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  • 2022/01
    Taiwan: CTCI Successfully Delivers Kaohsiung Linhai Wastewater Treatment Plant Project to Supply 33,000 CMD Reclaimed Water for Industrial Use
    KAOHSIUNG, January 14, 2022- CTCI Corporation (CTCI), Taiwan's largest EPC contractor has successfully delivered Linhai Wastewater Treatment Plant BTO Project in Kaohsiung and an inauguration ceremony is held today.

    The completed plant will supply 33,000 CMD reclaimed water to Linhai Industrial Park, easing the strain of industrial water use. Under a future expansion plan, the plant capacity is expected to be further increased to 60,000 CMD, to ensure sufficient and stable water supply of reclaimed water for the development of local industries, while fulfilling circular economy.

    CTCI worked together with Hsin-Dar Environment Corporation (HDEC) as a joint venture and formed a special purpose company, HDEC-CTCI (Linhai) Corporation in charge of the investment, build, and operation of the Linhai Wastewater Treatment and Reclaimed Water Plant for an 18-year concession period.

    Being Taiwan’s first integrated sewage treatment and reclamation plant, the project team has tackled multiple technical issues during project implementation. Specifically, the sewage pipes in service had to be connected to the Linhai plant as source water, posing a major technical challenge; the project team not only pioneers related engineering design in Taiwan, it also overcame the existed complex underground pipes and MRT tunnel laying work despite the pressure of the COVID-19 pandemic, while giving considerations to public opinions and environmental friendliness during the construction stage.

    Ting-Kuo Li, President of Infrastructure, Environment, and Power Business Operations, CTCI, appreciates Kaohsiung City Government’s full support and assistance. “Thanks to the support of Mayor Chen and the city government, we are able to complete this project within three years as scheduled while also recognized with the Urban Quality Engineering Award. Other than the Linhai plant, the CTCI and HDEC joint venture also contracted the Fengshan Wastewater Reclamation Plant BTO Project in Kaohsiung, aiming to build Kaohsiung a model city with stable supply in reclaimed water. We at CTCI will continue contributing our expertise in water engineering to help create triple wins for the government, citizens, and businesses,” Li says.

    CTCI has entered sewerage system business for over two decades. In recent years, it is keen on the opportunities of water resource in the context of circular economy and has successfully expanded business of wastewater reclamation from industrial, municipal sectors to that for high-tech manufacturing process. CTCI is committed to introducing green engineering and resource cycling technologies to projects served worldwide as “the most reliable global engineering services provider.”