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  • 2021/11
    Taiwan: Crédit Agricole CIB Supports CTCI Group/ CTCI MAC with World’s First Sustainability-linked Green Guarantee Facility
    Crédit Agricole CIB, a major French corporate and investment bank, has announced its support of a 2-year TWD 800 million green guarantee facility out of USD 125 million medium term guarantee facilities to CTCI Group/ CTCI Machinery Corporation (CTCI MAC) for Zhongneng Offshore Wind Farm pin pile project. This is the world’s first sustainability-linked green guarantee facility, and an example of CTCI Group’s commitment to global sustainability.

    The facility supports CTCI MAC’s local manufacturing activities of anchor components of foundation jackets for offshore wind turbines. Under the agreement, CTCI MAC will commit to carry out works according to ISO 14001: 2015 requirements and pass all audits. Moreover, the company needs to provide disclosures on expected environmental benefits and greenhouse gas emissions reduction. By speeding up green development and de-carbonization process through CTCI’s core competency, this will be a win-win for the economy and environment.

    CTCI MAC is responsible for fabrication of nearly 100 pin piles to be used at Zhong Neng Offshore Windfarm, a windfarm located offshore of Changhua County in Taiwan and with high localization requirement.

    Yun-Peng Tan, Chairman of CTCI MAC, said, “CTCI MAC has been actively engaged in offshore wind power business in line with the energy diversification policy of Taiwanese government and has been contracted with equipment manufacturing works for Taiwan’s Yunlin, Changfang & Xidao, and Zhong Neng offshore wind farms projects with proven success. We will continue on offering our technological and project management expertise to help realize localization goal for Taiwan’s wind farm projects, hence accelerating carbon neutralization target with clean energy development.”

    Benjamin Lamberg, Chief Executive Officer of Crédit Agricole CIB Taipei Branch, commented, “Aside from supporting energy transition in Taiwan by project financing offshore windfarm projects, Crédit Agricole CIB further demonstrates its strong commitment to support the localization of the offshore wind supply chain in Taiwan. The innovative structure has not only connected conventional trade finance product with green use of proceeds but offered CTCI Group an opportunity to express their ambitions to uphold sustainable practices in the manufacturing process or the wider supply chain through sustainability-linked mechanism. By implementing this first of kind sustainability-linked green guarantee, it has undoubtedly paved the way for future development of sustainable finance.”

    Carmen Tsang, Head of Sustainable Banking for Greater China, added, “Trade finance is a core element of the global economy and growing to be a trillion-dollar market by the end of this decade. ESG integration into this market is relatively novel, but a crucial trend to promote sustainability in global trade and supply chains. This is a market not to be ignored in mobilizing corporates and capital to support the journey towards a 1.5oC future. Crédit Agricole CIB is pleased to support CTCI Group in this innovative sustainability-linked green guarantee, of which supports the financing of renewable energy development locally in Taiwan. We hope that this would be a precedent to inspire more corporates to consider aligning their sustainability vision and efforts to their trade financing activities.”

    As part of its strategy in global business decisions, CTCI has been keenly aware of the correlation between engineering projects and climate change. The group has followed Task Force on Climate-related Disclosures’ recommendations to identify risks and opportunities, as well as increase the share of green projects among its revenues. In 2020, green and low-carbon projects have accounted for 84% of total contract value, or TWD 109 billion. As of August 2021, green and low-carbon backlogs have increased 355% against year 2015. Not only has green projects become a vital driver for CTCI’s business, it also shows the group’s determination to become a green trailblazer. Looking forward to the future, CTCI Group will continue its deep commitment to provide the world with quality and environmentally-friendly engineering services by implementing its sustainable vision of "Guarding the Earth with Constant Innovation in Green Engineering."

  • 2021/10
    Taiwan: CTCI Provides Free Online Courses Covering 7 Major Engineering Disciplines to Foster Engineering Talents
    TAIPEI, October 29, 2021- To enhance the competitiveness of engineering talents in Taiwan, CTCI has launched an online engineering learning platform, “CTCI Learning,” to share its technological expertise and experiences—the first of its kind in Taiwan, for free. The learning platform, accessible for the general public, is the public version of the company’s “CTCI University” learning platform offered exclusively for its colleagues.

    The platform is an extension of the successful model of “CTCI University,” and it currently offers trainees hundreds of courses under seven engineering disciplines, Chemical Engineering, Chemical Equipment, Civil Engineering, Instrumentation & Control System Engineering, Piping Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Information Communication. Trainees may select courses according to their needs/interests. After finishing taking the course selected and passing an exam, a certificate will be offered by CTCI.

    By launching this learning platform to the public, CTCI hopes to pass down a wealth of knowledge and project execution experiences accumulated for over four decades to foster engineering talents and fulfill corporate social responsibilities.

    As Taiwan’s leading engineering, procurement, and construction services contractor and one of the Top 100 engineering firms globally, CTCI launched “CTCI University” last year (2020) with two major goals, assisting employee career development planning, and nurturing talents. The platform offers over 700 online courses under six major colleges, the College of QHSE, the College of Engineering and Design, the College of Project Integration, the College of Business Management, the College of Leadership, and the College of General Education. CTCI University allows its 7,000 staff worldwide to keep growing through constant learning wherever they are and whenever they want by just getting connected to the platform according to their specific individual development plans.

    To get enrolled in the courses of “CTCI Learning,” please visit:

  • 2021/10
    Taiwan: CTCI Contracted to Build First High-end EV Battery Factory, A Giant Leap for Clean Energy Development in Taiwan
    KAOHSIUNG, October 25, 2021- Leading engineering, procurement, and construction services company CTCI Corporation announced today that the company and subsidiary CTCI Smart Energy Corporation (CTCI SEC) are contracted by Molie Quantum Energy Corporation, part of Taiwan Cement Corporation (TCC) Group, to build in Kaohsiung a lithium battery factory, the first “gigafactory” of its kind in Taiwan.

    Located in Linhai Industrial Park, Siaogang District, the factory will mainly produce high-end, high-capacity, high rate charge/discharge lithium nickel cobalt aluminium oxides (NCA) electrical vehicle (EV) battery. Scheduled completion is in May 2023.

    Owing to its advanced manufacturing process and facility, the factory will have a yearly production capacity of 1.8GWh, equivalent to the production amount of long-range batteries for 24,000 EVs a year. This will significantly augment the nation’s market share for high-end EV battery manufacturing globally, help it to tap into the EV supply chain, and facilitate green energy development.

    At the groundbreaking ceremony, CTCI Group Chairman John T. Yu stated, “Molie Quantum Energy Corporation of TCC is Taiwan’s largest lithium battery producer. The high-performance batteries (super batteries) it produces are able to support grid stability, safely store clean energy and can be applied in EVs and large energy storage systems—this is particularly important in that they play key roles in future high-tech development. At this critical moment of global energy transition to clean energy, CTCI is thrilled to have the opportunity to engage in project like this one to offer engineering expertise.”

    CTCI has been providing engineering services across Asia, the Middle East and the Americas. In recent years, it proactively seeks business opportunities to meet substantial growth in sustainable development and the high-tech industry worldwide and has built track records in the solar power, offshore wind power, energy storage, and plant constructions for the high-tech industries. Previously, it has secured an EPC service contract in the U.S for a major semiconductor company.


Awards & Certifications

  • 2011/11
    Taiwan: A Leader in Engineering Industry, CTCI Receives Top 10 Domestic Companies Sustainability Model Award of TCSA for Years in a Row

    TAIPEI, November 17, 2021- Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy has announced the results of Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA) selections. CTCI, the largest global engineering, procurement, and construction group in Taiwan, continues to be the top winner in the engineering industry category, clinching Top 10 Domestic Companies Sustainability Model Award, Growth Through Innovation Leadership Award, and Transparency and Integrity Leadership Award.

    John T. Yu, CTCI Group Chairman receives the awards from Ching-Te Lai, Vice President of the Republic of China (Taiwan) during awards ceremony on November 17.

    CTCI Group (CTCI) has been frequently praised for its dedication to increasing its impact on global sustainability through engineering.

    Yu says, CTCI is dedicated to fulfilling sustainable operations through its core competencies and calling on all staff to care for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) dimensions with company-wide CSR engagement to transform the CSR spirit into its core competitiveness and make it a part of CTCI’s corporate DNA.

    To meet the critical challenge of global climate change, CTCI has joined Taiwan Alliance for Net Zero Emission (TANZE) and Taiwan Net Zero Emission Association in 2021, committed to achieve net zero emission target for its office areas in 2030 and to include all project sites in 2050. Pioneering the engineering industry, CTCI is promoting “Net Zero EPC Projects” by joining hands with its supply chain partners worldwide to implement engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) projects with net zero emissions. This is an active response to the global trend for reaching net zero emission target. Meanwhile, CTCI also hopes to utilize green engineering services and green investment to achieve a win-win situation between the economy and environment.

    This year, CTCI Corporation once again receives TCSA’s “Top 10 Domestic Companies Sustainability Model Award” and other TCSA honors thanks to its continued efforts for innovations in engineering services and green engineering applications to expand social impact, and its intelligent EPC (iEPC) technologies, which strengthen its competitiveness in the engineering market.

    On the other hand, CTCI ASI has once again received Top 50 Corporate Sustainability Awards for achievements in intelligent services focusing on industry 4.0 that provide owners with smart plants and transportation solutions; its optimized energy management and safety services has propelled clients to achieve industry upgrade, further consolidating CTCI ASI’s position as an intelligent solutions brand.

    To date, CTCI has received numerous recognitions for its CSR efforts, including being selected as component of Dow Jones Sustainability Emerging Markets Index; received good ratings from Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and Morgan Stanley Capital International’s (MSCI) ESG rating, finished among the top 5% of the TWSE and TPEx listed companies in Corporate Governance Evaluation; listed within Taiwan Sustainability Index (TWSI); and won Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award, a prestigious award given by CommonWealth Magazine.

    Committed to realizing its brand spirit as the most reliable global engineering services provider, CTCI will continue to make positive impact in the ESG aspects, while fulfilling its vision of “becoming a guardian of the Earth by employing innovative green engineering technologies.”

  • 2021/11
    The US: CTCI Corp. Has Been Selected as Constituent of DJSI Indices for the 7th Year; No. 2 in Global Construction & Engineering
    CTCI Corporation is pleased to announce that for the seventh consecutive year, it has been selected as constituent of the Dow Jones Sustainability Emerging Markets Indices (DJSI). It is ranked No. 2 among all peers from global construction and engineering industry, as well as No. 2 in both economic and social dimensions. CTCI is proud to be the first and only engineering company so far in Taiwan to be part of the DJSI constituent. This is evidence of CTCI’s reliable management efforts and incorporation of environmental (E), social (S), and governance (G) considerations into its business practices, which have resulted in the recognition and affirmation from global investors.

    CTCI has actively adopted a global business strategy that takes into account of green energy and low-carbon to help clients cope with challenges of climate change. In 2020, CTCI has signed green and low-carbon contracts with total worth of TWD 109 billion, or 84% of annual contract amount. CTCI has also seen 355% backlog growth in its green and low-carbon projects between 2015 and 2021. Such projects have become an essential business driver.

    Moreover, CTCI is fully committed to “Net-Zero EPC” and fostering win-win for ESG and profit through green technologies, services, and investments. As of September 2021, CTCI’s new contracts reached TWD 106.55 billion, whereas its backlogs reached TWD 316.2 billion. Both are remarkable outcomes.

    CTCI builds its business upon four major core technologies: green engineering, intelligent EPC (iEPC), smart plant, and circular economy. With clear targets and strategies, 7,000 employees worldwide engage in company-wide CSR and ESG practices, using their engineering expertise to deal with sustainability challenges.

    This year, CTCI has joined Taiwan Alliance for Net Zero Emissions and Taiwan Zero Emissions Institute, pledging to achieve net zero emissions at all offices by 2030, and net zero emissions at all offices and fabrication sites by 2050 to keep global temperature from rising above 1.5°C.

    CTCI has also pioneered in mass education of engineering know-how through its one-of-a-kind “CTCI Learning” online platform, where the public can access hundreds of courses in seven engineering fields for free. Whereas “CTCI University” is a predecessor online learning platform that serves solely for CTCI employees, CTCI Learning places importance on sustainable education and aims to serve the public by passing down more than four decades of expertise and experience.

    CTCI’s commitment in corporate social responsibility (CSR) is widely recognized globally. It is one of the top-100 international engineering companies selected by Engineering-News Record, and has received accolades such as CommonWealth Magazine’s Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award and TCSA’s Top Ten Domestic Corporate Award.

    CTCI will continue to strive to become the most reliable team, a trailblazer in green innovations, an employer that offers brilliant workplace, and a corporate citizen who is willing to commit to wielding its influence, so that the world can see a more sustainable future.

  • 2021/10
    Taiwan: CTCI Corporation & ECOVE Selected by Business Weekly as Top 100 Best Performing Companies for Carbon Reduction in Taiwan
    TAIPEI, Oct. 18, 2021- For the first time, Taiwan’s Business Weekly magazine has evaluated how companies in Taiwan are performing in terms of carbon reduction. We are pleased to announce that according to the results released recently, CTCI Corp. and ECOVE have been selected as two of top 100 best performing companies (CTCI: architecture and construction category; ECOVE: energy storage and ecological category). This is a recognition of CTCI Group’s excellent sustainability efforts.

    Selection is based on a company’s aggregated score evaluated according to 10 indices:
    1. A, AA, or AAA in MSCI’s ESG rating (2021)
    2. BBB in MSCI’s rating & incorporated to MSCI ACWI index
    3. Incorporated in MSCI Global Environment Index
    4. Member of RE100 and commits to use 100% renewable energy by 2050
    5. Member of EP100 and commits to increase energy efficiency by 100%
    6. Member of EV100 and commits to 100% use of electrical vehicles by 2030
    7. SbTi: Member of Science Based Targets initiative
    8. TCFD: Signatory in support for Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures
    9. Apple: Member of green supply chain
    10. B type business: Commits to creating eco impact
    Global investment institutions, research institutes, and academics have also been consulted throughout the selection process.

    CTCI looks forward to continuing to promote sustainability through its core competencies, serve the best interest of the Earth, and fulfill its vision of “becoming a guardian of the world by providing sustainable, innovative, and green engineering.”


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