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  • 2019/04
    Taiwan: To Fuel Global Business Growth, CTCI 2nd HQ to Start Construction
    CTCI, the largest domestic EPC turnkey contractor, has developed into a "Taiwan's No. 1 and Global 100" international engineering service company after 40 years of operation and active development. With the vigorous development of the business, the scale of CTCI has expanded rapidly. In 2009, CTCI laid the foundation of the first headquarters building in Tianmu area, Shilin District. Ten years later, the second headquarters building (2nd HQ) of CTCI is going to be built in Beitou-Shilin Technology Park. On April 23, the groundbreaking ceremony of the 2nd HQ was held, and the theme of the ceremony was "CTCI 40 Years, A High-Rise HQ2." CTCI invited the former Vice President of R.O.C. Mr. Vincent Siew and CTCI's board of directors, retired chiefs, and senior executives. A total of approximately 150 VIPs attended the ceremony and wished CTCI to maintain the spirit of "Based in Taiwan, Look into the World" in order to achieve wonderful and everlasting results and create another brilliant 40 years, and the world shall witness Taiwan's engineering strength.

    Mr. Vincent Siew, former Vice President of R.O.C., Dr. Wen-Yen Pan, Chairman of CTCI Foundation, and Mr. J. T. Lin, former President of CTCI were invited to give speeches at the groundbreaking ceremony. All of them acknowledged and praised CTCI's contribution to Taiwan's economic development and global engineering construction. CTCI not only has set a new paradigm for the industry but has also made Taiwan's engineering brand shine in the global market. CTCI's care and cultivation toward the employees, as well as the maintenance of the "people-oriented" spirit is precisely the keys to making CTCI's achievements sustainable.

    During the ceremony, Mr. John T. Yu, Group Chairman of CTCI, stated that the Group started from a local company with only 800 employees, but now has grown into an international enterprise with more than 40 subsidiaries and more than 7,000 professional engineers globally. In addition, CTCI set a new record high in the total amount of new contract and backlog of contracts in 2018. This is the fruitful result of the efforts of every CTCI employee after decades of dedication and hard work. In order to provide a better working environment for our colleagues and to respond to the development of the intelligent solutions of the Group, the 2nd HQ, currently being built by the CTCI team, combines intelligent solutions and advanced green energy technology. It is expected to be the new office space for Intelligent Solution and Resource Cycling business groups and the CTCI Education Foundation after its completion in 2021. The 2nd HQ will be the architectural model of smart innovation and the new local landmark and will benefit CTCI's global businesses even more.

  • 2019/04
    Taiwan: Reaching New Milestone in Taiwanese Offshore Wind Farm: CTCI Undertakes Offshore Wind Turbine Substructure Transition Piece Project
    CTCI MAC, a subsidiary of CTCI, the largest EPC turnkey contractor in Taiwan, has successfully contracted Germany-based wpd AG for “Offshore Wind Farm Yunlin, Offshore Wind Turbine Substructure -- Transition Pieces" project. This will be the first Taiwanese offshore wind power project with transition pieces completely produced and manufactured in Taiwan. Not only does this mark CTCI's official entry into offshore wind power business, but it also sets a new record high for CTCI MAC in terms of contract value. The installation of the foundations in the wind farm is expected to be accomplished in Q3 2020. The wind farm with a total of 640 MW in generation capacity is expected to be fully operational by mid of 2021. In addition to reducing carbon emissions, it also sets a new milestone for offshore wind farms in Taiwan, creating a new page for the green economy.

    A total of 80 offshore wind turbines are planned at the offshore wind farm in Yunlin. In accordance with Taiwan's offshore wind power localization policy, 40 turbine foundations will be manufactured by domestic manufacturers. CTCI MAC has 40 years of experience in manufacturing pressure vessels and has obtained both European certifications EN 1090 (EU Steel Structure Certification) and ISO 3834 (Welding Quality Management System Certification) since November of 2017. CTCI MAC has demonstrated professional production and management capabilities in details pertaining to production planning, quality control, HSE (Safety, Health, Environmental protection) and shipping, and was further acknowledged by the project owner wpd and became the preferred partner. CTCI MAC has already set up CTCI MAC Ta-Lin Shop in Kaohsiung's Nansing Free Trade Zone to facilitate the transportation of the 40 transition pieces (TP) from Kaohsiung Port to the outer edge of Yunlin once they have been manufactured.

    German wpd AG is a worldwide developer and operator in wind power on- and offshore as well as solar power. It is headquartered in Bremen, Germany, and is currently the largest private renewable energy operator in Taiwan. CTCI has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with wpd in 2018 followed by a delivery contract in March, with focus on jointly promoting the localization of offshore wind energy. This is the first collaboration project between the two parties. According to the central government's offshore wind energy development plan, the capacity from offshore wind turbine installations is expected to reach 5.5 GW by 2025, of which up to 3 GW are to be generated by wind turbines with a significant number of components manufactured in Taiwan. This will lead to an enormous business opportunity in the supply chain. CTCI, upholding its brand spirit as "The Most Reliable", promises to make a contribution in promoting the localization of Taiwan's offshore wind power, making green energy shine for Taiwan with its "Most Reliable” engineering services.

  • 2019/03
    Taiwan: CTCI 40 Years, Partner for Sustainability:2019 CTCI Global Supplier Meeting Concluded with Success
    At its 40th anniversary since establishment, CTCI has made considerable contribution in engineering developments both at home and abroad and won international recognition for its brilliant corporate social responsibility obligation performances over the years. In hopes to collaborate with its supplier partners to fulfill corporate social responsibility and exert their collective global influences, CTCI held a "CTCI 40 Years, Partner for Sustainability" 2019 CTCI Supplier Meeting on March 28, 2019. Via this meeting, CTCI expects to build consensus, grow together, and create innovative opportunities in terms of environment, economic, and social sustainability development orientations with its suppliers.

    A total of 70 suppliers from 19 countries, which are Taiwan, China, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, the U.S., South Korea, Germany, Malaysia, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, India, the U.K., Belgium, Finland, France, Spain, Switzerland, and Australia, were invited to participate, with 113 high-level executives of these suppliers attending the meeting. CTCI Group Vice Chairman Michael Yang, President of EPC Operations Todd Chen, and Vice President of the Procurement Division Ting-Chuang Li represented the company to welcome global suppliers at the event. During the meeting, CTCI specifically described its policies on quality management, safety, health and environment policies, procurement operation procedures, and supplier management, as well as providing its future business outlooks. Also, memorial trophies were conferred to outstanding suppliers to recognize their efforts and support, aiming to build consensus and create intimate partnership opportunities.

    As a member of the global village, CTCI has continued to fulfill its corporate social responsibility while pursuing enterprise growth in hopes to achieve corporate social responsibility with its partners together. In the future, in addition to establishing sustainable supplier chain development strategies, CTCI will continue to counsel and assist suppliers to enhance their international capabilities. Meanwhile, it will also enhance awareness and corporate social responsibility executions via continuous sharing and advocacy. The goal is to enable the global suppliers and CTCI to grow together, and jointly move towards the path of sustainability.


Awards & Certifications

  • 2019/05
    Taiwan: Three CTCI Listed Companies Evaluated as Top 5% of the 5th Corporate Governance Evaluation
    In the 5th Corporate Governance Evaluation by Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) and Taipei Exchange (TPEx), three listed companies in CTCI Group (CTCI Corp., CTCI Advanced Systems, ECOVE) finished in the top 5% of the TWSE and TPEx listed categories. In addition, CTCI Corp. and ECOVE finished in the top 10% of listed companies in the non-finance and non-electronics industry with a market value of 10 billion TWD or more. ECOVE is the only TPEx listed company to be ranked in this category. The two evaluations above are divided into 7 and 5 levels respectively, with CTCI placing at the highest level in both. The awards ceremony was held on May 28th. Executive Vice President of CTCI, Ming-Cheng Hsiao, the Chairman of CTCI Advanced Systems, Teng-Yaw Yu, and the Chairman of ECOVE, Jun-Jer Liao, were present to accept the awards.

    This year's evaluations were mainly carried out using the 172 indicators in 4 major dimensions: protecting shareholders' rights and interests, equal treatment, enhancing board structure and operation, increasing information transparency, and putting corporate social responsibility into practice. A total of 1,554 companies, including 868 TWSE listed companies and 686 TPEx listed companies, were evaluated. The awards recognize CTCI's efforts in several areas including operational performance, corporate governance, and corporate social responsibility.

    As a leader in Taiwan's engineering industry with the "Most Reliable" brand spirit, CTCI continues to improve its corporate governance and strives for sustainable business performance. Through the promotion of "Total Participation CSR Excellence Practice," corporate social responsibility is incorporated into CTCI's business strategy. CTCI’s core professional technologies enable it to provide the world with the best engineering services and improve the competitiveness of domestic industries. This is done without neglecting economic, social, and environmental developments as part of the contribution towards global sustainability. Its outstanding performance has been recognized in several domestic and foreign evaluations, including constituent stocks in DJSI Emerging Markets Index for 4 consecutive years, top 40 constituent stocks for listed companies in the 1st Taiwan Sustainability Index, Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award by CommonWealth Magazine, and Most Prestigious Sustainability Awards—Top Ten Domestic Corporate in Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards.

  • 2019/05
    Taiwan: CTCI Retained Top 1 in the Contractor Sector in 2019 Top 2000 Enterprises Survey of CommonWealth Magazine with Various CTCI Companies Listed
    This May, the results of CommonWealth Magazine's 2019 Top 2000 Enterprises Survey were released. As the outcome indicated, seven CTCI constituent companies, including CTCI Corporation, ECOVE Environment Corporation, ECOVE Environmental Services Corporation, CTCI Machinery Corporation, CTCI Smart Engineering Corporation, CTCI Advanced Systems Inc., and ECOVE Waste Management Corporation were listed in the Top 650 Service Enterprises in its respective industry. According to the survey, CTCI Corporation ranks at the top 5% in the Top 650 Service Enterprises list, and has retained Top 1 in the contractor sector. With outstanding business performance, ECOVE Waste Management Corporation ascend the list for the first time.

    The ranking released on May 2019 was based on the consolidated revenues and profits of the companies for the year 2018. CommonWealth Magazine selects Top 1,350 Manufacturing Enterprises, Top 650 Service Enterprises and Top 100 Financial Institutions, and totally there are 2,100 excellent companies. The table below reveal all the rankings garnered by companies of CTCI in various sectors.

  • 2019/04
    UAE: CTCI/Chiyoda Joint Venture Titanium Sponge Plant Project in Yanbu Recognized as GCC Winner of 2019 MEED Projects Awards in the Industrial Project of the Year Category
    CTCI/Chiyoda Joint Venture Titanium Sponge Plant Project in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia is selected as the GCC winner in the Industrial Project of the Year category of 2019 MEED Projects Awards, in association with Mashreq.

    Taking advantage of the owner ATTM’s (Advanced Metal Industries Cluster Company Limited of Saudi Araba/Toho Titanium Co., Ltd. of Japan) state-of-the-art production technology and competitive energy costs in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has become the 7th country to produce titanium sponge in the world after completion of the project in 2017, and the plant is among the most cost-competitive titanium sponge plants in the world.

    The Titanium Sponge Plant project was selected as one of the important projects in ”Saudi Vision 2030” which is planned to reduce Saudi Arabia's dependence on oil and expected to contribute for establishment of “Titanium Supply Chain” within Saudi Arabia for economic development.

    In spite of facing various and unexpected difficulties, this project was successfully completed within Contract schedule, attaining mechanical completion ahead of schedule on 28 May 2017 and achieving a record of 7 million safe man-hours without any disabling injuries.

    In the first round of the competition, the project has been recognized as National Winner of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the category of Industrial Project of the Year of the MEED Project Award. Having been reviewed against other National Winners from across the GCC in the category, the project has been selected as the final winner of the GCC honour of the 2019 MEED Projects Awards on Apr. 24 at Dubai.

    The success of the project has established CTCI's reputation and foundation for entering the Middle East's non-ferrous metal industry. Winning this honor has demonstrated CTCI’ capability to meet very stringent quality standards besides able to complete the project on time.

    On behalf of CTCI, Chao-Wen Chen, Affiliate Managing Director of CTCI Arabia attended the gala ceremony to accept the GCC Winner award.


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