About CTCI

CTCI is a global provider of reliable engineering services

CTCI (TWSE: 9933, TPEx: 5209, TPEx: 6803) is an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) services provider the world can rely on. Founded in 1979, CTCI emerged as the leader in Taiwan's hydrocarbon processing industry and an active player in the international power, environmental, transportation and industrial markets. A strong reputation for reliability—coupled with an uncompromising approach to quality and an eagerness to learn—further drove our ascent to become the world’s most reliable engineering service provider. Expertly delivering technically complicated projects in markets all over the world, CTCI has become the engineering partner of choice for global leaders across Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas.

We serve the world’s major markets

With a globally dynamic team of over 7,000 employees in around 40 affiliates spanning across more than 10 countries—not to mention forty years of experience in the industry—CTCI is working to solve some of the world’s most technically challenging problems. 
  • Annual Revenue
  • Backlog
  • New Contracts

CTCI Annual Revenue 2020

(Base value: TWD 56.6 billion I USD 1.9 billion)

CTCI Backlog 2019

(Base value: TWD 194.7 billion I USD 6.46 billion)

CTCI New Contracts 2020

(Base value: TWD 130.2 billion I USD 4.6 billion)

Reliable & Responsive

With forty years of experience managing fully-integrated EPC projects all over the world, CTCI is committed to never letting our partners down. Our clients trust us because we respond to their individual needs—and are committed to continuously improving the efficiency of our operations. With advanced 3D modeling technology and  in-house fabrication services, CTCI has streamlined the time- and cost-efficiency of EPC projects—while staying true to our commitment to deliver the world’s most reliable engineering services.

Smart Engineering, Smarter Engineers

In order to equip our world-class engineers with the latest in smart engineering, CTCI pioneered advanced cloud-based project management tools—allowing our team of engineers to solve problems in real-time, and efficiently deliver high-caliber engineering services. We also provide digital learning assistance to all our staff to maintain a standardized level of quality, no matter where in the world our employees are operating.

Sustainable Service Provider

Our dedication to reliability extends beyond the realm of engineering services. Indeed, the Dow Jones Sustainability Index includes CTCI in their Emerging Markets Index Membership category for our comprehensive corporate sustainable practices. Long been committed to incorporating various green engineering technologies with a  life cycle perspective that involves engineering design, procurement, construction, commissioning, operation, and decommissioning, we offer clients economic and viable eco-friendly solutions that minimize pollution, impact on human health, and environmental damage. We furthered our commitment to sustainability by fully committed to Resource Cycling Efficiency™— and enabling continued access to resources for generations to come.

These elements underpin CTCI’s drive to become the world’s most reliable engineering services provider. To find out more, visit the Discover Reliable section of our website.