Project Evaluation

CTCI carries out various projects based on the concept of "Professionalism, Integrity, Teamwork, Innovation."

The project team adheres to CTCI management procedures to execute the tender document review, to understand the responsibilities and liabilities involved in fulfilling the contract. The team also identifies risk events that may have positive or negative impacts on people, the environment, assets, society and culture, project cost and schedule. After the analysis and assessment of its impact, a response plan is developed. The risk impact assessment and countermeasures of the project will be reported to Top Management

2018 Major Achievements

Being profession-oriented, CTCI has undertaken major projects at home and abroad in 2018, covering various professional areas. The total annual contracted amount of the Group reached NT$101.7 billion. The projects cover sectors of hydrocarbon, power, environment, transportation, and industrial. The engineering offices are spread all over the country and abroad, demonstrating the CTCI's efforts and affirmation to the international community.