Social Inclusion

On our path to sustainability, CTCI continues to lead Taiwan's engineering development with its own professionalism and core strengths, and is committed to reciprocating to the society. We follow the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) formulated by the United Nations, and identify green-technology applications, nurture engineering talent, promote sustainable engineering and show social care, as the three pillars of its vision to moving toward the "Promotion of Green Engineering Construction; Improvement of Environmental Sustainable Development". 

Public Participation

CTCI not only proactively participates in projects from home and abroad, but also hopes to contribute its experience in large-scale engineering with public construction projects, benefiting local residents in living and transportation. 

Care for Local Communities

Shilin Cultural Festival
CTCI is a longtime contributor to local community culture. It collaborates with local non profit groups and co-hosts the "Zhishan Fenghua Shilin Cultural Festival", where residents can learn about ecology, culture and history of Shilin District through various activities. In 2018, CTCI has been co-hosting the event for eight years in a row. Through music, humanistic arts, and environmental education activity, local residents in Shilin and Tianmu Districts joined together with us to develop the local culture and enhance ecology cognition.

Volunteer services

2018 Corporate Volunteering


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2018 "Eat Well at Year's End" Event

The event is co-hosted by Homeless Organization, Genesis Social Welfare Foundation, and Huashan Social Welfare Foundation in the hopes of giving warmth to the homeless, single mothers in need of assistance, and senior citizens residing alone through a get-together dinner at year-end in spite of the cold wintry weather.


Zhishan Fenghua Shilin Cultural Festival

2018 marks the eighth consecutive year in which CTCI has co-hosted along with Zhishan Cultural and Ecological Garden the "Zhishan Fenghua.Shilin Cultural Festival" with a view to bring together various arts communities in Shilin and Tianmu Districts through music, humanities and arts, and together promote regional cultural development.


Water and Environmental Education Activity

CTCI successfully attracted active participation from the residents in arts and cultural events such as the Shilin Water and Green Environment Day, music performances, Shilin Cultural Center Tour, and Music Marathon. Through integrating music and artistic events, we hope to achieve our objective of regional cultural development through giving back, caring, and socializing, alongside local businesses, students, and communities.


Yangchoutzu Beach Cleaning Activity

CTCI has adopted the Yangchoutzu coastal area in Tamshui of New Taipei City, showing our determination and concrete plan to safeguard the oceanic eco-system. Through corporate participation, members of the public will pay greater attention to safeguard the Taiwan's beautiful sea coast.




Helping the Underprivileged in 2018


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Hualien County Government

Haulian Earthquake fundraising


Syin-Lu Social Welfare Foundation

CTCI commissioned children from Syin-Lu Social Welfare Foundation to clean our employee dormitories, so that they can establish their positions and values in the society.


Children Are Us Foundation

  • In collaboration with Children Are Us Foundation host a bi-weekly "Children-Are-Us Bake Sale" in CTCI, which is immensely popular with our staff.
  • While planning to buying gifts for yearend holidays, or to order meals at meetings, our employees would first consider buying
  • bakery products from the Foundation to help it increase its sales. Providing the mentally challenged children an opportunity to interact with the public, building up their self-esteem.


Love and Kindness Association

Long-term cooperation with social welfare groups to deliver supplies to the needy.