Feasibility Study (FS) and Front-End Engineering Design (FEED)

At CTCI, innovative thinking works hand-in-hand with the latest process technology to provide pioneering FS and FEED services.

An extension of CTCI’s engineering design expertise, our FS and FEED services are integral to establishing a framework for completing projects on time and within budget. 

Recognizing the importance of providing accurate parametric information before project commencement, CTCI uses the most advanced process technology on the market, coupled with an array of proprietary equipment, to minimize and gauge overall costs. Energy-saving methods and waste reduction catalysts are also employed to maximize quality and productivity, and every project is evaluated using up-to-date commercial information to accurately estimate construction expenditures. 

Our engineers leverage decades of experience to recommend an achievable and cost-effective methodology during the FS stage, and to propose detailed concept and design work during the FEED stage. We are both thorough and innovative when exploring investment requirements, production strategies, and site alternatives; providing accurate evaluation and analysis to aid decision-making, as well as well-defined system configurations.

CTCI provides FEED Packages with quality estimates that fall within 15%~30% range of the final cost upon client’s request, including a Level 3 project schedule. To our clients or operators that prefer to tender the equipment and packages during the FEED stage, we can provide the necessary details as regards key equipment data sheets, piping and instrumentation diagrams, instrumentation requirements, as well as general thoughts on instrumentation, automation and control systems.

FS coverage

FEED coverage