Engineering Association Participation

Participation in Academic and Professional Associations

Since its establishment, CTCI has hoped to become the leader of the industry. It hopes to contribute its engineering knowledge and serve the public construction projects through its worldclass professional core competence, and actively communicate with other players in the industry by participating in the academic/professional associations.

Industry-Academia Cooperation and Nurturing Talents

Since 2011, CTCI has organized scholarship programs for outstanding university students. In 2016, it established the CTCI Education Foundation to lay the groundwork for education to nurture and reward the excellent youth. In addition to traditional methods of evaluation on academic performance and teachers' endorsement, we have also formulated the ""project research related to CTCI engineering practices."" In this program, with industry-academia interaction through academic engineering project research or school-based R&D project commissioned by CTCI, the students will learn the industry practices at an early stage. In 2018, we also ran industry-academia cooperation projects with four universities, spending NT$59.86 million. Through these projects, with research and innovation, we offer students more opportunities to study and conduct research.