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  • 2022/09
    Taiwan: CTCI and Radium Life Tech Jointly Secure BTO Tender to Build Northern Taiwan’s First Water Reclamation Plant
    TAIPEI, June 14, 2022- Taiwan’s leading engineering, procurement, and construction group CTCI announced today it has secured the tender of Reclaimed Water Build-Transfer-Operate (BTO) Project of North District Water Resources Recycling Center in Taoyuan, jointly with subsidiary ECOVE Environment Services Corp., as well as Radium Life Tech with its 100% subsidiary Rih Ding Circular Economy Investment Holdings Co., Ltd.. The contract, which was signed on June 14, will see the alliance invest in, build, and operate northern Taiwan’s first water reclamation plant for industrial use, slated to begin operations in 2025. With capacity of 40,000 tons per day, the plant will supply reclaimed water to Guanyin Industrial Park and refinery plant in Taoyuan.

    The scope of work includes building a new water reclamation plant on existing municipal wastewater treatment plant. In addition, a 30 km-long external water pipeline system will be built. The alliance will set up a concession company called Bao Ding Reclaimed Water Co., Ltd. to be in charge of investment, construction, and operation. The concession will last for 18 years, including 3 years of construction and 15 years of operation. If needed, the plant can be expanded in the future to produce 112,000 tons reclaimed water per day to meet reclaimed water demand and boost economic growth.

    The new water reclamation plant comes with educational and green features, including a water technology education pavilion, high proportion of green landscape, and is nominated for silver-grade smart building label. These make the Water Resource Center a place for leisure as well as for environmental education.

    This is yet another water reclamation project carried out by CTCI, following Kaohsiung Fengshan River Wastewater Reclamation Unit BTO project, Linhai Wastewater Reclamation Unit BTO project, Chungli Sewerage System BOT project, and STSP Wastewater Reclamation Plant BOT Project. CTCI has over two decades of expertise in wastewater plant engineering, specializing in recycling and reusing municipal sewage and industrial wastewater. The group is committed to delivering the most reliable engineering services globally, and has been the top pick among clients worldwide in business collaboration. CTCI will continue to serve in the interest of global construction, economies, and environmental protection.

  • 2022/05
    Taiwan: CTCI to Provide Consultancy Service on Solid-State Battery Lifecycle Assessment for ProLogium Technology
    TAIPEI, May 24, 2022- Taiwan’s leading engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) group CTCI announced that it has won the bid to provide consultancy service on solid-state battery lifecycle assessment for ProLogium Technology, a global leading next-generation solid-state battery manufacturer. The win adds to CTCI’s growing record of high tech and sustainability-related business.

    Through consultancy service, CTCI seeks to help ProLogium Technology identify carbon emission hotspots during battery production and come up with mitigation solutions to lower environmental impact, meet global green product regulations, and boost production efficiency, with the ultimate goal of helping the client increase its market share as an electric vehicle (EV) battery supplier. This is also an effort by CTCI to join forces with the client in moving towards the net-zero emissions goal by 2050.

    John T. Yu, CTCI Group Chairman, says, “Globally we see an inevitable trend moving towards saving energy and reducing carbon emissions. With years of expertise in ‘green engineering’ and ‘net-zero EPC,’ CTCI is proud to offer consultancy services in terms of energy-saving and carbon-neutral solutions for Taiwan’s leading solid-state battery firm. In helping our client become more competitive product-wise, the world will not only see Taiwan’s technological strengths in the field of solid-state battery, but will also see a real contribution we make in terms of global energy transition.”

    The win exemplifies CTCI’s unceasing commitment to grow its high tech and green energy businesses, including businesses related to EV batteries. Last (2021) October, CTCI secured a contract from Molie Quantum Energy Corporation to help build the first lithium battery “gigafactory” in Taiwan.

    Compared to traditional Li-ion battery, ProLogium’s next generation solid-state battery provides higher safety, higher energy density and more chargeability. ProLogium’s proprietary technologies can effectively reduce fire, explosion or leakage incidents that traditional Li-ion battery fails to overcome. Moreover, ProLogium’s solid state battery contains a higher proportion of recyclable materials: over 90% of the solid-state electrolyte can be recycled and reused for new batteries. CTCI will conduct a full life-cycle assessment on the product’s potential environmental impact based on European Union’s protocols on environmental footprint. An inventory of footprints will be collected on various aspects, from raw material sourcing, production, transportation, product consumption, to product disposal. Aspects such as human toxicity, land use, and water resource consumption will also be analyzed.

    Vincent Yang, founder and CEO of ProLogium Technology, says, “Our business has always been driven by the desire to make the environment sustainable through smart mobility, and we aim to become the enabler to power a sustainable world. ProLogium is pleased to join forces with a world-class company to advocate global sustainable development through the introduction of green process, material reuse, green energy system, as well as environmental technologies.”

    CTCI is one of the top 100 EPC companies in the world for a diverse range of sectors, including oil & gas, power, transportation, and environmental businesses. Its businesses span across Asia, the Middle East, and the US. Over the recent years, CTCI began to tap into the market of advanced technology facilities, energy storage, solar power, and offshore wind power, and has become a preferred contractor for many projects both in Taiwan and overseas.

  • 2022/03
    Taiwan: CTCI Teams up with ITRI to Accelerate Realization of Net Zero Emission Target
    TAIPEI, March 17, 2022- CTCI Corporation (CTCI) announces today that it has signed a MOU with Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) to develop technologies for realization of net zero emission target and engage in renewable energy, and hydrogen energy research.

    By teaming up with ITRI, CTCI expects to combine the strengths of both parties to lead industrial actions in plants engineering, procurement, construction (EPC), operation and maintenance (O&M), and renovation to gradually realize net zero emission target and mitigate global warming.
    The MOU is focused on four technological development goals, which are carbon capture and utilization, industrial waste circulation, renewable energy, and reliability of energy storage devices.

    CTCI has established the New Business Development & Strategy Management Committee (NBDSMC) early this year to advance green engineering and the high-tech business, which the company deem to be with huge potential.

    “It is a great honor for CTCI to work in partnership with ITRI, the largest industrial technologies incubator and development base in Taiwan,” said Evan Chen, CEO of NBDSMC. “We hope that the mutual cooperation will enable us to gain control of the carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) technologies, waste solvents and waste plastics recycling and reuse, development of key energy sources such as hydrogen energy—these are key elements to reach carbon neutralization/net zero emission targets. We plan to apply these technologies in CTCI’s various business sectors and promote such applications in the whole industry to deepen and expand our service scope, thus leading the engineering industry to keep abreast with the global sustainability trend.”

    Alex Y.M. Peng, Executive Vice President at ITRI, commented that with government support, the Institute has proposed interdisciplinary tech solutions to assist industries in their net zero transition. For instance, it has developed inspection and metrology technologies to ensure fair trade of natural gas, enhance the safety of energy storage systems and solar photovoltaics products, and satisfy metrology demands for clean energy infrastructures. He further indicated that ITRI has developed a wide spectrum of green energy technologies, including hydrogen production/storage, hydrogen energy power generation, calcium looping for carbon capture, carbonation for CO2 fixation, energy storage and smart battery management/operation control, and thermo-chemical and biological conversion technologies for waste recycling. “These applications are enablers that will allow business owners to attain sustainable operations. We also continue to advance low-carbon emission processes and materials, including CO2 capture and utilization from flue gas and processes, water and waste solvents recovery, easy-to-dismantle design of solar photovoltaic modules, and recycling of LCD materials.

    CTCI has been actively engaged in environmentally related projects (green energy, energy storage) in recent years, with track records in solar photovoltaics, offshore wind power, Li-ion battery, LNG
    receiving terminal projects. It also is an active player in the resource cycling sector.
    In addressing global climate change, governments and business worldwide are actively engaging in low-carbon transition. The Taiwan government is also committed to attaining its net-zero emissions target in the year 2050. Accordingly, the contract amount of low-carbon and environmental related projects undertaken by CTCI has grown by 450% from 2015 to 2021.

    CTCI is also promoting "net zero EPC" by proposing energy economization and carbon neutral service solutions at all stages of the EPC stages and work with business partners to form a low-carbon supply chain.

  • 2022/03
    Taiwan: CTCI Officially Joins the "TALENT, in Taiwan—Taiwan Sustainable Action for Talent Alliance"
    The cultivation and development of talent has always been an important business development goal for CTCI. In order to strengthen the competitiveness of Taiwan's talent and in response to the importance placed on talent and social responsibility by ESG trend for businesses worldwide, CTCI has officially joined the "TALENT, in Taiwan - Taiwan Sustainable Action for Talent Alliance" at this critical moment.

    We are committed to the 6 major indicators for sustainable labor actions of "meaning and value," "diversity and tolerance," "organizational communication," "bonuses and incentives," "physical and mental health," and "talent development." We have implemented practical actions to maintain sustainable competitiveness in the face of sub-replacement fertility in Taiwan.

    Next, we will continue to promote and advocate this set of beliefs with "CommonWealth Learning,” "Cheers" and 100 companies in Taiwan, hoping that in the near future, through the project of talent cultivation, every worker could feel the power of talent nurturing, enhance their competencies, and create better career development and a brighter future.

  • 2022/01
    Taiwan: CTCI Successfully Delivers Kaohsiung Linhai Wastewater Treatment Plant Project to Supply 33,000 CMD Reclaimed Water for Industrial Use
    KAOHSIUNG, January 14, 2022- CTCI Corporation (CTCI), Taiwan's largest EPC contractor has successfully delivered Linhai Wastewater Treatment Plant BTO Project in Kaohsiung and an inauguration ceremony is held today.

    The completed plant will supply 33,000 CMD reclaimed water to Linhai Industrial Park, easing the strain of industrial water use. Under a future expansion plan, the plant capacity is expected to be further increased to 60,000 CMD, to ensure sufficient and stable water supply of reclaimed water for the development of local industries, while fulfilling circular economy.

    CTCI worked together with Hsin-Dar Environment Corporation (HDEC) as a joint venture and formed a special purpose company, HDEC-CTCI (Linhai) Corporation in charge of the investment, build, and operation of the Linhai Wastewater Treatment and Reclaimed Water Plant for an 18-year concession period.

    Being Taiwan’s first integrated sewage treatment and reclamation plant, the project team has tackled multiple technical issues during project implementation. Specifically, the sewage pipes in service had to be connected to the Linhai plant as source water, posing a major technical challenge; the project team not only pioneers related engineering design in Taiwan, it also overcame the existed complex underground pipes and MRT tunnel laying work despite the pressure of the COVID-19 pandemic, while giving considerations to public opinions and environmental friendliness during the construction stage.

    Ting-Kuo Li, President of Infrastructure, Environment, and Power Business Operations, CTCI, appreciates Kaohsiung City Government’s full support and assistance. “Thanks to the support of Mayor Chen and the city government, we are able to complete this project within three years as scheduled while also recognized with the Urban Quality Engineering Award. Other than the Linhai plant, the CTCI and HDEC joint venture also contracted the Fengshan Wastewater Reclamation Plant BTO Project in Kaohsiung, aiming to build Kaohsiung a model city with stable supply in reclaimed water. We at CTCI will continue contributing our expertise in water engineering to help create triple wins for the government, citizens, and businesses,” Li says.

    CTCI has entered sewerage system business for over two decades. In recent years, it is keen on the opportunities of water resource in the context of circular economy and has successfully expanded business of wastewater reclamation from industrial, municipal sectors to that for high-tech manufacturing process. CTCI is committed to introducing green engineering and resource cycling technologies to projects served worldwide as “the most reliable global engineering services provider.”