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  • 2021/10
    Taiwan: CTCI REI Awarded Contract to Construct Taiwan Cement’s DAKA Renewable Resources Center
    CTCI Resources Engineering Inc. (CTCI REI), a CTCI company, has won a contract from Taiwan Cement Corporation (TCC) to build DAKA Renewable Resources Center at TCC’s Heping Cement Plant in Hualien, Taiwan. Adopting advanced technologies, the center will pioneer in using 1,300°C heat generated from cement kiln to incinerate waste and reusing residual heat for cement plant process, offering ash-free, eco-friendly, circular economy, and low-carbon solution to local waste treatment, while serving educational, cultural, and tourism purposes.

    As first of its kind in Taiwan, DAKA Renewable Resources Center is part of TCC’s “open and eco-circular plant” project being implemented at Heping Plant. The plant is Asia’s first three-in-one “port, power, and cement” plant, containing circular economy features such as zero waste, low-carbon, and cross-sector resource utilization.

    CTCI REI will be responsible for civil works, steel structures, curtain walls, and electrical and mechanical engineering services.

    The parent group CTCI is Taiwan’s leading engineering, procurement, and construction contractor with a mission to expand green engineering applications and promoting circular economy. Its business scope includes waste treatment, water recycle and reuse, solar power, and offshore wind power. CTCI will stay committed to contributing to global long-term wellbeing through sustainable, innovative, and green engineering services.

  • 2021/09
    Taiwan: CTCI Secures E&M Contract for Taipei Metro’s Circular Line North & South Sections
    Leading engineering, procurement, and construction services company CTCI Corporation announced on September 30 that it has won a NT$25.515 billion contract with consortium partner Alstom, global leader in sustainable mobility, to provide system-wide electrical and mechanical (E&M) works for Taipei Metro’s circular line north and south sections.

    Michael Yang, Chairman of CTCI Corporation, says, “In continuance of our previous collaboration history, we are excited to work with Alstom again in the Circular Line North & South Sections. Through this project, CTCI aims to provide an opportunity for accelerating local rail technology development and industry integration by encouraging more local component and parts suppliers to get onboard.”

    CTCI has extensive experience in collaboration with Alstom in Taipei Metro projects, the latest of which is Wanda-Zhonghe-Shulin Line Phase 2 Extension that the consortium secured in August 2020.

    The 20.66-km circular line north and south sections include 18 underground stations and a depot. Once completed in 2031, they will join the current section of circular line in operation to form an outer ring linking red, blue, orange, green, brown lines, and Taoyuan Metro Airport Line, bringing convenient means of transport to people living in Greater Taipei Area.

    The scope of contract includes driverless rolling stock, track work, depot equipment, system integration, power supply, telecommunication, ticketing, platform screen doors, and monitoring system.

    The contract win helps boost CTCI’s financial performance. Aggregated contract reached NT$106.55 billion so far this year, equivalent to more than 80% of previous year’s total contract.

    For over three decades, CTCI enjoys leading share among all metro E&M contracts in Taiwan, including: Taipei Metro’s Muzha (brown) Line, Bannan (blue) Line, Xinzhuang-Luzhou (orange) Line, Xinyi (red) Line, Songshan (green) Line, and Wanda Line(light green); Taichung Metro’s Wuri-Wenxin-Beitun (green) Line; and Danhai Light Rail.

    In addition, CTCI has undertaken various MRT trackwork projects in Singapore, including Thomson-East Coast Line, Gali Batu Depot, and Downtown Line Stage 3.

  • 2021/09
    Taiwan: CTCI Wins Sun Ba Power Plant Phase 2 Project Contract in Partnership with Siemens Energy
    TAIPEI, September 7, 2021- CTCI, Taiwan’s leading engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractor for power projects, announced today that it has won a contract to carry out EPC work for the Sun Ba Combined Cycle Power Plant Phase 2 Project in southern Taiwan with consortium partner, Siemens Energy. The plant will include a new 1,100 MW generating unit to provide reliable, sufficient, and cleaner power primarily to Southern Taiwan Science Park once it comes online in 2024.

    This is another big win for CTCI, after being awarded multi-billion dollar EPC contract for five generating units at Hsinta and Taichung Power Plants, both in Taiwan, last September.

    Located in Shan Shang District, Tainan, Sun Ba Power Plant is owned by Sun Ba Power Corp., a private utility company. As part of power plant expansion, CTCI is responsible for the civil works and balance-of-plant. Generated power will be sold to state utility company Taipower, adding flexibility to power dispatch.

    The project is another example of CTCI’s continued support for de-nuke and cleaner energy policies as set out by Taiwanese government, which seeks to raise gas-fired power ratio to 50% by 2025. Apart from its track records in thermal, combined-cycle, cogeneration, and nuclear power plants, CTCI is aggressively developing businesses in solar, wind, biomass, and gas power plants. Through quality, reliable, and environment-friendly engineering services, CTCI aims to help clients globally build a sustainable tomorrow.


Awards & Certifications

  • 2021/10
    Taiwan: CTCI Corporation & ECOVE Selected by Business Weekly as Top 100 Best Performing Companies for Carbon Reduction in Taiwan
    TAIPEI, Oct. 18, 2021- For the first time, Taiwan’s Business Weekly magazine has evaluated how companies in Taiwan are performing in terms of carbon reduction. We are pleased to announce that according to the results released recently, CTCI Corp. and ECOVE have been selected as two of top 100 best performing companies (CTCI: architecture and construction category; ECOVE: energy storage and ecological category). This is a recognition of CTCI Group’s excellent sustainability efforts.

    Selection is based on a company’s aggregated score evaluated according to 10 indices:
    1. A, AA, or AAA in MSCI’s ESG rating (2021)
    2. BBB in MSCI’s rating & incorporated to MSCI ACWI index
    3. Incorporated in MSCI Global Environment Index
    4. Member of RE100 and commits to use 100% renewable energy by 2050
    5. Member of EP100 and commits to increase energy efficiency by 100%
    6. Member of EV100 and commits to 100% use of electrical vehicles by 2030
    7. SbTi: Member of Science Based Targets initiative
    8. TCFD: Signatory in support for Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures
    9. Apple: Member of green supply chain
    10. B type business: Commits to creating eco impact
    Global investment institutions, research institutes, and academics have also been consulted throughout the selection process.

    CTCI looks forward to continuing to promote sustainability through its core competencies, serve the best interest of the Earth, and fulfill its vision of “becoming a guardian of the world by providing sustainable, innovative, and green engineering.”

  • 2021/10
    Taiwan: CTCI Corp. & CTCI ASI Reselected as Top 100 Performing Companies for Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility by CommonWealth Magazine
    CommonWealth Magazine, a prominent Taiwanese magazine publisher, has announced the results for its 2021 Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award, in which CTCI Corporation and CTCI ASI have made the list. CTCI Corporation is ranked 20th place in the large enterprise category, while CTCI ASI ranked 15th place in the medium-sized enterprise category. The result is a recognition of CTCI’s endeavor to fulfill environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) responsibilities by utilizing its core competencies.

    Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award selects top 100 performing companies based on four criteria, namely “corporate governance,” “corporate commitment,” “social participation,” and “environmental protection.”

    CTCI Corporation has been dedicated to introducing green engineering concept to project executions and has founded “CTCI University,” an online education platform to foster employee development, cultivating their global perspective and ability to act dynamically. Also, through CTCI Education Foundation, it has been making unceasing efforts to promote sustainability education and industry development to honor CTCI’s CSR commitment.

    On the other hand, CTCI ASI has been actually fulfilling corporate governance and engaged in industry-academy cooperation and industry partnerships. By taking good advantage of its core competencies, “smart plants and smart transportation,” it provides clients with optimized and safe energy management solutions for further industrial transformations and upgrades.

    CTCI is committed to utilizing its four core competencies, namely “green engineering,” “smart plants,” “intelligent EPC,” and “circular economy, to strive for a balance between business development, environmental protection, and social participation. Ultimately, it hopes to realize its CSR vision of “Guarding the Earth with Constant Innovation in Green Engineering.”

  • 2021/09
    Taiwan: CTCI Corp. Remains ENR’s Top 100 International Engineering Companies 2021, Best Record as International Contractor
    Engineering News-Record (ENR), a prestigious magazine covering on the construction industry, has released its 2021 global engineering company rankings. For six years straight, CTCI Corporation is among both the top 100 “international contractors” and top 100 “international design firms” from over 200 companies worldwide selected in each category. CTCI Corp. has also attained its best record as “international contractor.”

    In addition, CTCI Corp. has been selected as one of the “top global contractors.” These three rankings demonstrate CTCI Corp.’s continued success in global markets.

    Each year, ENR surveys and ranks engineering companies worldwide, which is credible and serves as important indicator for the industry. Judged by a company’s annual sales revenue in the previous year, the rankings for design firms and contractors are each divided into two categories: "international," which judges a company according to its overseas revenues, and "global," which judges a company according to its revenue from domestic and overseas projects combined.

    In recent years, CTCI Corp. has made constant efforts to grow its businesses and enhanced its presence in global markets. This is the reason why it is able to stand among the top 100 international engineering companies to this day.


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