Stationary Equipment

Stationary Equipment

A world-class fabrication unit with decades of experience working with customers to manufacture high-quality equipment.

CTCI has over four decades of experience fabricating a range of equipment to customer specification for the hydrocarbon, industrial, and power markets, particularly the nuclear industry. Our two workshops in the southern Taiwan port city of Kaohsiung offer highly professional services, with Ta-She shop focused on pressure vessels, piping pre-fabrication and heat exchangers including the use of monel alloy, high nickel, copper-nickel, aluminum, titanium and zirconium; and Ta-Lin shop specializing in big size module skid, pre-fabricated parts of package equipment and offshore wind turbine foundations such as monopoles and transition pieces for monopile foundations, and pin piles for jacket foundations.

Our team is capable of manufacturing a wide range of equipment based on design data and specification provided by the customer, and in keeping with ISO9001 quality standard, ASME Pressure Vessel Codes, and EN1090, ISO3834-2 of offshore product. The workshops are also experienced in developing fabrication methods to drive down costs and improve efficiency, either in our own shops or at the customer’s worksite depending on the size of the equipment. 

Our teams of professional engineers can also assist with engineering work, including basic design, strength calculations, engineering and shop drawings, etc., and are available to perform equipment inspections/revamping, plant shut-down inspections, and plant maintenance work on request.

Our specialist areas of knowledge include but are not limited to:

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