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CTCI at 40: Sustainability Practices for All Colleagues

This year, as CTCI celebrates the 40th anniversary of its establishment, it has grown from a small-scale local engineering company to the top one in Taiwan and one of the top 100 international EPC turn-key project contractors in the world. Meanwhile, CTCI has also won the recognition of many well-known domestic and foreign owners with the "Most Reliable" engineering service quality in the world. In the spirit of innovation and making breakthroughs, CTCI has continued to introduce new technologies and new ideas to gain dazzling business results in the execution of the projects. In 2018, the contract value exceeded NT$ 101.7 billion and the value of contract backlog also hit a record high of NT$ 207.98 billion. In addition to achieving good results in the industry on an ongoing basis, CTCI is also committed to serving the society with its engineering expertise, in hope that it can lead the world in an eco-friendlier and sustainable direction.

In order to achieve sustainable operation, CTCI continues to improve its CSR strategy by linking its core expertise with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). CTCI will formulate goals and management strategies, so that over 7,000 employees can work together, wield their power and assume its CSR. In addition to continuously improving its project management and professional technical capabilities, and deepening the safety culture, CTCI will create a win-win situation for employees, third-party manufacturers and clients with its "Most Reliable" engineering quality, and bring about brilliant business results. With professional and innovative engineering technologies in its core, CTCI will develop green projects and work with partners to implement green commitments in a manner that is friendly to the Earth. Meanwhile, in order to promote co-prosperity and progress in the society, CTCI also links itself to the global engineering service network to establish long-term partnerships with stakeholders based on mutual trust, and establishes the CTCI Education Foundation to continuously focus on the cultivation of talents and expand the international perspective of young students. CTCI has responded to the 17 sustainable development goals of the UN in terms of CSR management as a model of corporate governance, environmental protection and social participation, and supported global sustainability through actions related to the CSR.

CTCI's sustainable management performance in CSR has also received positive recognition from numerous domestic and overseas rating institutions. For instance, CTCI is the only company in Taiwan to have been nominated as a constituent stock in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) for 4 consecutive years. Moreover, CTCI has once again won the highest honor of "The Most Prestigious Sustainability Awards-Top Ten Domestic Corporate" from the Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA), was nominated as a constituent stock by Taiwan Sustainability Index (TWSI), and received many awards including the "2018 Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award" by Common Wealth Magazine.

Social Responsibility" from the CommonWealth Magazine. And CTCI's rebranding or  brand repositioning has also made itself receive the prestigious REBRAND 100® Global Awards and rank alongside other internationally renowned companies such as Siemens, HP and ABB. The above achievements have made CTCI famous in the international community and let the world see Taiwan's engineering strengths.

Deepen the Safety Culture and Cultivate Reliability

In the challenging international engineering market, CTCI has consistently won the recognition and reputation from its proprietors for its excellent project performance over the years. Besides the professional project management and technical capabilities, our ""Most Reliable"" engineering service quality also relies on the deepening of the safety culture. And the implementation of health, safety and environment (HSE) management is the foundation for CTCI to present its engineering expertise and reliability.

There are no shortcuts to the implementation of the health, safety and environment (HSE) management. Therefore, we must start from scratch and try to deepen the safety culture at all levels of the office, construction site and project implementation. The implementation of the corporate philosophy of ""safety first"" is the guarantee for utmost safety of the CTCI brand. In order to ensure that more than 40 companies of CTCI at home and abroad have consistent safety and health management standards, we will fully promote the strategy of ""Alliance Lead"" in 2017, where the health, safety and environment (HSE) management policies and implementation will be controlled by CTCI alone, so that the various companies can acquire the health, safety and environment (HSE) management capabilities, which are consistent with the international standards. In 2018, the HSE Week event was held to enhance the belief among all staff in CTCI in implementation of the ""safety first"" principle, provide safer engineering services, deepen the safety culture, and achieve the goal of zero accident. CTCI has devoted intensive efforts in health and safety management. In addition to being recognized by domestic and foreign proprietors, CTCI's Occputational Health and Safety Management System also won the highest honor in the 2018 DJSI evaluation, and became the first company to pass ISO 45001:2018 (the International Standards for Valiation of the Occputational Health and Safety Management System) in Taiwan.

Global Partners Enjoy Mutual Prosperity

The government, clients, suppliers, investors, employees and the community are all stakeholders to us. Only when there are long-term partnerships based on mutual trust and assistance among us can we build a society for co-prosperity and progress. In order to cooperate with global partners on sustainable management, CTCI is in the midstream of the overall engineering industry chain in terms of the supply chain management. In addition to satisfying the upstream customer needs with its own expertise and downstream suppliers, CTCI also constructs a complete value chain, sets the code of conduct for suppliers, sustainable risk assessment methods, assessment operations, etc., and actively promotes supplier support programs. In 2016, CTCI began to comprehensively require its vendors to sign a letter of commitment to support the Company's sustainable operation, and in 2018, a supplier conference was held to make all suppliers jointly promote the sustainability of the overall industry chain, in hope that global suppliers can grow with CTCI and head towards sustainability for a better future!

In addition to its commitment to engineering development, CTCI has also invested in academic education and social care for a long time. Since the establishment of the CTCI Education Foundation in 2016, it has been continuously committed to improving education standards, rewarding academic research, constructing a lifelong education environment and promoting national competitiveness. A number of activities, forums and subsidy programs were held in 2018. In particular, ""120h-Taiwan in My Eyes"" and the ""CSR Captain Program"" especially invited national and foreign graduate students from various universities and colleges across the country to talk about global sustainable development issues. The students, through the social media, voiced their opinions to the international community and shared Taiwan's efforts and achievements in its commitment to sustainable development. In addition, CTCI also actively participated in academic and economic activities held by the government or private sector, and organizations such as the Chinese Association of Engineering Consultants, the Taipei Federation of Engineering Consultants, the Chinese Institute of Engineers, the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers and dozens of other academic associations to assist in relevant affairs, voice for the domestic engineering industry and promote Taiwan's engineering and technical exchanges.

The CTCI Headquarters has been stationed in Tianmu of Shilin District since 2009. It has been cooperating with the Zhishan Cultural and Ecological Garden on the ""Shilin Cultural Festival"" for 8 consecutive years, which promotes the local culture and environmental protection through a series of activities themed on music, art and environmental education. Meanwhile, for a long period, the Children Are Us Foundation has been invited to sell bread in CTCI. Occasionally, in order to help the vulnerables, social welfare groups are also invited to sell or perform in the internal activities of CTCI. In addition, employees are also encouraged to serve as corporate volunteers while participating in social services. For example, the annual ""Eat Well at Year-End"" is co-organized by the Zenan Homeless Social Welfare Foundation/ Genesis Social Welfare Foundation/Huashan Social Welfare Foundation. It also continues to adopt the Yang Cho Zi coastal section of Tamsui, New Taipei City for environmental protection. Group colleagues were invited to clean up the beach and implement environmental sustainability.

Setting Deeper Roots in Talent Cultivation

As a people-oriented company, talents are the Company's most valuable assets, and talent cultivation is an important key to sustainable development of CTCI. Regarding the concept of talent cultivation, CTCI not only conveys work experience, but also aims to pass on the corporate philosophy and values, in hope that this will unite the organization to create a more competitive key capability on the way towards sustainable development. For talent development, CTCI has broken the past practice of passively seeking talents based on job demands and actively defined key positions. Young employees are systematically cultivated and trained for 2 years before job positions are available.

CTCI aims to provide multiple horizontal and vertical promotions and job rotations and establish an alldirectional engineering elite with international perspectives.

Following the footsteps of CTCI's active deployment in the global market, the cultivation of key personnel for project implementation will be an important issue in the future. In order to approach the local market while moving towards internationalization, our overseas affiliated companies have raised the employment ratio of local national employees to more than 90% and actively trained outstanding local colleagues to serve key positions in the management of the enterprises to attain global localization. In addition to promoting local economic development,it also demonstrates CTCI's determination to develop itself around the globe. In addition, CTCI has also paid attention to gender equality, labor rights and employee health for a long time, continuously improved equal rights in the internal workplace, and held a series of health lectures to jointly safeguard the health of its employees.

Go All Out for Global Sustainability as the CSR

To CTCI, CSR is more than simply a matter of donating toward charitable causes. We transition CSR to our business's core competitiveness and strive to ingrain CSR into our corporate DNA. In order to make over 7,000 colleagues work together and contribute to the Earth and the country with their own work, CTCI is committed to promoting CSR for all employees through implementation of the ""Intelligent EPC (iEPC) Project,"" ""Smart Plant,"" ""Circular Economy"" and ""Green Engineering"". CTCI also formulates strategies and sets KPIs for UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), so that colleagues can think about how to implement all detailed aspects of work, such as the engineering design, procurement, construction and commissioning for the plant building project, the selection of materials and equipment, and the entire life cycle of the owner's operation and maintenance of the plant after the final delivery, in an efficient and economically viable way. All in all, CTCI aims to promote local economic development in a manner that is eco-friendly to the Earth, and practice global sustainability with its engineering expertise.

Looking forward to the future, CTCI, as a corporate citizen, will continue to carry out the integration of resources for the global engineering, intelligence and resource cycling industries with its core professional engineering technologies, and enable the global colleagues to exert their influence through the implementation of the CSR, so that they can provide faster and better all-round engineering services for the enterprises, societies and countries. CTCI will practice global sustainability with its engineering expertise, and become one of the forces that promote the progress of the world and the sustainability of the Earth!