTCI Education Foundation scholarship:

    ‧Department of Civil Engineering, NTU: Bo-Cing Lee, Ming-Hsiang, Li,Jun-Da Chen, and Tzu-Wei Kuo
    ‧Department of Chemical Engineering, NTU: Li-JiJhang
    ‧Department of Mechanical Engineering, NTUST: Wei-Lien Chen
    ‧Department of Electrical Engineering, NTUST: Hong-Yi Chien
    ‧Department of Civil and Construction Engineering, NTUST: Yu-Sheng Chiang
    ‧Department of Civil Engineering, NCTU: Eric Chen
    ‧Department of Chemical Engineering, NCKU: Shu-Bo Yang

  • 2016/10
    CTCI Education Foundation & KD Holding Corporation Donate Books to Help Disadvantaged Children in Remote Areas
    Knowledge is Power. For helping disadvantaged children in remote areas and narrowing the urban-rural gap of educational resources, CTCI Education Foundation & KD Holding Corporation (KD Holding) support 14 elementary schools in remote areas, including schools in Keelung, Miaoli, Taichung, Tainan, by subscribing science magazines for them. By teaching students and contributing articles about environmental education in the magazine, KD Holding hopes to deeply root the concept of environmental protection into children’s hearts with actions. Through fostering children’s interests in reading, we hope to expand these children’s horizons and enhance their competitiveness to be prepared for the future.

  • 2016/09
    Second Investors Conference of CTCI in 2016
    CTCI held its second investors conference at the International Convention Center of National Taiwan University Hospital on September 26th 2016. Three companies under CTCI, CTCI Corporation, CTCI Advanced System Inc. (CTCI ASI), and KD Holding, reported the operation reviews, strategy and business outlooks as well as financial review of the 1st half of 2016, etc. The conference drew more than one hundred participants, including the institutional investors, bankers, and journalists.

    As of August 2016, the accumulated new contracts of CTCI amounted to TWD 63.1 billion, while the backlog of contract is TWD 206.5 billion and the consolidated sales revenues stood at TWD 44.6 billion. In the 1st half of 2016, net income after tax amount is TWD 1.03 billion and the EPS after tax is TWD 1.35; the gross profit margin and net profit margin after tax is 9.2% and 3.2%, respectively. Major projects awarded in 2016 are Safpet PTA/PET Basic Engineering Design Project in Russia, Petronet Dahej LNG Regas Facilities Expansion Project in India, Saudi Kayan Ethylene Cracking Furnace No.10 Expansion Project in KSA, Chung Li Sewerage System BOT Project, and Feng-Shan Shi Wastewater Reclamation BTO Project in Taiwan, etc. Looking into the future, the business strategies of CTCI Corporation are to maximize current business, including entering U.S and CIS markets for acquiring hydrocarbon plant projects, extending the advantages of CTCI to acquire the opportunities of “One Belt ,One Road” by cross- strait joint venture, seizing the business opportunities accompanied by Taiwan’s new government policy , and developing new ventures, such as Long-Term Care Industry by signing a MOU with MCS company in Japan.

    As of August 2016, the accumulated new contracts of CTCI ASI amounted to TWD 1.2 billion, while the consolidated sales revenues stood at TWD 830 million. The net income after tax in the 1st half of 2016 is TWD 38 million, and the EPS after tax is TWD 1.62; the gross profit margin and net profit margin after tax is 16.1% and 6.1%, respectively. Major projects awarded in 2016 are Taipower Lin-Kou plant No 1&2 Generators Instrument & Control System Installation and Loop Testing Project in Taiwan, Ichthys LNG Export Terminal Control System Services in Australia, PET Bottle Recycling Plant IAS (Intelligent Automation System) System in China, etc. The business strategies in 2016 are to promote industry 4.0 services, process automation and industrial internet of things (IIoT) in a connected industrial enterprise and overseas business strategies, such as the “Three Lines” approach of China, development of Industry 4.0 market in Malaysia with subsidiaries of CTCI.

    As of August 2016, the consolidated sales revenue and the net income after tax of KD Holding is TWD 3.5 billion and TWD 0.48 billion, respectively. The EPS after tax in the 1st half of 2016 is TWD 7.28, increased by 29.5% than the year 2015. The gross profit margin and net profit margin after tax is 43.4% and 17.6%, respectively. In the field of energy from waste and waste management, major business progress are acquiring service contract for equipment maintenance, overhaul, mechatronics system upgrade, etc., and stepping into biomass field, providing technical service for biomass power plant in China; moreover, in solar power business, major business achievements include acquiring PV power plant development right on remediate landfill in south Taiwan and PV power plant in the U.S. has come online in the 2nd half of 2016. In terms of water resource business, major contracts awarded are a 33 years O&M services contract for sewerage system in Chungli. The future strategies will keep focusing on resource recycling business to maximize existing business and expand business into new areas and territories, leverage CTCI local resources, and cooperate with prestigious local enterprise to generate business opportunities.

  • 2016/08
    Handover Ceremony for the President of CTCI Machinery Corporation Successfully Held
    The handover ceremony for the President of CTCI Machinery Corporation (CTCI MAC) was held on Aug. 31, 2016, witnessed by CTCI MAC Chairman T.C. Huang, CTCI Chief Group Vice Chairman John H. Lin, and Chairman of CTCI Shared Services M. C. Hsiao.

    During the ceremony, CTCI MAC Chairman Mr. Huang encouraged the new President Mr. R. T. Chen to lead the company for continuous business growth and expansion of engineering services. Meanwhile, Chairman Huang acknowledged the efforts and dedication of the former President Mr. C.C. Lee. The ceremony was concluded with warm blessing of all the attendees.

  • 2016/08
    CTCI-HEC Joint Venture Awarded Chungli Sewerage System BOT Project: establishing Taoyuan as the Most Livable and Eco-friendly City
    CTCI- HEC Joint Venture, formed by CTCI Corporation (CTCI) and Hsin-Dar Environment Corporation (HEC), has been awarded “Chungli Sewerage System BOT Project", and established the concessionaire, CTCI&HEC Water Business Corporation(CTCI&HEC WBC), accordingly. The signing ceremony was held on 19 Aug at Taoyuan City Hall. The contract was signed by Taoyuan City Mayor, Mr. Cheng, Wen-Tsan and Mr. Pan, Pao-Yao, Chairman of CTCI&HEC WBC, witnessed by the honored guests, Mr. John T. Yu, CEO of CTCI, and Ms. Lin, Tzu-Ling, Administrative Deputy Minister, Ministry of Interior (MOI).

    With a concession period of 35 years and over TWD 43 billion of tipping fee, the project is the largest public infrastructure for the public interests in recent years. The project include 246 km sewer distributed in the regions of Chungli, Pingzhen, and Dayuan, and a wastewater treatment plant with capacity of 156,800 CMD collecting from around 200,000 households. Once the project is completed, the project will benefit 32% of population in Taoyuan City, significantly reduce river pollution and improve the quality of the living environment.

    Since 1990, CTCI has entered into sewerage system business domestically, and successfully accumulated plentiful experiences in execution of public works under public-private-partnership scheme, such as BOO (Build, Own and Operate) or BOT (Build, Operate and Transfer) projects. In the past few years, CTCI has been recognized with many outstanding achievements, including Golden Quality, Golden Safety, and Golden Thumb Awards. In the days to come, CTCI will continuously hold fast to the brand spirit of “Most Reliable” to help establish Taoyuan as the most livable international city.

  • 2016/08
    Joint Venture of CTCI and HEC Awarded Fengshan Shi Wastewater Reclamation Plant BTO Project: a Milestone for the First Such Project in Taiwan
    CTCI-HEC Joint Venture, formed by CTCI Corporation (CTCI) and Hsin-Dar Environment Corporation (HEC), has been awarded “Fengshan Shi Wastewater Reclamation Plant Build, Transfer and Operation (BTO) Project” following the awarding of Chungli Sewerage System BOT Project earlier. According to the contract, HEC and CTCI jointly established the concessionaire, Blue Whale Water Technology Ltd. The contract signing ceremony was held on 22 Aug at Kaohsiung City Hall, and the representatives of CTCI Corporation were Mr. P.Y. Pan, President of IEPBO and Mr. Tyrone Tsai, Senior General Manager of IEPBO.

    This project is the first municipal wastewater reclamation BTO project in Taiwan, with concession period of 17 years, as well as total TWD 6 billion contract value. The project includes wastewater reclamation plant, reclaimed water transmission pipeline, and O&M work for both wastewater treatment plant and wastewater reclamation plant during the concession period, then supplying the reclaimed water through the said transmission pipeline to industrial park. The wastewater reclamation plant was planned to be executed in two phases; the first phase is expected to be completed within 2 years after contract signing for providing 25,000 CMD reclaimed water while the second phase is scheduled to be completed within 3 years with 45,000 CMD. Once the project is completed, Kaohsiung City will be the first city capable of stably providing reclaimed water, initiating a new page for Taiwan’s water resources.

    CTCI has cultivated solid experiences in water business for over 20 years, and had accomplished the wastewater reclamation unit EPC project in year 2000 for China American Petrochemical Co. Ltd., the first petrochemical wastewater reclamation unit in Taiwan, as well as Linyuan wastewater and reclamation EPC project for CPC which was awarded afterwards. This year, CTCI is once again awarded Talin refinery plant wastewater reclamation unit EPC project, and the Fengshan project, enabling CTCI to lead Taiwan’s water industry continuously, and contributing to Taiwan’s environmental engineering constantly. CTCI will continuously participate in environment and water business for promoting the sustainable development and undertaking the mission of environmental protection.

  • 2016/08
    CTCI Extends Business Reach to Taiwan's Long-Term Care Industry with a MOU Signed by CTCI REI and MCS from Japan
    In response to the aging society of Taiwan, CTCI Resources Engineering Inc. (CTCI REI), a subsidiary of CTCI, signed a memorandum of understanding with Medical Care Service Company Inc. (MCS), a leading Japanese company in the nursing care industry. Both companies are cooperating to develop the aged care business in Taiwan. The signing ceremony was successfully held on 19th August at Invest Taiwan Service Center of the Executive Yuan. Mr. Kuo-Ann Wu, Chairman of CTCI REI and Mr. Norio Yamamoto, Vice President of MCS signed a MOU on behalf of two sides. Mr. Ming-Cheng Hsiao, President of CTCI Executive Management Office and Ms. Amy Ho, CEO of Invest Taiwan Service Center as well as local Taiwan-Japan industry representatives witnessed the ceremony together.

    In view of the issues of rapid aging population and increasing needs for caring disabled senior citizens in Taiwan, CTCI REI has started planning to enter the aged care business since 2013 and kept looking for cooperative partners to expand related businesses actively.

    MCS is a subsidiary of Sanko Soflan Holdings, currently growing into a comprehensive company operating more than 270 long term care facilities in Japan. MCS has extended its successful business models to China, Singapore, Malaysia and elsewhere since 2011. In the future, CTCI REI and MCS will work together as cooperative partners to provide the most professional, high-quality, reliable care services, hoping to establish a milestone of the long-term care business in Taiwan.

  • 2016/08
    CTCI Americas Office Relocated to Shoot for Opportunity of Shale Gas in the US
    The advanced extracting technology brings the shale gas booming in recent years, altering the landscape of global energy and petrochemical industry. USA has now replaced OPEC, the former leader of oil producers to become the most prosperous area for petrochemical investment. In order to catch this opportunity in time, CTCI decided to expand the operation in the United States by recruiting more talents to join our team, and relocating CTCI Americas’ office to a new address within Houston, Texas on August 16th. In the days to come, CTCI Americas will hold firm to the brand spirit “Most Reliable” for sustainable operations, and march toward the ultimate goal as being a localized EPC contractor in the US.

    New contact information of CTCI Americas, Inc.

    Suite 200 Westchase Park Plaza, 11490 Westheimer Road, Houston,Texas 77077

  • 2016/07
    Council for Center for Corporate Sustainability and CEO Lectures Successfully Held at CTCI Headquarters
    CTCI Chairman John T. Yu has being serving as a consultative director for Center for Corporate Sustainability (CCS) since 2015. On July 28, the CCS held its fourth CEO lectures with a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) keynote speech delivered at CTCI headquarters, a council was held at the same day as well. CTCI Chairman Yu made a welcoming speech to directors from various industries. Guests attending the event include Mr. Kung-Wha Ding, Chairman of Financial Supervisory Commission, Mr. Kuo-Lieh Tseng, Chairman of E. Sun Bank, and Dr. Engine Chien, Director of CCS, who gave speeches on important issues about how can enterprises stay competitive in the changing markets while also fulfilling CSRs and contributing to the goals of reducing carbon emission both domestically and globally. 60 directors and enterprise representatives from various industries have exchanged experiences on that issue from their respective fields, hoping to make more contributions to the society.

  • 2016/07
    CTCI Awarded a PTA/PET Basic Engineering Design Contract in Russia
    Kazan, Russia– CTCI Beijing and Chemtex have been awarded a basic engineering design contract from Safpet LLC for a purified terephthalic acid /polyethylene terephthalate (PTA/PET) project in July of 2016. The project marks a breakthrough of CTCI entering the Russian market and lays a solid foundation to extend its markets to the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

    CTCI Beijing, a wholly owned subsidiary of CTCI, has reliable records in the field of PTA basic engineering built in China and beyond in recent years. The project is scheduled to be completed in 2020 with the plant's capacity being 210 and 250 KTA for PTA and PET, respectively. It is believed that CTCI Beijing and Chemtex will feasibly be selected by Safpet LLC, a subsidiary of Ak Bars Holding Company, a state-owned enterprise located in Tatarstan, Russia, to undertake the subsequent detailed design and procurement works once the current stage is completed.

    "This is an inspiring starting point for CTCI to enter the Russian engineering market. We will provide the optimized engineering services to the CIS market to fulfill our vision of being the most reliable global engineering service provider," said John T. Yu, Chairman of CTCI. CTCI will be well acquainted with Russia legal requirements, engineering specifications and standards after acquiring the first project in Russia to pave the way for future EPC projects in the region.

  • 2016/07
    Petronet LNG Limited Awards Dahej LNG Terminal Expansion Project to CTCI
    Having recognized CTCI’s excellent EPC capabilities in executing LNG Regasification Facilities Project in Kochi, Petronet LNG Limited of India once again awards the LNG Terminal Expansion Project in Dahej to CTCI. The Contract Signing Ceremony was successfully held on 20th July, 2016 in New Delhi, India.

    This project is the Phase IIIB-1 of Dahej LNG Terminal with total production upgraded from 15 to 17.5 million tons. CTCI is in charge of the regasification facilities (exclusive of jetty and storage tanks). The project is expected to be completed within 36 months and begin operation from July 2019. CTCI will spare no effort to complete this project safely, on-time and with the best quality to echo CTCI’s brand image of “Most Reliable”.

  • 2016/06
    The 2016 General Shareholders Meeting of CTCI Corporation & The Fourteenth Meeting of the Thirteen Term of the Board of Directors
    CTCI Corporation held its annual General Shareholders Meeting on, June 22nd, 2016 in Tianmu Convention Center, Mellow Fields Hotel. During the meeting, the motions included 2015 business report, financial statements, distribution of fiscal year 2015 earnings were all carried.

    According to the Business Report, the consolidated sales revenues amounted to NT$67,057,640 thousand in 2015, increased by 16.23% from the year 2014. The consolidated net income after tax reached NT$2,040,610 thousand, increased by 2. 46% compared with the year 2014. The earnings per share (EPS) after tax stood at NT$2.69. In addition, cash dividend payable to shareholders of NT$1,828,815,235 was approved in the Shareholders Meeting (TWD 2.396 per share based on 762,006,348 common outstanding shares) The ex-dividend date and the base date for dividend were determined to be on July 26th, 2016 and August 1st, 2016 in the Board Meeting held the same day.

    In 2015, total new contract awarded to CTCI companies was about NT$64,457,932 thousand. Important projects awarded are Oman ORPIC PKG-1 Steam Cracker and U&O EPC Project, FPC LDPE DDE Project, NPCA 828KTA EG2 Expansion DDE Project, KSA Toho/ AMIC Ti-Sponge EPC Project. Most remarkably, the consolidated contract backlog of CTCI was NT$190,464,502 thousand at the end of 2015, maintaining its strong performance above NT$100 billion level for the past seven consecutive years. With concerted efforts, CTCI continues to strive for maximizing profits for our shareholders and employees by means of sustainable growth.

  • 2016/06
    CTCI Advanced Systems Inc. Convened the 2016 Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting and the 13th Meeting of the Board of Directors for the 10th Term
    The 2016 Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting of CTCI Advanced Systems Inc. was held at Taipei Computer Association Executive Club Room 501, June 29, 2016. In the meeting, the Company’s 2015 business report, financial statements, and distribution of 2015 profits were adopted. In addition, the amendments to the Company’s “Articles of Incorporation” were approved. At the next day, the 13th meeting of the 10th term of the Board of Directors was held.

    According to the business report released, the consolidated sales revenues of CTCI Advanced Systems Inc. in 2015 is NT$1,445,914 thousand; the net Income reaches NT$79,749 thousand; the earnings per share (EPS) after tax is NT$3.4. In the 2016 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, it was resolved that the cash dividend payable to shareholders will be NT$59,349,836. On the 13th Meeting of the Board of Directors held in the afternoon of June 30, the ex-dividend date was set on August 1, 2016.

  • 2016/06
    The 2016 General Shareholders Meeting of KD Holding Corporation & The 15th Meeting of the 6th Term of the Board of Directors
    KD Holding Corporation held its annual General Shareholders Meeting on June 21st, 2016 at Tianmu Convention Center, Mellow Fields Hotel. During the meeting, the motions included amendment to the company's ”Articles of Incorporation”, amendment to the company's "Rules Governing the Election of Directors", 2015 business report, financial statements, distribution of fiscal year 2015 earnings.

    According to the Business Report, the consolidated sales revenues amounted to NT$4,078,753 thousand in 2015, increased by 3.92% from the year 2014. The net income after tax reached NT$710,370 thousand, increased by 4.64% compared with the year 2014. The earnings per share (EPS) after tax stood at NT$10.84, increased by 2.75% from the year 2014. In addition, cash dividend payable to shareholders of NT$639,351,926 was approved in the Shareholders Meeting (NT$9.6934 per share with 65,957,448 common shares outstanding). Besides, the Board Meeting approved setting Aug 1, 2016 as the ex-dividend date.

  • 2016/04
    Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency and WestHolland Foreign Investment Agency Visited CTCI for Establishment of CTCI Netherlands B. V., a Branch Office in Hague
    CB&I-CTCI B.V. a Joint Venture Company established by CTCI Corporation (CTCI) and CB&I B.V. had awarded from Oman Oil Refineries and Petroleum Industries Company (Orpic) an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (“EPC”) contract for 870 KTA steam cracker and associated utilities package at Liwa Plastic Industrial Complex, Oman. CTCI set up a branch office in Hague, Netherlands (CTCI Netherlands B. V.) to provide the logistic supports to CTCI engineers who were dispatched to Hague during project execution.

    Hence, Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) and WestHolland Foreign Investment Agency (WFIA) visited CTCI HQ on 20th April to extend a warm welcome as well as to provide the valuable suggestions regarding how to expand the business territory in Europe market.
    Ms. Marleen Zuijderhoudt, Executive Director of the WFIA appreciates CTCI’s efforts to promote economic and trade activities between Taiwan and Netherlands, as well as to expand the mutual cooperation into Energy and Industrial sectors. (HBO M&S Dept. III, CTCI)

    For detailed information, please refer to WIFA website:

    Taiwanese Engineering Corporation Opens Subsidiary in The Hague

    “Dutch-based cooperation between an American and a Taiwanese company on a project in Oman, involving internationals from France, India, the UK, to name a few”

    The Hague, 20 April 2016 – The Taiwanese CTCI Corporation, an international engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) corporation, has opened a subsidiary in The Hague. This week the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) and WestHolland Foreign Investment Agency (WFIA) visited CTCI’s headquarters to meet with the management and to officially welcome them to the Netherlands. NFIA and WFIA advised and assisted CTCI with its European expansion.

    CTCI Corporation has over 30 years’ experience and is the largest EPC firm in Taiwan with more than 40 subsidiaries in 13 countries. CTCI distinguishes itself by its competence of undertaking large-scale projects at home and abroad. The company opted for The Hague because of its strong oil and gas cluster, providing a wealth of international industry knowledge and expertise. The city of The Hague is therefore ideal for CTCI.

    “We are very pleased with the cooperation that has been realized with CB&I in The Hague. For us it is important to be close to international engineering companies. Additionally, I am very impressed about the quality of working and living in The Hague, “according to CTCI.

    One of the reasons for establishment is a large-scale joint project in the Netherlands together with CB&I, after winning a mega petrochemical contract in Oman. Apart from the locally appointed workforce from CB&I and additional employees from a commissioning company in Oman, an additional 35 employees from Taiwan have been assigned to work on this project. To welcome this group, the WFIA provided an interactive soft landing program with practical information about everyday life in the Netherlands.
    “We are delighted with CTCI choice in favor of The Hague. The arrival of CTCI means a strengthening of the existing energy cluster in our region. Besides, it proves the international character of our city: a Dutch-based cooperation between an American and a Taiwanese company on a project in Oman, involving internationals from France, India, the UK, to name a few”, says Marleen Zuijderhoudt, Executive Director of the WFIA.

    Source: WestHolland Foreign Investment Agency (WFIA)

  • 2016/04
    CTCI Headquarters Honored with “Cumulative Record without Accident Proof with a total of 33.89 million hours” by Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Ministry of Labor
    In order to enhance the consciousness for both employers and employees in HSE field, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Ministry of Labor promotes the activities of “Cumulative Record without Accident Proof” and encourages public institutions to execute self-management to achieve the objective of ZERO accident. CTCI headquarters was honored with a cumulative record without accident proof from January 2007 to November 2015, with a total record of 33.89 million hours.

    The aforementioned proof awarded by Industrial Safety and Health Association of the R.O.C. demonstrates that CTCI’s efforts and performance in HSE field has been well recognized. In the future, CTCI will continue promoting the HSE Management System and encouraging everyone to participate in the prevention of occupational hazard and protecting safety & health for every worker.
    (CTCI HSE Management Dept.)

  • 2016/03
    First Investor Conference of CTCI in 2016
    CTCI held its first investors conference at the International Convention Center of National Taiwan University Hospital on March 29th. 2016. Three companies under CTCI, CTCI Corporation, Advanced Control and System Inc. (ACS), and KD Holding, reported the operation reviews and strategy outlooks, new projects signed and financial review of 2015, target market outlooks and region breakdown of potential business opportunities in 2016. The conference drew more than one hundred participants, including the institutional investors, bankers, and journalists.

    The accumulated new contracts of CTCI amounted to NTD 64.5 billion, while the backlog of contract was NTD 190.5 billion and the consolidated sales revenues stood at NTD 67.1 billion by December 31st, 2015.In 2015, net income after tax amount is NTD 2.04 billion and the EPS after tax is NTD 2.69.The gross profit margin and net profit margin after tax is 8.1% and 3.0%, respectively. Major projects awarded in 2015 are Liwa Plastic Industrial Complex 870 kTA Ethylene Production Steam Cracker and U&O Package project in Oman in cooperation with CB&I, an American engineering company, LDPE basic design project of Formosa Plastic Corp. in USA, Ethylene glycol (EG) plant expansion basic design project of Nan Ya Plastics in USA,Gali Batu Depot Trackwork Project and YNP Ti-sponge EPC Project joint ventured with Chiyoda Corp. In the future, the business strategies of CTCI are to maximize current business through horizontal and vertical expansion, including entering U.S.A. market and CIS market for acquiring hydrocarbon plant projects, accelerating mergers and acquisitions activities to acquire new technologies and expand new markets, and expanding businesses with stable long term profits, etc. Moreover, the company will keep developing new business and new products, such as cultivating Total Maintenance Service capability along with EPC projects for maintenance business, and acquiring the patent of Flare Gas Recovery System.

    For ACS, the accumulated new contracts amount to NTD 1.34 billion, while the backlog of contract amount to NTD 1.49 billion .The consolidated sales revenues amounted to NTD 1.49 billion by December 31st 2015.The net income after tax in 2015 is 0.8 hundred million, and the EPS after tax is NTD 3.40.The gross profit margin and net profit margin after tax is 13.3% and 5.5%, respectively. In 2015, the business statuses of ACS focused on the introduction of Smart Plant (Industry 4.0), Internet of Things and cloud applications, Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction, and Intelligent Automation System. The future business development strategies are to utilize the products and solution services with mass replication sales method and to promote automation and ICT business opportunities that come along with the intelligent smart plants.

    For KD Holding, the consolidated sales revenue and the net income before tax by December 31st,2015 is NTD 4.08 billion and NTD 0.71 billion, respectively. The EPS after tax in 2015 is NT$10.84, increased by 2.7% than the year 2014. In mechatronics system upgrade and environmental protection business, the important contracts awarded were service contract for test-run of mechatronics system for MRT lines, service contract for functional improvement of power system and the related O&M service for airport. In waste to energy business, the important contracts awarded were the services for O&M and supervision in Guangdong, Shanghai, and Macau. The important milestones in our progresses were acquiring 2 development rights of PV power plants in south Taiwan which planned to finish construction and begin the operation in 2016.Moreover,thePV power plant market in the US, smoothly undertakingthe construction of New Jersey plant that is scheduled to operate in the 2nd quarter of 2016.The future outlook and strategies will be to continue the development policy on environmental protection, green energy and resource recycling, to expand overseas business based on the domestic experience, and to materialize the business through investment, operation management and mechatronics system upgrade.

  • 2016/02
    SAMAC MMA/PMMA Project Awarded Winner of the Best Project Performer in February 2016 by SABIC
    In February 2016, SAMAC MMA/PMMA Project was awarded Winner of the Best Project Performer, which is a prize granted to commend the project contractor under SABIC achieving the best performance in construction/quality management and progress control. Winning the Best Project Performer symbolizes SABIC’s validation for the efforts by CTCI Project Team.

    Commencing in July 2014, with the construction work at Site started in January 2015, SAMAC MMA/PMMA Project has been recognized as a model project by SABIC in terms of construction progress and work quality, while under the brilliant leadership of Top Management, along with the active and devoted participation of all the management and working level, including but not limited to Project Sponsor, Project Director, Project Manager, Project Site Manager, Project QA/QC Manager, etc. CTCI has been working on making this Project a paragon in the Middle East via full compliance with the strict SABIC specifications. As a result, all the CTCI participants providing contributions to the SAMAC MMA/PMMA Project feel honored about being awarded Winner of the Best Project Performer.

    Marching toward the scheduled completion in April 2017, all the CTCI staff at SAMAC MMA/PMMA Project Site will continuously work on timely achievement of this difficult task in the face of the adverse climate during the coming summer. Via such efforts, CTCI is committed to further substantiating its goal to become the most reliable engineering/construction service provider in the Middle East.

  • 2016/01
    CTCI Awarded EPC Contract for Saudi Kayan Ethylene Cracking Furnace Project in Saudi Arabia
    Taipei – February 2016, CTCI has been awarded a contract to build a new ethylene cracking furnace at Saudi Kayan petrochemical complex in Al-Jubail, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    The award by Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) follows CTCI’s success in acquiring SABIC’s FEED Project for an Ethylene Oxide/Ethylene Glycol (EO/EG) Debottlenecking Project earlier this year. “The decision to commission CTCI once again recognizes our track record in delivering reliable EPC services, and the ability to strategically augment SABIC’s production capacity,” said M.H. Wang, EVP & President of Hydrocarbon Business Operations. Financial details of the deal were not disclosed
    The project comprises the installation of a new additional furnace, decoking drum, GAS dryer, and furnace technology acquisition. The project will be executed by CTCI’s headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan on a lump sum turnkey basis. This contract covers front-end engineering design, detailed engineering design, procurement, construction, pre-commissioning, commissioning assistance, and training of the owner’s personnel, as well as the start-up of the furnace, which is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2017.

  • 2016/01
    CTCI Awarded EO/EG Debottlenecking FEED Contract from SABIC
    Taipei, TAIWAN – CTCI Corporation has been awarded a major Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) contract from SABIC for an Ethylene Oxide/Ethylene Glycol (EO/EG) Debottlenecking Project of Saudi Kayan in Jubail.
    The project marks a milestone for CTCI, which is expanding the scope of its services with SABIC into the FEED field, and paves the way for acquiring similar opportunities in the future.
    CTCI was selected as one of SABIC’s engineering service providers under a blanket FEED arrangement agreed in October 2015, which established a five-year framework to supply FEED and relevant services to support SABIC projects in the KSA and worldwide. The Saudi Kayan EO/EG Debottlenecking FEED work is the first project under blanket FEED agreement.
    “This important award strengthens CTCI’s position as an industry leader in providing EPC lump sum services, while expanding its capability to FEED work for petrochemical facilities,” said M.H. Wang, EVP & President of Hydrocarbon Business Operations. “The expansion of its range of services reflects CTCI’s ongoing commitment to deliver the best service for its customers and industry partners, as we pursue our vision of becoming the most reliable global engineering service provider.”

  • 2016/01
    Fortune Energy Corporation Once Again Won "Carbon Reduction Action Award"
    The presentation ceremony of "2015 Annual Carbon Reduction Action Award" was held by Environmental Protection Administration (EPA), Executive Yuan, on January 26 at international convention center, Chang Yung-Fa Foundation. General Manager Xue Jin-You received the award from the Deputy Director of EPA. It is the third time that FEC winning this award, following year 2011 and 2012. This shows the company's efforts and effectiveness for realizing the goal of creating a low carbon life has been affirmed.
    The aim EPA holding this activity is to encourage enterprises, social groups and communities alike to carry out actions for carbon reduction and resource recycling, and the use of low-energy products to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. Formerly conducted by the name “Energy Conservation & Carbon Emissions Reduction Badge Award” since the year 2019, EPA has changed it into “Carbon Reduction Action Award” since 2015 by selecting the units with best actions in promoting carbon reduction. With years of efforts being recognized by the government, all FEC colleagues are encouraged to continue the actions of bringing innovative concepts into business operations.  (FEC)

  • 2016/01
    CTCI Donated Used Computer to Help Children Realize Their Dreams
    In order to share our care to those less-fortunate people and provide a higher resource life-cycle rate, CTCI participated in the charity event “Your Old Computer, His New Hope” held by Triple-E Institute for six consecutive years to donate used computers to less-fortunate group, citizens in remote areas or students from low income families. CTCI was awarded an appreciation certificate from the Triple-E Institute for the donation made in 2015 with a total figure of 344 used computers, including monitors, printers, servers and peripheral equipment.
    CTCT always participates in charity events with great enthusiasm to fulfill its corporate social responsibility and will continuously do the same while bringing more warmth to the society in the future. (CTCI IT Division)

  • 2016/01
    CTCI Awarded by Taipei City Government for Supporting the Sheltered Workshop
    CTCI, which has been cooperating with Syin-lu Social Welfare Foundation and Children Are Us Foundation to support the sheltered workshop and care for the socially vulnerable groups on account of the Corporate Social Responsibility, was commended by Taipei City Government. On behalf of the company, Mr. Chang, Chin-Ching, Section Manager of Administration & General Services Department, attended the “Taipei City Sheltered Workshop Promotion Press Conference of Chinese New Year” and received the award from Ms. Chou, Li-Fang, Deputy Mayor of Taipei City.
    CTCI has commissioned Syin-lu Social Welfare Foundation for the cleaning of HQ dormitory and invited Children Are Us Foundation to hold charity bread sales in the company periodically. With an idea “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; teach him how to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime,” CTCI supports sheltered workshop by real action, to provide the career opportunities to socially vulnerable groups and help them to find their own position and value in the society. (Administration & General Services Department)

  • 2016/01
    Several Rankings of CTCI Corporation Ascended in ENR Magazine--The Global Sourcebook
    The rankings of 2015 Engineering News-Record magazine (ENR)--The Global Sourcebook, had been released. CTCI Corporation has once again performed remarkably and moved itself upwards in the following eight rankings in different industry of international contractors and international design firms.
    ENR, a prestigious international magazine, conducts its surveys for engineering company annually. ENR rankings have strong credibility and are important indexes of international engineering industry. ENR rankings have two main categories which are design firms and contractors based on company’s annual sales revenues. The Global Sourcebook Rankings are based on company’s overseas projects in different sectors, such as petroleum, general building and manufacturing. Among the ENR rankings, companies in the "International" list are ranked on the basis of overseas revenues. In recent years, CTCI constantly makes efforts on growth and successfully expands the international markets by enhancing the technical level, profitability and expanding overseas business opportunities. Therefore, CTCI continues to jump in rankings among international engineering companies. (Investor Relation Office, CTCI)

  • 2016/01
    ACS Awarded ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001 Certifications
    ACS has been awarded ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS18001:2007 certifications by AFNOR Group this January. The charter ceremony has concluded successfully in March. It represents that ACS has passed the milestone of environmental management system, and occupational health and safety assessment.
    The ISO14001:2015 is a new version of environmental management system, which was just released last September. ACS, being a leading certified system engineering corporation, fully demonstrates its effort on environment protection and social responsibility fulfillment.
    Currently, ACS has been certified with comprehensive management systems, including ISO9001(quality control),ISO14001(environment protection), and OHSAS18001(occupational health and safety assessment), marking that ACS has equipped itself as a qualified global enterprise. This not only enhances investor confidence, but greatly reduces risks for clients, employees and environment. ACS will persistently focus on service optimization, safety, and environment protection to provide staff with an enjoyable and healthy workplace. In the meanwhile, ACS will implement energy saving continuously for the sustainability of the enterprise and environment. (ACS)