Investor Relations

Corporate Governance Principles

CTCI's corporate governance principles underpin, strengthen and improve the company's overall governance system. The principles apply to the following areas:
Corporate Governance Principles (CTCI) Download
Articles of Incorporation Download
CTCI Corporation Rules Governing the Election of Directors Download
Codes of Ethical Conduct Download
Regulations Governing the Board Performance Evaluation Download
Rules Governing Procedure for Board of Directors’ Meetings Download
CTCI Corporation Insiders’ Shareholding Policy Download
2019 Major Donations and Sponsorships of CTCI Download
Intellectual Property Protection Management Report Download

Board of Directors

Audit Committee

Remuneration Committee

Nominating Committee

ESG & Net Zero Committee

The 15th Term Audit/Remuneration/Nominating/ESG & Net Zero Committee Download
Audit Committee Charter Download
Remuneration Committee Charter Download
Organizational Charter of Nominating Committee Download

Shareholder Structure

Internal Audit: Organization and Function

The audit department, composed of a total of one audit officer and six auditors, is an independent unit that is directly subordinate to the board of directors. It performs the audit tasks with due diligence and responsibility.
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Communications between Independent Directors, the Chief Audit Executive and CPAs

The ways, topics and results of communications between the Independent Directors, the Chief Audit Executive and the CPAs
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