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  • 2018/10
    Taiwan: CTCI-HDEC Joint Venture to Establish Taiwan's First Integrated Sewage Treatment and Reclamation Plant
    CTCI Corporation (CTCI), Taiwan's largest EPC contractor, has joined hands with Hsin-Dar Environment Corporation (HDEC), as a joint venture and awarded BTO Project of LinHai Sewage Treatment Plant and Reclaimed Water by Kaohsiung City Government. For this project, a special purpose company, HDEC-CTCI (Linhai) Corporation, responsible for investment, build, and operation of the project is established. The contract, valued at NT$4.33 billion and with an 18-year concession period, is Taiwan’s first project combining sewage treatment and large reclamation unit together. The reclaimed water could be provided for industrial use, transforming itself into a little reservoir of the city. The plant is scheduled to be commercially operated in 2021, and by when, totally 33,000 CMD reclaimed water will be provided for Kaohsiung Linhai Industrial Park, effectively easing the strain of local water demand.

    The contract, being part of the six demonstration plants to be built in the Public Sewage Treatment Plant Discharge Water Recycling and Reuse Promotion Project, is to build sewage treatment plant and reclamation plant in one step; in 1st phase, it is expected to build a 55,000 CMD Sewage Treatment Plant to produce 33,000 CMD reclaimed water for industries at Linhai Industrial Park. In the future, the capacity could be further expanded to 60,000 CMD, combining with the 45,000 CMD by Fengshan Shi Wastewater Reclamation Plant at 2nd phase, over 100,000 CMD reclaimed water could be steadily produced for Linhai Industrial Park and thus laying a cornerstone for local industry development.

    CTCI, with 20 years of experience in water resource treatment, has completed various water reclamation plants for the hydrocarbon industry and municipal wastewater treatment plants projects, and is keen on the business opportunities of water resource in the context of circular economy. With the new contract awarded, CTCI is committed to deliver the Most Reliable engineering quality and green engineering practices, contributing its share for the sustainability of the environment.

  • 2018/10
    Taiwan: Putting Circular Economy into Practice --CTCI Joins Hands with Evergreen Steel to Build Taiwan's Landmark BOT Biomass Energy Center
    Backed by its rich experience and project performance in the fields of waste management and Energy-from-Waste business, CTCICorporation (CTCI) , Taiwan's largest EPC turnkey service contractor, has successfully secured the "Taoyuan City Biomass Energy Center Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Project" under a Joint Venture (JV) formed by CTCI Corporation, ECOVE, an affiliate of CTCI, in conjunction with Evergreen Steel Corporation (Evergreen). The JV also established “EVER ECOVE Corporation” as the concession company for the BOT project, with CTCI responsible for the EPC work of the project and ECOVE Environment Services Corporation, a subsidiary of ECOVE, responsible for its operation and maintenance.

    The landmark Biomass Energy Center BOT project in Taiwan is expected to be completed in the second half of 2021 with a concession period of 25 years. Different from the traditional energy from waste plant, it will not only achieve the dual benefits of proper waste disposal and energy recovery (electricity generation) but will also lead the trend and create a new generation of cycling-type environmental park with low pollution, diversified treatment, and sustainable operation. It will become a model indicator for the promotion and development of the circular economy by the Taoyuan City Government.

    The scope of this project includes waste pretreatment, thermal process (waste incineration), anaerobic digestion, landfill and other related facilities. The facility puts the circular economy into practice by directing waste to reduction, reuse and recycling. After completion, the center will be responsible for handling household waste and industrial & commercial waste in Taoyuan City, and recovering waste heat generated during heat treatment to generate electricity. Through the anaerobic digestion technology, the facility is able to process the kitchen waste which is with high moisture content and not suitable for direct burning, and create the best solution to treat kitchen waste and further generate electricity as well.

    CTCI has been deeply cultivating the resource cycling industry for 20 years and is the only investor/builder in Taiwan that has the turnkey capability of the energy from waste plant and owns successful implementation experience of the only two incineration plant BOT projects in Taiwan. ECOVE is the first environmental resource management service company in Taiwan to acquire the qualifications for the operation of energy from waste plants overseas. Its services include the resource recycling of various materials such as waste disposal and energy from waste, wastewater treatment, and renewable energy development. ECOVE's business landscape covers Macao, China, Southeast Asia, and the United States. The three major businesses of aviation, shipping, and steel owned by the JV partner Evergreen Group, also with a mission of guarding the green earth. Evergreen Steel is leading in the Biomass Energy Center project, has a foothold in environmental protection and has made the investment to two companies, namely Hsin Yung Enterprise and Super Max Engineering. In the future, Evergreen Group will also expand its business in environmental protection.

    In this project, the JV team of CTCI and Evergreen stood out from the fierce competition with its high energy efficiency, technical solutions for effective processing of multiple wastes, and the concept of putting the circular economy into practice. CTCI is committed to continuing to uphold the brand spirit of "The Most Reliable" and join hands with Evergreen to establish Taoyuan City as an advanced, environmentally friendly homeland.

  • 2018/10
    Taiwan: CTCI Teams Up to Clean Up Taiwan’s Coastline
    In response to the EPA’s island-wide beach cleaning and beach adopting campaign, CTCI has made commitment to contribute its share to be a guarding force for Taiwan’s coastline since 2017, and has planned 3 sessions of beach cleaning campaign. On October 20, CTCI held the last session of beach cleaning activity, with 85 participants, including colleagues, family members, and the U.S. business partners. Totally, 504 kg of trash has been collected that day which helped revive the coastline with real actions.

    As was previously the case, the CEO of Group Shared Services Mr. Ming-Cheng Hsiao attended the event to cheer colleagues up and personally toiled under the sun to pick up trash together with everyone else. The beach adopted by CTCI is 1 km in length, and the trash collected include waste and floating garbage like styrofoam, bottle glass, plastic bottles, fishing net. The organizer Brand Management Department then selected the winning groups with the “Golden Weight Award”, and “Golden Volume Award” based on the weight and volume of trash collected by each team. For participants who show perfect attendance, an additional “Perfect Attendance Award” will be conferred.

    The number of attendance for the 3-session beach cleaning campaign held by CTCI is 193.. As invited by colleagues, not only family members but also business partners had joined this campaign. This has also brought participants to reflect on the impacts of marine waste and everyone has made a firm resolve to protect the marine ecology. CTCI will continue to exert its influence and join hands to contribute a share to the sustainability of the earth.


Awards & Certifications

  • 2018/11
    Taiwan: CTCI Listed in DJSI – Once Again Winning The Most Prestigious Sustainability Awards - Top Ten Domestic Corporate in Taiwan
    CTCI has enhanced industry competitiveness with core engineering expertise and collaborated with international and domestic partners to realize its green commitments. Key forces that can change society have been brought together. CTCI has long dedicated itself in CSR, having been listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) for fourth consecutive years between 2015 and 2018. In the Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA) of 2018, CTCI once again received the highest honor "The Most Prestigious Sustainability Awards - Top Ten Domestic Corporate in Taiwan". Group Chairman John Yu attends the award ceremony on November 22 on behalf of CTCI, and accepts the award from Vice President Chen Chien-jen.

    CTCI has been recognized for its global CSR practices numerous times, as Group Chairman Yu said: "For CTCI, CSR is not just about donating money to charity. It is about turning CSR into a core competency and striving to incorporate it in the company's DNA". CTCI has actively responded to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and defined a 2020 sustainability development vision for CTCI. Additional projects in economic, environmental and social development were launched, as it marches towards the grand vision of shared values. CTCI, ECOVE and CTCI ASI were recognized with 14 awards in this year's TCSA, including: "The Most Prestigious Sustainability Awards - Top Ten Domestic Corporate in Taiwan" and "TOP 50 Taiwan Sustainable Enterprise Award" in comprehensive performance; "TOP 50 Platinum Report Award" and "English Reportage Award" in sustainability report; "Supply Chain Management Award", "Circular Economy Leadership Award", "Growth through Innovation Award", "Social Inclusion Award", "People Development Award", "Transparency and Integrity Award" and others for performance in specific category; CTCI English reports have also won the recognition of Global Corporate Sustainability Awards (GCSA). The CEO of CTCI GSS, Ming-Cheng Hsiao, was invited to the Global Corporate Sustainability Forum on November 23 to deliver a speech titled “CTCI 40 Years, A Pilot of Sustainability” and share CTCI's global sustainability practices and how it pursues sustainable growth based on its “Most Reliable” brand spirit.

    CTCI has been issuing CSR reports since 2008, and is the first company in Taiwan to pass third-party international verification. Its excellent CSR performance has also been recognized by domestic and international sustainability assessment agencies, with inclusion of component in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI), Taiwan Sustainability Index (TWSI), as well as winning awards such as Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award from CommonWealth Magazine. With its core technology in professional engineering and its "Most Reliable" brand spirit, CTCI will continue to integrate resources in global engineering, intelligent solutions, and resource cycling. It will exert corporate influence to cooperate with supply chain manufacturers along with domestic and international partners. Through all-around engineering services, CTCI will strive to create a sustainable lifestyle. CTCI also wishes to become an important CSR driver for global progress and sustainability.

  • 2018/09
    The US: CTCI Selected as a Member of DJSI Component for 4 Years in a Row: the Only Enterprise in Engineering & Construction Industry in Taiwan
    RobecoSAM recently announced the results of 2018 Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) components. CTCI has been selected in the Emerging Markets index for 4 years in a row, and is the only enterprise selected in Taiwan’s Engineering & Construction industry. This year, CTCI improves itself to the 4th place in the Engineering & Construction category, and retained the top place in the Economic Dimension, sustains its position as an industry leader in Taiwan.

    In 2018, totally 3,504 companies were invited by RobecoSAM globally to participate in the DJSI Index assessment, while CTCI was listed by DJSI in its Emerging Markets index. For Emerging Markets index, 94 enterprises, including CTCI, were selected from the 802 participating enterprises. This year, CTCI is highly recognized for its performances in Economic and Social Dimension, which ranks the 1st and 2nd place among its peers, respectively. It also performs well in non-financial criteria including Policy Influence, Codes of Business Conduct, Supply Chain Management, Environmental Policy & Management Systems, Human Capital Development, as well as Occupational Health and Safety. In 2017, CTCI launched a Fast Track Talent Development Program to systematically build the required capabilities in high-potential employees to meet the requirements for talents in the long-term. This has also helped CTCI to make a breakthrough in the Human Capital Development criterion, and for which it was given a full mark. Additionally, CTCI implemented sustainability impact assessment and is the first enterprise certified with ISO 45001:2018 by International Standard Organization. CTCI also convened a Supplier Meeting to partners with its global suppliers to fulfill corporate social responsibility and exert their collective global influences.

    In recent years, CTCI’s CSR practice is widely recognized by various quarters; it is once again listed among “Top 100 for Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility” by CommonWealth Magazine, and was also recognized with various achievements in Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA), including "The Most Prestigious Sustainability Awards - Top Ten Domestic Corporate" award. CTCI is committed to continuously deliver world-class performance in three major aspects of corporate governance, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility fulfillment.

  • 2018/08
    The US: CTCI Corporation Continues to be Listed by ENR among Top 100 International Engineering Companies
    The rankings of 2018 Engineering News-Record magazine (ENR) had been released. CTCI Corporation has been continuously listed within the international contractors, global contractors, international design firms, and global design firms. Among over 200 enterprises listed, CTCI Corporation has been placed within the Top 100 list for International Design Firms and International Contractors for three years in a row, besides, the ranking of International Contractors even moved upwards to the76th, a result of CTCI’s successful expansion in overseas market; while the rankings of Global Contractors and Global Design Firms were relatively behind because of the limited size of domestic market.

    ENR, a prestigious international magazine, conducts its surveys for engineering companies annually. ENR rankings have strong credibility and are important indexes for international engineering industry. ENR rankings have two main categories which are design firms and contractors based on company’s annual sales revenues the previous year. Under the two categories, companies in the "International" list are ranked on the basis of overseas revenues, whereas companies in the "Global" list are ranked according to their total revenues of domestic and overseas projects.

    In recent years, CTCI Corporation makes constant efforts on business growth and has successfully expanded international markets by enhancing the technical level, profitability, and international visibility, and is thus able to continue standing at the top 100 international engineering companies list.


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