Talent Recruitment and Fostering

Employees are our most valued and precious assets, and also are the strongest force in promoting international engineering services of CTCI. Under the spirit of "Professionalism, Integrity, Teamwork, Innovation," we not only create a healthy and friendly working environment, but also provides a comprehensive welfare system and a competitive salary scale, attracting professionals in the engineering field and experts who are interested in participating in the international arena and world-class projects to form a high-quality service E (Engineering) P (Procurement) C (Construction) professional technical team, to provide customers with highquality technical quality working hard to achieve the goal of "The Most Reliable Global Engineering Services Provider," and work together with colleagues to move forward. In addition, we emphasize the development and improvement of professional technology and management capabilities, as well as the inspiration from international partners and the cross-cultural study of local culture and talents; we will cultivate an international outlook and establish a global business perspective. CTCI is committed to providing talents with a friendly, healthy workplace that they can learn, grow, and build their dream career.

Compensation package
  • Keep track of annual market salary survey data, recommend to the management to improve the compensation structure, and propose relevant measures to the management and the Board of Directors
  • Initiate the Four-Year Retention Plan
  • Implement a performance-based compensation structure
Career development
  • Provide comprehensive learning development opportunities and sound career planning, etc.
  • Expatriate job opportunities and care
  • Arrange job rotations based on staff competencies and interests as well as challenging work opportunities
Work content
  • Strengthen the training of employees' functions and communicate the future development direction, and benefit from the growth of learning at work
  • Establish an environment of "happy learning" and "practical applications of learning" so as to plan and apply the skills to work
  • Strengthen supervisory communication and dialogue mechanisms; for example, President symposium and department head communication meeting
  • Welfare measures that meet and fulfill the needs of employees
  • Encourage supervisors or colleagues to pursue further studies
▼ Talent Incentives
Shareholding bonus Employee Stock options Retention Reward Program Corporate Cultural Activities
  • Increase the bonus ratio to 50% (originally 30%)
  • Membership requirements were relaxed; all full-time employees who have passed the probation period are eligible to join the program.
  • For contractual and temporary employees, they are allowed to participate in the scheme after three years of employment
  • By the end of 2018, the total number of participants was 1,850, and the participation rate was 65.86%.
  • In order to attract and retain the talents needed f or the company's development, encourage employees to serve for a long time, and improve the employees' centripetal force to the company to jointly create the interests of the company and employees. In March 2018, the employee stock option certificate was issued again.
  • Subjects: General distribution: For official full- time employees of the Company and domestic subsidiaries
  • Reward distribution: The President and the heads of all departments report those who have made direct contribution to the Company or outstanding performance in their job duties, and report to the Chairman for approval; the outstanding employees will be given stock options.
  • From 2019, we plan the Four-Year Retention Plan, and we will receive a relative incentive bonus for each full year. The purpose of the company is to retain talents. Therefore, the design of relevant conditions, the retention bonuses for each full year, the return of bonus in cases of mid-way turnover, and the maintenance of basic performance are aimed at reducing the number of employees resigning and keep the talents.
  • Published Corporate Culture Executive Edition / Code of Conduct Employee Edition
  • Published Corporate Culture Ebook: totally 6,249 downloads within the Group
  • Organized corporate culture competition activities, a total of 79,717 employees from the Group participated in the events
  • Organized Corporate Culture - Developing Deeper Trust training course: a total of 4,283 employees from the Group completed the course

Competency and Talent Development

CTCI actively invests resources in talent cultivation, hoping to attract like-minded professionals, and comprehensively plan and improve education and training, train new talents, and provide professional training for different categories, in addition to setting personal development plans for each colleague. In addition to tailoring every employee's career development plans, we continue to invest resources in the management ability development, the mentor system, and Global Training System (GTS) online learning course, so that the colleagues continue to learn and grow and agree with CTCI's corporate culture and heritage even more.
▼ Learning development blueprint

▼ Talent Development; Fast-tracked Experience Sharing

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