Cleanroom & MEP

Cleanroom & MEP

A seasoned provider of flexible and holistic Cleanroom and MEP engineering solutions.

CTCI provides comprehensive Cleanroom and Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) engineering solutions, from basic and detailed design, through procurement and construction to commissioning and operational transfer to customers. CTCI’s longstanding and wide-ranging project management experience ensures we consistently deliver impeccable MEP and Cleanroom solutions that meet the project goals.

Cleanroom safety and functionality is always our first priority. However, we also work with customers to deliver flexible Cleanroom designs that are capable of being adapted to suit the fast-changing nature of the electronics industry manufacturing process. 

CTCI’s MEP and Cleanroom service utilizes our own intelligent Building Information Modeling (BIM) management system to conduct the design, combine shop drawing and space management. The construction re-works can be avoided by identifying and mitigate the conflicts in early stage. The high quality and effective management can be benefit to the customers until the project completion. The customized facility management platform can be built to full fill the requirement of asset and facility lifetime management.  

This holistic approach allows us to consistently deliver effective and efficient Cleanrooms and MEP engineering solutions to our customers.

When planning Cleanroom construction, CTCI will take customers’ various needs and requirements into consideration, including:
Our basic service also covers Value Engineering, MEP systems and 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM). We also provide process supporting systems, including: