Safe & Healthy Work Environments

HSE Policy

Management Structure and System

Driven by the mission of providing sustainable quality engineering services and adhering to the needs of contemporary customers, CTCI's HSE management mechanism passed the verification of Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSAS 18001) as early as in 2006 in response to the development trend of international safety and health management. The occupational health and safety management system continues to improve as a leader in the engineering community. In April 2018, CTCI was in line with the international standards and was first certified by the ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety management standard, covering the headquarters building office and all execution projects. 
▼ Milestones of CTCI's Health, Safety and Environmental Management System

HSE Culture for All Employees

On of CTCI's corporate culture foundations is "professionalism”, which is built on the groundwork of safety culture. We strive to let our employees understand that "Safety First" is one of the important condition for achieving professionalism and is included in the Company's annual performance evaluation for employees. 
▼ Total HSE Evaluation System

▼ Total HSE Evaluation Results

Strengthen Subcontractor Management and Inspection Efficiency

In recent years, CTCI has been trying to seek breakthroughs on techniques and tools for HSE management. To increase the transmission efficiency of the Company's HSE information, and strengthen the benefits of project-based HSE management system, we adequately leverage the information technology to aid HSErelated activities, implement HSE information management system and application of management activity information to provide instant, efficient and effective information to onsite supervisors, HSE personnel and management, improving the overall performance of the HSE management.

Educational training and hazard preventions

To decrease the occurrence of occupational hazards, all relevant personnel need to receive educational training for work-related hazard prevention, according to regulations from local government, and must be completed prior to being stationed at a project site.

Employees in CTCI HQ Building also need to receive routine safety, health, and environmental protection training according to the law, including those in fire drill, new employee training, general on-the-job safety and health training, first-aid training and high-risk emergency training for special topics.

Accident Investigation and Injury Prevention

To minimize damage and risks following an incident, the Company has established a standardized procedure to respond to accident. 
▼ Incident Treatment and Prevention Procedure